What you can do in leather!

What you can do in leather!

What you can do in leather!

Leather is a popular material in fashion, and in the interior. In addition to clothes and furniture, there are also many other accessories that can be made of leather and can be a great and fashionable accent in the room. What you can do everything from leather, what we will show you today. Among the different craft ideas, which we will present, you can not find just for you and your home, but also for creative homemade gifts interesting proposals. Discover how you can tinker beautiful jewelry and home accessories with a piece of leather.

interesting leather goods and accessories to make yourself for unusual furnishing fabrics or original gifts

creative living room design leather girdle with diy carpet, corner sofa white and round table made of glass

What you can do in leather!

leather goods and akccessories of leather itself basteln_coole ideas for DIY gifts Leather

Table mount with elegant coasters leather

Coaster in music form itself tinker leather

stock up table with leaf-shaped coasters &# 8211; Breaks just larger tree leaves on a cardboard or directly onto a piece of leather and then cut your new coasters with a sharp utility knife out. It’s that simple tinkering of individual Lederunteresetzern of various shapes and sizes.

Cool idea for DIY napkin rings and bracelet made of leather

cover idea to the table and napkin folding with homemade leather ring

Napkin Ring Set of leather provides a cool idea for modern table setting in Scandinavian design. The leather rings for napkins are a product of SKANDINAVIOUS, which is made of vegetable tanned leather. The leather panels are 3cm wide and form a ring with a diameter of 4 cm. The napkin rings can be found on etsy and order.

tinker clock as a modern wall decoration or creative DIY gift itself

Modern wall design with diy wall clock made of leather gray and round table a backing made of cork

simple craft idea for key cover

cool ideas to tinker with leather DIY key cover

Craft idea for key cover

  • leather
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Scissors and punch
  • sewing machine

Measure the width of your keys. Cut a 3cm x 5cm large piece of leather. Fold the leather in half and cut the two corners of folding out. Then prick a small hole with the punch in place where the keyhole will come through. Finally sew only the two lateral edges of the key cover with the sewing machine.

DIY Heart bookmarks for all reading Dear

bookmarks selbermachen leather

Inspiration for modern home office design with home-made leather folders

creative craft ideas for DIY leather folder

DIY document Leatherbriefcase &# 8211; Here you will see how you keep your documentation eager and stylish in order and to arrange them in homemade leather stapler.


  • Leather 21,60cm x 30,20cm (A4 size) and 30,20cm x 46cm (A3)
  • Cutter knife
  • Pencil and ruler
  • mallet
  • Waxed thread and needles for leather
  • Awl and Lighter

Step 1: Select the dimensions of the desired folder size on the back of the leather and cut them out of mitholfe utility knife and straightedge.

Step 2: Fold the cut piece of leather in half, cover it with a cloth and blunt the folded leather with a wooden hammer.

Step 3: Thread a both end of a thread in needles. Pull the thread through the needle eye and wrap the thread end to the thread tight. Do the same with the other end of the thread and the other needle.

Step 4: The awl for leather make a hole in the corner by the wrinkles and draw a needle through both holes by until the yarn midway between the two holes is located. Then pull the two needle again through the holes, but this time against each other, and pull the thread tight to get a double down.

Step 5: piercing through a second hole along the side folder. Drag a needle through the holes of the side that is the needle and repeat the same with the other needle, from the other side. The needle must be substantially drawn together through the holes. Make this step along the edge of the entire page.

Step 6: After the last hole to knot the thread ends, cut off the excess and heating the wax thread with lighter to seal the node.

Step 7: In the same way, you also sew the other side edge of the folder.

an original gift for friends and colleagues &# 8211; Notitzbuch and covers for pencils made of leather from Tanzo

original gift ideas for employees and colleague

mini-holder in leather for your headphones Duram FACTORY

creative craft and gift for headphones holder made of leather

Tinker himself a headphone holder

headset holder itself tinker of leather

DIY leather wallet as a gift idea for men

leather wallet craft as a creative gift for him

Dress your passport with individual and home-made leather cover

craft ideas with leder_diy leather, cover,

DIY leather goods in the fashion world of women

DIY gifts and accessories for women made of leather

sew an original and modern Leather Clutch

Clutch leather nähen_coole gift ideas for women

beautify your old clutch with leather fringes

cool craft ideas for DIY clutch and original gift idea for women

DIY clutch with leather fringes


  • unlined Clutch
  • Leather Belt Punch pliers
  • leather Chur
  • white marker with a fine tip
  • Ruler and scissors

Step 1: Turn the unlined clutch with the inside outwardly around and with the white marker draw a line a few millimeters above the seam along the three edges of the clutch. Then draw Pinkte in distance of 1.3 cm. Prick by 5mm holes at the Punch pliers, at the places where they have marked the points. In two corners prick each through a hole.

Step 2: Cut 43-46cm long strands of leather cord.

Step 3: Turn the clutch with the inner side to inside. Pull a strand through the two holes above the seam, so that the center of the strand between the holes is and tie a knot. Repeat this step until you have bound all fringed along the three sides of the Clutch.

decorate your ladies bag with tassels DIY

Toddel tinker from Leder_coole craft ideas for DIY Toddel as decoration

DIY Tassel Leather – Now we will show you how you can give your Damentasche a new look and they just embellish by Ledertroddel.


  • Piece of leather or leather fringe directly
  • Copper sleeve ø1cm and ø1,3cm
  • Rubber adhesive solution or hot-melt adhesive (or needle and thread)

Step 1: If you can not find a leather fringed strips, simply cut out a rectangular piece of leather and then cut himself the fringes. can ø1cm for the sleeve, the piece of leather be 7-8cm long and for the larger sleeve – 12-13cm.

Step 2: cutting out and a thin leather strips are glued to the inner side of the leather fringed strip the end thereof.

Step 2: Apply adhesive along the inner side of the leather strips on the fringes, stick one end of the leather string and roll the leather strips in order to form the tassel. You can also attach it with thread.

Step 3: Pulling the tassel through the sleeve and enter bit adhesive to secure the sleeve to the tassel.

Shape to mount an eyelet at the other end of the cord to Ledertroddel to your pocket or a key chain: to step 4.

Inspiration for chic necklace in leather belts

necklace craft as a cool gift idea for DIY gift

DIY necklace as creative Craft and gift idea for the ladies – this simple but fantastic idea for stylish necklace, which was presented by Andrea on ” for the love of ”, the perfect accessory for you or the right gift for your girlfriend or mother can be. What has made the Andrea, itself a remnant leather, to get a chain and some binding rings. Then it intersects a plurality of thin leather strips of different length, and three pieces of the chain, which they then attached by small binding rings at two larger binding rings.

Tinker trendy necklace in blue and surprise your mother on Mother’s Day

make cool leather goods themselves and give

super simple and creative craft ideas for rings of Lana Red Studio

original and interesting craft ideas with leather for DIY jewelry

DIY Leather rings

Measure the diameter of the finger and cut as long thin strips of leather. With the punch they pierce a small hole in each strip end and attach with thread by tying the knot.

the black leather bracelet as a fashion accessory to Lederjake or T-shirt

bracelet itself tinker of leather

Ideas for interesting DIY bracelets

bracelet selbermachen of leather

DIY cuff bracelet made of leather &# 8211; If you want to tinker a DIY leather bracelet with a lacy or other patterns that cutting machine Cricut Explore allows you to.

great gift idea and craft ideas for stylish and voluminous earrings

lederorringe itself as a creative craft gift for her

DIY leather earrings for a stunning look


  • vegetable tanned leather
  • Pencil and cardboard
  • Stilus and scissors
  • Cutter knife
  • Ear wires and binding rings

Step 1: Fold the cardboard in half in both directions. Then draw the sheet-like design that can be seen in the picture. From the Faltmitte of the carton to the top of the design are about 4cm and the Faltmitte to the convex side of the sheet form -about 2 cm.

Step 2: After you draw the leaf shape, fold the cardboard again in half and cut the shape out. You can also draw only half of the leaf shape and fold the cardboard twice in half. Then cut with scissors along the drawn line and you will get the leaf shape. Before you unfold the cardboard, cut a small triangle out of the folded corner. When you unfold the box, you will not only have a mirrored sheet form, but also a small rhomboidisches hole in the middle.

Step 3: breaks twice on the back of the leather and cut the pattern, the two pieces of leather with a cutter knife.

Step 4: Place the ball into the water and then dry it with a cloth.

Step 5: By Stilus or other non-sharp tool to draw the contour line along the entire mirrored sheet form in 3mm from the edge. Then, using a triangle carry Arrow contours with the Stilus in the middle of the two leaves.

Step 6: Cut the arrow contours with a cutter knife and insert two holes with an awl to two peaks.

Attach the tips using a jump ring and ear wire. Shape the leather earrings with fingers.

sew slippers himself

Leather slippers crafts of leather

DIY slippers made of leather


  • Felt or leather
  • Scissors and pencil
  • sewing machine

Step 1: Use the image shown above as a guide in the form of cutting.

Step 2: Measure the size of your current slippers or breaks you or your footprint on the selected material. Select the shape and cut them out with scissors you.

Step 3: After that, you just have to fold the leather and sew.

Decoration idea with DIY monogram

vintage decoration idea with DIY Leather Deco

Room decorate with homemade hanging flower pot

craft ideas for modern hang-flower pots made of leather in beige

DIY hanging basket made of leather &# 8211; The hanging flower pots or hanging baskets are very popular when it comes to interior design with flowers and plants. We’ve already shown you how to craft a hanging basket itself and this time you will learn how it is to make with leather.


  • leather
  • rope
  • punch
  • Scissors and ruler
  • chalk

Step 1: Measure the base and height of the flower pot out.

Step 2: What you need to do now is simply to draw on the leather one squares. It is the reason for the hanging basket and to have the measure of the diameter of the flower pot. Then draw four squares or rectangles as an extension of all four sides of the square substrate having the width of the base square and the height from the flower pot for length. The lateral parts of the hanging basket will be.

Step 3: After cutting the drawn pattern from the leather, make two holes at each corner of the four outer squares, a distance of about 1cm from the two outer edges of the respective corner.

Step 4: Cut 2 ropes with a length of 180cm. Drag ropes through the holes through and fasten it to the leather hanging basket by the node at the end of each cable. You can tie the knot on the inside, so that they remain invisible.

Step 5: Place the pot in the hanging basket and hang your plant in the desired space.

great decorating ideas with DIY hanging flower pots

tinker it cool flower pots as room and garden decorations

Here is a second option for DIY hanging flower pot made of leather:

Step 1: You need two parts with the dimension drawing 1.5cm x 130cm on the leather.

Step 2: After you have cut the two strips of leather, make a hole in the middle of both strip ends.

Step 3: Insert one another both leather strips and pull a metal ring to the middle, which is then used to hanging the hanging basket. Then place all four ends of the two leather strips crosswise to each other, so that the holes at the end of the strips coincide and fasten them by a screw.

creative inspiration for DIY wooden furniture and leather Wood&Faulk

DIY wooden stool with leather seat

the modern bathroom with DIY towel rack

bad state customize DIY towel rack made of round wooden stick and leather

Idea for wall design with DIY Wall shelf

hanging-wall shelves build yourself from wood and leather as inspiration for modern hanging shelf white

Looking for ideas for DIY headboard?

bedroom ideas and craft ideas for DIY hang-kopfteill

original idea for DIY curtain holders and rustic interior design

craft idea for gardienenhalter of leather

make living modern through Soffakissen with leather handles

leather handles modern interior design in gray for modern living room with gray sofa and pillows with

Leather handles for white cabinets &# 8211; cool idea for improvement of old furniture

creative interior design with white shelves and leather handles in beige

add DIY leather handles to your white IKEA shelf

cool craft ideas with Ikea furniture

Inspiration for DIY handles – Determined many of you at home also as a chest of drawers from IKEA. Here’s a great idea how to beautify these, as well as other furniture with a subtle leather accented by homemade handles. In this case, a 5cm wide leather strip was folded in half and nailed with two gold colored nails on the upper drawer edge.

rustic kitchen with wood kitchen cabinets and leather handles

kitchen white with wooden drawers and DIY handles made of leather

modern handles for wooden kitchen cabinets

beautify old kitchen cabinets with DIY Leather handles

Idea of ​​Modern table decoration and DIY serving plates

tinker with wood and leder_coole idea for DIY tray and chopping board

Interior design with leather &# 8211; stylish and special door handles made of leather

DIY door handles made of leather for wooden door

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