Wood and light – 20 incredible designer lamps made of wood

Wood and light - 20 incredible designer lamps made of wood

Wood and light together form a fascinating combination. Almost no other material manages as easily as to create the wood, comfort and coziness and also to combine this yet with modernity. But what makes this natural material so fascinating? The reason may be that you feel the same wood and natural feel. If wood is combined with light, extraordinary wooden lamp that will bring with its extravagant and original design nature home and give the room a special character arise. The modern lamps made of wood fit harmoniously into the device one without determining them. Through the beautiful eye-catching, they form results in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in the room. Thanks to its timeless design and natural look, the wooden lamps turn into a more and more popular as a modern accessory for space and light design. As a great inspiration for stylish decor, we will present 10 incredible designer lamps made of wood today.

discover 20 incredible designer lamps made of wood

modern table lamp in wood and concrete

1. Diamond Light of NUTSANDWOODS

The modern table lamp &# 8220; Diamond&# 8220; is cast from concrete and combined with fine lampshade veneer, which transforms it into a time-loose and elegant Designer lamp. The veneer walnut produces a warm pleasant light. The lamp is 55 cm high, has E27 and a plug. The lamp will cost € 369.00 and can be ordered via the online shopping portal Selekkt.

 the fascinating Kompination of Wood and light for elegant room and lighting design

cool room lighting and creative wall design with round wall lamps made of wood

2. Wall lamp Radient Rich Brilliant Willing

With no visible fixing and light source provides the Wood light ” Radient ” a wonderful solution for sophisticated wall design with indirect lighting and provides a perfect example of the fantastic combination of wood and light is The backlit wood panels of white oak or walnut, with 30cm in diameter and 10cm deep., creating the impression that the round wall lights easy to floating air.

idirekte wall lighting and modern wall decoration with elegant wooden lamps Radient

wall decorate and illuminate with modern wall lamps made of oak and walnut

Wall light ” Wave Long ”

This wave-shaped lamp made of maple wood can give through their finely structured weave any room a special atmosphere equal to decorate any wall yet elegant and accentuate with warm light. The wood lamp is two sizes (1.50m x 0.3m and 1.8m x 0.4m) available and can be either vertically or horizontally mounted on the wall. It can be found on the website passion4wood from online furniture distributor and order.

original wall design by wood and light

wavy wall lamp with holzwebstruktur for indirect wall lighting and creative light accent in the room

4. lamp &# 8220; Plank&# 8220; from Northen Lighting

The simple design of the lamp ” Plank ” shows how the ordinary wooden board can be converted into a thin, elongated and elegant pendant or standing lamp. An LED strip was clamped between two sharpened wooden boards from light Poplar or dark pine, along all four sides. This simple and just as modern lamp made of wood, designed by designers Frida Fröberg Ottemo and Marie-louise Gustafsson for Northen Lighting, may be the perfect accent to a modern and rustic decor simultaneously.

modern pendant and floor lamp in two wooden boards for minimalist decor

cool hanging lamp in wood and LED strips for modern interior design with modern lamp

5. lamp ” LUBOIS ” by Michel Cinier

The Floor lamp ” LUBOIS ” is made of black steel base and a divided timber body with built-in LED light transparent tape. The illumination intensity can be adjusted by a dimmer. Supporting shaped lamp is 2.80m high and 20.5 cm wide.

interesting idea for modern interior design with bright wooden support

modern living room with wooden floor, designer armchairs brown, round coffee table white and modern floor lamp in wood

6. woodskulpturen and lamps by Paul Foeckler

The combination of wood and light, the designer Paul Foeckler explored in his collection ” Split Grain ” the charm of the natural beauty and contemporary design and focuses each sculpture lamp on the fineness of the wood. Thanks to various techniques for splitting wood and of any subsequent shaping of thinly sliced ​​wooden discs, located unique wooden cross sections reveal with an even more interesting education, as well as the subtle wood structure. The warm lighting, breaking through elegant series of discs slots, amplifies and extends the beautiful complexity of each wooden lamp.

Wood and light combined in the air sculptures

modern lichtgestaltug and room decoration with wood sculpture lamps

7. designer lamps from Eduard Locota Studio

As an artist Eduard Locota is the avoidance of that imperfection creates beauty. As evidence his unique hand-made table lamps made of wood and acrylic glass apply. The noble lamp design is conclusion of the combination of various techniques, among which also the Japanese technique Shou Sugi Ban, wherein the wood is carbonized by flame and thus also protected.

interesting table lamps made of wood and acrylic glass with exceptional design

modern table lamps made of wooden blocks and acrylic for exceptional interior design and room lighting

8. Table Lamp &# 8220; Bendboo&# 8220; Tek-Sia Design Studio

The table lamp combined polished bamboo and metal in matt black. The elegant curved metal plate has a thin slot which allows by pushing part of bamboo or down adjusting the incident angle. Apart from simple form and simplicity, the elegance of the lamp supplemented further by the two individual LEDs.

send table lamp made of bamboo as a send desk decoration

desk decorate and illuminate with modern light wood and metal

9. Elagone lamp Elomax Agency

Thanks to its simple and clean design, the elegant Lamp ” Elagon ” versatile. A rather thin LED strip inside the lamp spreads warm light, which is reflected from the wood surface. The lamp of oak has a pentagonal tubular shape, by which it can be set as floor and table lamp horizontally and vertically, and rotate to create the desired light effect and the required lighting desk. The wooden lamp is available in three sizes: 40cm x 10cm; 65cm x 15cm; 140cm x 20cm.

modern table lamp with a minimalist design as an example of the harmony between wood and light

Modern wood lamp with pentagonal cross section for attractive space and table lighting

10. Lampen Marina’s Bird of Fajno Design

The series ” Marina’s Bird ” is an iconic lamp collection of table and ceiling lamps made of wood and glass in the form of birds. With their hands-on design, the bird lamp can any interior, whether traditional or modern, revive. As a table lamp or chandelier, the designer lamp is ideal for creative decoration and design of any baby or child’s room, as well as from the modern designed office space.

attractive lighting designer lamps in bird form

nursery modern design with chandelier and table lamp in wood and glass in the form of birds

11. Laser-cut wooden lampshade

This original lampshade is laser cut from MDF and consists of 77 parts. By the rotation of the lamp shade, interesting lighting design and a dynamic volume with a diameter of 12cm and height of 38cm results simultaneously. These and other stylish lamps made of wood, you can order from the online store baraboda by Etsy.

fascinating interior design with light through laser-cut wood elements

modern pendant lamp made of wood with extraordinary lamp design

12. M-lamp Anastassiya Leonova

The annular pendant lamps Series M-Lamps are designed by the Kazakh designer Anastassiya Leonova from the Design Studio NN Design Band. The combination of wood and light is here presents the elegant form of Möbius strip. The great lamp design combines polished wood with a hidden under a translucent glass or acrylic cover LED strip that creates a wohöfühlende white light atmosphere throughout the room. The modern suspension have chic appearance is available in three different forms.

Hanging lamps made of wood in the form of Mobius strip as a noble accent in the room

modern ring-shaped pendant lights made of wood for modern lighting design with LEDs

13. Pendulum lamps from Carroll Street Woodworkers

This fascinated pendant lamps made of solid wood are part of the first furniture collection from the design studio Carroll Street woodworkers. The founders deies Studios in Toronto are Rob Day and Jeremy Kehoe. The pendant lamps harmonize singly or stylish grouping with any style, thanks to its organic shape and polished wooden structure. They are another fantastic example of the geschaffte of wood and light art.

these stylish pendant lamps made of solid wood are a real eye-catcher in any room

cool lamps wood for modern interior design and interesting effect lucht

14. Y-lamp by Sverre Uhnger

The Norwegian Sverre Uhnger, is a young designer of Oslo, consisting of a timber by extrusion builds this elegant Y-shaped hanging lamp split wooden board and an aluminum profile with LED light source.

an elegant pendant light wooden board as appropriate lighting for dining tables

modern suspension lamp made of wood for modern interior design and extensive lighting of the dining table

15 hanging lamp Spiro of Remedios Simón

the elegant Pendant lamps Series &# 8220; Spiro&# 8220; are designed specifically for distributors of handmade lamps made of wood veneer Aircraft of the Spanish designer Remedios Simón (Lucifer). Behind the creative design of the wooden lamp and is made by new Timberlite® molding their three-dimensional, hand-crafted stricture, the inspiration from classical decorative latticework hiding. The suspension lamp is available in two sizes (O96 x 15cm and Ø75 x15cm) and can be used with light bulbs or LEDs with a voltage of 120V to 277V and 220V to 240V. The outer shell is available in four colors (cherry, red, black and white) and the inside of nine different wood veneer finishes.

Chandelier wood veneer for effective lighting

round chandelier lamps wood in different color for modern interior design with light and

16. chandelier “Windy matchstick”

This designer chandelier consists of 10 to 15 individual rectangular swinging lamps hanging from a 60cm x 40cm large wooden plate. Thanks to the adjustable cable length of each lamp in wood and acrylic glass gets the modern chandelier a dynamic form.

elegant hanging lamp adequate lighting and individual design of the dining room

modern dining room with wood design hanging lamp over wood dining table and wall dress with mirrors and wooden wall panels

17th chandelier ” Vilhelm Honeycomb ”

The honeycomb-hanging lamp combines modern design with geometry and nature. The modern wooden lamp has a height of 8 cm and must be ordered a diameter of 45cm or 75cm about online shop screed. The lamp cable is 110cm long and adjustable. The pendant is available with 6 or 12 frames for LED lamps. On the Internet you can also find more elegant variations of Honeycomb lamps.

light dining and interesting customize hanging lamp in honeycomb wood

modern pendulum lamps wood for modern dining facility

18.Timp clip light from Lutz Pankow

Modern desk lamp, combines advanced fluorescent technology and strong geometric shape that turn them into a functional prominent structure. The elegant Clamp light of solid oak is attached to desk tops with thickness of 10 to 60mm by means of an adjustable clamping mechanism. The working surface is illuminated with only 21W equally bright and glare-free. The lamp is 112cm long and its height above the table top betrögt 50cm. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the desk lamp made of wood sold by Pliet GmbH and sanded.

the desk light with a designer wood clamp lamp

Modern desk lamp made of wood for lighting the workplace

19 lamp collection Brecce Marco Stefanelli

The spectacular series ” Brecce ” is a beautiful collection of handmade lamps made of driftwood logs and wooden blocks. The Italian designer and founder of The Boxer Design Studi Marco Stefanelli will thus represent the harmonious collaboration between natural elements and new technologies. It combines resin, wood and light, as well as traditional techniques with 3D printing process to impart a refined and still the same unique design of each of the lamps.

fantastic garden design and lighting with unique wooden lamp

light gardening and design with modern lamps wood and resin

20. Congress Center of Sipopo Tabanlioglu Architects

This wonderful three-dimensional wall design with wooden elements, which play the role of wall lights at the same time, is part of modern interiors from the convention center Sipopo, which was built in 2011 in Malabo, the capital of the State of Equatorial Guinea.

The combination of wood and light always provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere

walls creatively designed with light, modern wall lights and 3D wood wall coveringPhoto © Emre Dörter

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