Wood Interior for the bathroom

Wood Interior for the bathroom

Bathroom with wood – the other bathroom interior design! The material wood we often associate in our minds with a rustic antique look, and with the typical Japanese interior. No matter with what other materials it is combined, the wood always gives a different sensation of space and created a warm ambience. Only a few design elements from wood, such as a chair or vanity cabinet, the wood already has influence on the bathroom interior. According to the color and the surface of this material, you can make a very rustic or totally modern bathroom. The combination of both styles is also an interesting variation. We show different variants and examples of elegant decor that creates a more pleasant and relaxing atmosphere bathroom, in comparison with the conventional bathroom equipment. See how different can Interior look for the bathroom and made a wood! We provide 45 inspiration examples.

modern bathroom interior with wood for elegant and feel-good ambiance

luxury bathroom wood with under washbasin cabinet white and side bathroom mirror lighting

The natural hardwood flooring is one of the elements that gives a strong character to any room. Thanks to the innovative seals and special processing methods, such a character through the floor, you can reach the bathroom. What types of wood are actually suitable for wet areas? The tropical woods such as mahogany, teak or Bangkirai, have a unique appearance and special structure. Other types of wood, such as Makassar, beech, alder, spruce, maple, pine, cherry, walnut, elm, ash, wenge, Douglas fir and larch, and are particularly well suited.

Luxury Bathroom Inspiration with wooden flooring &# 8211; Inspiration from U6 Studio

modern bathroom with mosaic and wood and lighting with daylight Trough band of windows and skylight

Bathrooms example with a combination of modernity with the rustication

modern bathroom with wooden closet and flooring of wood

old-fashioned and chic trotzden &# 8211; Bathroom decor with wood accents

bathroom wood with rustic wood cabinet and built-in fireplace

The wood paneling in the bathroom also have advantages. A positive effect on the interior climate is obtained by the absorption and release of water from the wood. Another advantage is the antibacterial effect of the wood. The wood absorbs the bacteria and kills them off.

a modern bathroom with wooden interiors and a small garden

luxury bathroom wood with freestanding bath white and washbasin with vanity unit wood

In addition to the wall coverings and floor coverings made of wood, the furniture is another way for establishment modern bathroom interior. Cabinets, chairs, sinks and of course the bathtub design elements that cause the atmosphere in the bathroom. Take for example the bath made of wood, which are typical of a Japanese bathroom. In Japan, the bathtub is just to relax and not to swim. They are available in different sizes and shapes of the so-called needle leaf trees such as Hiba or Hinoki made. These types of Japanese cypress include the natural product hinokitiol which generates a fragrance upon contact with warm water. is if you want to set up a Japanese bathroom, important to know that the toilet is separate from the bathroom. In the bathroom unbending a shower to be-planned, which is used for bathing. Only after the shower you go purely into the bathtub where you can relax in the water up to his shoulders.

Bathroom inspiration for elegant wooden interiors in Japanese style

luxury wood interir design for Japanese bathroom with bathtub and washstand wood

creative bathroom decoration and design with stone mosaic and Reibstäcken

bathroom facility with free-standing bath from wood and creative bathroom wnadgestaltung with black steinchen

Japanese bathroom furniture design Blue

bathroom mosaic as flooring and shower with wooden floor

creative design of a modern Japanese bathroom in black with wood

luxury bathroom wood with black bathroom tiles and wood cladding

Bathroom tiles with wood motif and white flow Borders

modern bathroom wood white with modern sinks

Wall bathroom with wood from Everitt Schilling Tile

cool wall design bathroom with wooden tiles and bathroom mirror

Visualization of Chris John for modern bathroom with wood paneling

cool bathroom inspiration with wooden shower and wall lighting with African

the modern bathroom with rustic wooden design

bathroom with wood ceiling and washbasin cabinet rustic

Setting small bathroom with mirrors and wooden platform with bathtub

modern bathroom wood bathtub with integrated and bay window

elegant combination of materials for luxury bathroom with white marble and wood

modern bathroom design with wooden bench and wood cladding the bathtub

sending wall design using wood panel for bathroom Wood

freestanding bath from wood and cool bathroom wall design wood

Accented with dark woods for chic bathroom equipment

wall color beige with wood combined for modern bathroom interior

Wood and white &# 8211; the perfect combination for bright and modern bathroom Interior

bathroom wall design with marble and pendant luminaires

The modern wood washbasins

wall color brown for color design bathroom with wooden washstand

interesting light design in a rustic bathroom with wooden roof

bathroom design with glass shelves and bathroom mirror with wooden frame

Bathroom with daylight exposure

luxury bathroom with slanted roof and roof windows

modern bathroom interior with wallcovering wooden panels

classic bathroom design with wood cladding and bathtub in the middle

Bathroom with sloping ceilings and bath with wood paneling

bathroom wood with wooden floor and bath with dormer windows

Inspiration and visualization of Marcin Pajak Design

make luxury bathroom with glass wall and wooden washstand

chic bathroom furniture in white with wood accent

chic furnishings for a modern bathroom with sink wood and ceramics

Rustic bathroom with wall cladding made of wood as a cool wall design

bathroom wood rustic with real wood paneling and oscillating light for bathroom mirror lighting

Natural stone and wood for rustic interior of Pearson Design Group

luxury bathroom of roundwood and wall design with natural stones and candles

Wood paneling for cozy ambience and pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom

wall design bathroom with wall lights and bathroom mirror with black wooden frame

exposed beams of wood as a rustic design element in the bathroom

washstand wood and rustic bathroom mirror with wooden frame

the small bathroom with shower and wood paneling

bathroom inspiration with wood paneling and wooden floor

the basin as a design element in the bathroom

bathroom design with shells and basin wood

white and rustic &# 8211; bathroom inspiration

Rustic bathroom white with rustic wasctischschrank and wandspiegel

Inspiration for modern interior small bathroom with hardwood

bathroom lighting with pendant lights and mirror wall before Wasctisch wood

creative bathroom decoration with hanging lanterns as plant containers

cool bathroom lined with wooden wall gray and bath with natural stone

optical space expansion means small bathroom mirror wall

small bathroom inspiration with roof slant and washbasin cabinet from real wood

interesting solution for elegant bathroom furniture with wood

bathroom with sauna and wood bathroom mirror in front of the windows

chic bathroom design overlooking the living room

bathroom with wood fensterrolos and höngende tuhhalter

another luxury bathroom inspiration from U6 Studio

luxury bathroom with shower and tub wood

Wood for modern design of small bathrooms &# 8211; TharpProject of Right Arm Construction

bathroom wood with skylight and elongated wandspiegel

bathroom designed entirely with wood

bathroom mirror light bathroom interior with wood and lighted

Cool bathroom design with wood and rustic wall mirror

bathroom mirror rustic doors with washbasin cabinet made of wood with

Japanese bathroom inspiration with stone bathtub

bathroom with rustic stone bathtub

fantastic idea Pham Anh Vu for typical Japanese bathroom with a round bath 

bathroom wood with a round tub with wood cover

Wood furniture for the bathroom

modern bathroom with modular wall wood

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