Wooden furniture – “River Collection” by Greg Klassen

Wooden furniture -

Today we want to introduce you the unique “River” furniture collection from the Designer Greg Klassen. For those who hear his name for the first time, we will describe it briefly in his own words: “I am one man – I am not a company” and “I create – I do not produce”.

The “River Collection” is an interesting and creative combination of Holy and glass, which is embodied in different furniture, such as tables and artwork. For this unique collection, he draws inspiration from the resulting tree trunk in plastic wood grain. The growing on the banks of the River Nooksack trees are changing to a tangible art work. The Flußmotiv reflected in each piece of furniture by use of a glass plate which is incorporated into the wood surface. The edges of the glass plate are cut free in the wood fiber following forms. See the various wooden furniture from the “River” collection, which you can order from the online shop.

River Collektion &# 8211; coffee table &# 8211; Pond Table

living room make-modern coffee table made of wood and glass plate

cedar lake table &# 8211; Wooden coffee table

modern coffee table with glass top tree trunk

modern wooden furniture

Folded River Coffee table

wood coffee table with glass top sweetly from

Operation table from the River furniture collection

Design wooden table

Modern Living Room Design with Designer coffee table

Wood Furniture Design Idea

Built-in timber glass plate

Wooden artwork and glass

Contemporary wall decorated with wooden artwork &# 8211; OUND RIVER SCULPTURE

round wooden plate with built-in glass plate

Modern wooden desk

Wooden desk with glass plate

Dining table top in solid wood 

modern wooden dining table with black steel legs

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