Wall shelves – modern wall design with illuminated shelves

Wall shelves - modern wall design with illuminated shelves

The wall shelves are one of the most popular design elements that we choose for a living facility. Why? Especially since they save space and thereby are also the ideal solution for small and narrow spaces. Today, however, the wall shelves also play the role of a modern wall design. Different shapes, materials and colors form modern open shelves that allow diverse and at the same time functional interior design. If the shelves are also equipped with an integrated lighting, this gestallten an even stronger wall decoration with accent lighting. Instead of creating additional wall lights a complex lighting design and to set a specific emphasis on a wall, you can achieve this effect with lighted shelves identical. As a solution and vivid example of a creative wall design with indirect lighting, we have selected three modern wall shelves of the Italian furniture manufacturer Acerbis. Acerbis is one of the few companies that contributes since the sixties to the spread of Italian furniture design.

Ideas for living room with lighted shelves

cool living room ideas for modern living room furnishings with sideboard and red led shelf in methacrylate

The wall shelves &# 8222; Beam&# 8220; are a product of the line of furniture New Concepts from Acerbis. The Italian designer Lodovico Acerbis enables creative transparent wall design by thermoformed shelves with rounded edges. These cool shelves of colored acrylic glass are not only an interesting decoration idea for the living room, but rather they can also actively involved in color design and lighting design participate in space. Indirect lighting on the back of the curved wall shelves sets this scene and emphasizes an elegant wall decoration.

wall shelves &# 8211; Modern wall design with illuminated shelves

living room design with modern wall shelves and living room color design in red with red sideboard and red of armchairs

Color design living room red modern shelves made of acrylic glass in 

creative wall design living room with wall shelves rot_coole shelves of acerbis

A fantastic facility idea for the living room, as well as a creative wall design with LED lighting, designer wall shelf “Matrix” offers. Designed in 2013 by designer Roberto Mansani, then this LED shelf elegant furnishings idea for living room. The intersecting glass panels are illuminated by integrated fiber optic in six. An emotional effect is obtained by the kaleidoscopic color shift function from dark blue to light blue, magenta, red and yellow in color neutral.

Regal ideas for creative wall design with LED shelves

glass shelves with LED lighting in blue as a cool device idea and modern living room with black design_wandgestaltung wall color and led regal blue

illuminated shelves in yellow as a color accent to dark wall colors

cool shelves glass with led lighting yellow as a cool living room ideas for creative wall design black accent wall with led shelf

creative lighting idea and modern wall design with LED shelf in glass

creative ideas furnishings living room with glass shelves with lighting regal_coole as a light idea and decoration idea living room

Decorated by designer Lodovico Acerbis Wall shelves of New Concepts series offer a more modern decor idea with lighted shelves. The elegant shelf system consists of thick wooden shelves of different finishes, which are equipped with a rear-arranged lighting. make special opaque discs made of methacrylate the bottom or the top shelf level and increase the light effect of indirect lighting. The electrical connection is carried out by an aluminum cable channel. A wood finish in oak or Lauro Preto veneer, as well as in white matt finish or high gloss of different colors, like black, white, beige, red and slate gray, allows you a wide range of spatial and wall design.

Wall shelves with integrated lighting behind opaque glass

living room ideas for living room set up with holzregalen_coole shelves of acerbis with lighting

Wooden shelves with indirect lighting for stylish and creative wall design

cool white shelves with indirect lighting as creative living ideas for modern wall design

Wall shelves as an essential part of the interior design and lighting

living room ideas design for modern living and creative wall design with illuminated shelves white

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