Wohnideen bedrooms – exploit the space behind the bed

Wohnideen bedrooms - exploit the space behind the bed

Nowadays there are numerous ideas for modern decor and practical arrangement of the sleeping area. A not very typical solution is to position the bed in the middle of the room, by the results in a useful space behind the bed. Which function can serve this place, and whether it makes sense, you will soon see and decide for themselves. For the goal we have chosen 30 interesting Wohnideen bedrooms that inspire you to plan from the sleeping area.

Bring what the use of the area behind the bed?

small bedroom with double window doors to the terrace with built-in wardrobe and bed with dresser as headboard

The necessary furniture that you need to arrange the bedroom so that it stays a minimum movement area, of course, the bed with the corresponding bedside tables, a wardrobe and an optional writing or dressing table. At first glance, this task seems not hard, but sometimes alone only with a bed and wardrobe impossible to solve when it comes to a small and narrow bedroom. Often, one thinks that the typical arrangement from the bed to the wall and the wardrobe on the other wall is optimal. Especially in the small bedroom the problem with the requisite needs space for furnishing different and even be solved creatively. Namely by pushing the bed forward, creates the perfect space for a walk-in closet, for even a chest of drawers in the room for a shower or a table.

Bedroom interior design ideas &# 8211; exploit the space behind the bed

modern bedroom with hardwood floors, brick wall, covered terrace with sliding windows doors and wooden desk behind wooden bed with headboard

Wardrobe behind the bed

The perfect place for the wardrobe arises from the location of the door and the window in the room. Starting from its minimum width, and depth of 60cm, the wardrobe is best behind the door and to move parallel to the bed. Is the next-wall provided with a window and a French window, then these openings are to be made at a distance of 60-70cm from the particular for wardrobe wall. Often there is a problem with the lack of space for the required wardrobe, if we want to remodel another, smaller space in the sleeping area, or if it is needed additional storage space. Especially if the room does not have a suitable wall for a wardrobe, because of the window or a narrow room size is about the variant for a hidden behind the bed wardrobe to consider. The possibilities in the case are different.

fantastic inspiration for DIY wardrobe with open cabinet system behind glass wall

walk-in closet behind the build bett_kleines bedroom with leather bed and partition of frosted glass between wardrobe and bed

In order to create the space for your clothes, you can, for example, can build a thin partition plasterboard between the bed and wall, which plays from one side of the roll from the bed headboard and is used by the other side for a large-sized mirror. For the purposes of partition, but which is transparent, a glass panel is to be mounted. The same role is played by a wall shelving system and a wardrobe that are placed with the back directly to the bed. Which of these options is suitable for your bedroom, of course, depends on the depth of space.

interesting interior design ideas for bedroom walk-in closet behind the bed

creative ideas for walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom with wall between the bed and dressing room and a large wall mirror

The usable area between the separation and the wardrobe is to be at least 60cm. If you want to have a closet behind the separation, you still need 60cm, or 45cm if you have decided on an open shelf system. To this way of light from the walk-in closet DIY enough, is either a wall mirror with lighting and additional recessed lighting to fit, or a combination of bed headboard high wall with transparent partition member and with decorative lattice-like panels of wood.


original use of the area behind the bed for small wet area

modern bedroom with partition made of wood and decorative elements for an open bathroom with a large wandspiegel

Wet area in the bedroom

A bathroom is never enough for a large family. The question is whether your apartment offers the comfort of two separate wet areas and if not, how to create the space required for a small bathroom in the bedroom? Again, the centrally positioned bed can be the right answer. In this case, you will hide instead wardrobe an accessible bathroom behind the bed. If you have the space for a shower or toilet in the bedroom already planned, you can creative approach regarding the washbasin.

interesting solution for open shower area behind the bed

minimalist bedroom interior with polished concrete floor, indirect bed lighting and shower with wooden floor and textured glass wall behind the bed

separating the bathroom in the bedroom by wall

Modern attic bedroom with wooden roof structure, light parquet floor and small bathroom with tub and commode behind partition

a bed headboard and dresser as a room divider in the sleeping area

stylish bedroom color scheme in black and white with modern wardrobe in black lacquer and white vanity with two sinks behind a black bed

Idea for the separation of a small bathroom with shower and wash basin in the bedroom

luxuröses bedrooms separated by open bad concrete wall

natural lighting from the bathroom in the bedroom

creative ideas for small bedroom with double bed and small bathroom with glass behind the bed

Ideas for rustic design from the bedroom with wet areas

rustic bedroom under roof sloping with wooden partition and a small bathroom with vintage-basin behind the bed

to have the Luxos a free standing bath in the bedroom

cool bedrooms ideas for open bad behind separation wall with niche for books as headboard

fantastic combination of wood and metal for design and separation of the bathroom in the bedroom

cool design ideas for small bedroom in rustic style with glazing to the bathroom with wooden floor and bath with wood cladding

Dresser as a bed headboard

If you have dressed in the bedroom an entire wall with a closet system and still give you the storage area is not enough, you can create these by an additional dresser behind the bed. In this way the space is optically reduced and you do not need additional lighting, as in the variant with a partition. This is also a path behind the bed is defined, which is more convenient when the door is in the same plane head of bed and opens. This way you do not have to walk around the bed to rauszuholen your clothes from the wardrobe. At the same time they also create a concentrated dressing area, where you can select the desired pieces of clothing and accessories fast or clean without crossing constantly throughout the bedroom for the goal.

great decorating ideas bedroom dresser as a room divider

fur rugs modern bedroom in white with a white chest of drawers as a bed headboard and rautrenner, large mirror in a black frame and white curtains and

Setting bedroom cozy with wood, bricks and a bed in the middle

cool design ideas for bedrooms with brick walls, round fireplace, wall shelves and wooden bed with bedside tables

make partition between wardrobe and bed style with wood

modern bedrooms with walk-in wardrobe behind separation wall with wood cladding and badfester over brick-lined shelf

orient the bed with the headboard to the window

luxurious bedroom with built-in wardrobe in black paint, bed with headboard and night-Nazi on fur carpet and sitting area behind the bed and before glasfassade

transform a wardrobe partition and accent wall

creative device idea for small bedroom with walk-in wardrobe DIY and reflect wall covering with floor to ceiling

interesting solution for elegant bedroom design and creative separation of the wardrobe by a curtain behind the bed

modern bedroom with black curtain as separation between wardrobe and bed

Gang behind the bed schaffent means lower partition

Interior elegant design rattan for bedrooms with bed in the middle, dressing and smaller seating area with two

creative design, lighting design and space division of a small bedroom

walk-in wardrobe behind the bed build dirch separation wall with African for table lamps and wanddeko and built-in wardrobe system

functional use of space hintem bed dressing room with mirror

cool living ideas for small bedroom with separation wall with wall mirrors and stripes LED

translucent room divider in the bedroom by shelves

Modern bedroom with large glazing outward separation wall with glass shelves behind the bed and built-in wardrobe with paneling

optimal use of the space behind the bed and under droop

cool idea fpr small bedroom with sloping roof, small roof windows and built-in wall color gray, wardrobe

creative idea for creative space division smaller bedroom 

small bedroom with white bed partition wall niche in a small and bathroom with wooden shelves

modern solution for modern arrangement of bedroom furniture

small bedroom set modern gray separating element as a bookshelf, built-in wardrobe white parquet floor and white blinds

Inspiration for effective installation of small bedrooms with no wardrobe space

cool bedroom furnishings with wooden bed, wooden bench and a white fur carpet concrete floor on black and accent wall with floral patterned tapette

Great idea for space division by partition wall with wooden windows

cool bedroom ideas for walk-in wardrobe with natural lighting through windows

cool decorating ideas for bedrooms attractive device by central positioning of the bed

modern bedroom with gang wood for garden and bed with headboard-dresser from

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