Wall painting ideas and techniques for modern wall design

Wall painting ideas and techniques for modern wall design

In this article we will show you how a wall by different painting techniques can be ennobling. Only the paint must not only rolled but applied in different ways. Once the color is applied, only the choice for a coating technique for a creative and refined wall design remains. The variety of optical effects is dependent on the used tools, such as different size brushes, sponges and various textiles. How to create a historical atmosphere, or an iconic and unusual style in your home, we will explain the following interesting wall painting ideas and techniques.

creative wall design in metallic black finish

creative wall design wall paint living room and cool techniques with wall color brown for modern living room design with leather-upholstered sofa and door beige with wood table round

For most wall-coating techniques, glaze is used. to mix myself this is actually quite simple. All you need is water (1 part), latex wall paint (1 part) and latex glaze liquid (4 parts) to mix together. Make sure that the more glaze liquid is added to lower the viscosity of the mixture and thus you will need a longer time for the wall design. The best when painting with glaze is the possibility for repetition of the pattern, if you are not satisfied with the result. You only need to make a new stain stick on it and repeat the technique renewed.

Wall painting ideas and techniques for modern wall design

wall trending techniques with venetienischem plaster for creative wall design in the living room and a bathroom idea

Wall design with color by “Veneto gypsum” -Streichtechnik

Now we will show you how you can create a Venetian plaster effect. One of the variants in order to impart to the walls an antique look, the application is the “Veneto gypsum” with a spatula on the wall. Then, by the wall sweep of wall color, or with transparent, the texture is brought to bear.

modern bathroom prank ideas in Dark Gray

modern bathroom ideas for wall design bathroom with wall color gray and black toilet and antique washstand silver

Walls decorate with interesting string techniques and indirect ceiling lighting

creative wall design for rustic living room design by wall trending techniques with wall color beige

Wall painting ideas with denim pattern

If you want to make the walls with the wall color Blue scratch, you can use the denim brushing technique. Different blue, green and even purple colored nuances of indigo color, and the texture of this popular fabric are perfect for a diverse and creative wall design. Apply the color of your favorite jeans or similar color and design an interesting accent wall in the living room. To create the Denim effect, or the cross-stitch motif of the fabric, you have to emphasize both horizontally and vertically with a brush over the freshly painted wall paint.

creative wall design by denim-coating technology

creative wall design with wall color blue and denim-striking technique for rustic living room wall design

Color design in blue by wall-painting technique with brush

wall design living room with silver trays and wall color blue for rustic living room blue

Wall painting ideas for modern wall design in concrete look

You want to convert your own home into a modern minimalist apartment? Here is a trick how you could creatively paint the walls in concrete optics. For this wall-painting-ideas you will need the following wall color:

white wall color “Whitewater 2120-60” by Benjamin Moore – as the base color

gray wall color nickel 2119-50 by Benjamin Moore – for the first glaze layer

gray paint Smoke Gray 21220-40 – for second glaze layer

Wall colors black, brown and blue for the background music

Walls in concrete look as inspiration for modern mural painting by Coating Technology

make modern living room with wall color gray and interesting prank technology for concrete-effect

First, paint the walls with the wall color white, then swipe chaotic slashes in gray, black, brown and blue, with the help of the spatula, which is part of the soundtrack. After that, drawing with pencil horizontal lines at a distance from about 10 cm along the whole wall. Now you mix the glaze coating in a ratio of 3: 1 – 3 parts glaze and 1 part paint (nickel 2119-90). Apply the glaze mixed with the help of a trowel or spatula and obliterate them with a cloth. Then paint the walls again with a dark glaze. For the second glaze mixture use the gray wall color Smoke Gray to build up layers. Finally, apply a third glaze layer on the white wall paint (21220-60).

interesting wall-coating technology for concrete effect

gray concrete-wall-striking technique for creative wall design living room

Modern wall design with marble wall-coating technology

You also want to have marble walls to have at home? Here’s the basic painting technique for marbling, which allows you to give a luxurious look to walls and furniture. For the typical marble patterns in white with gray and black veins you are white latex paint and need with gray color mixed glaze. The more glaze is mixed with the color, the more translucent the paint is. Paint on the whitewashed wall gray, cloudy spots. Appease some of which with the help of a dipped in white paint sponge. With brush paint thick, gray and squiggly strips for an even more realistic effect and spring – the thin gray and black veins of marble. You can wire weaken by dabbing with a sponge or cloth.

Marbling as cool wall-painting idea

Modern small kitchen with golden kitchen cabinets and cool wall design kitchen with marble

How can you improve your home decor with marble walls?

creative wall design with marble-striking technique

Wall painting ideas for creative wall design with a wood fiber pattern

A very trendy idea for creative wall design, as well as for embellishing of furniture, the painting with wood fiber pattern. For this, all you have to strike the appropriate set get. Once you have the wall removed, can use the comb to texture the surface, then by means of a wood grain pattern and by uniform motion, sand, the pattern downward.

Walls make with real wood paneling or perfect imitation wood fiber

creative wall design with wood-effect by wood-pattern-strecihtechnik

Wall Coating technology for modern wall design in wood design

interesting trending techniques for modern wall design in wood optics

Wall painting Ideas by wiping technique with brushes, paint brushes or Maserierkamm

This simple painting technique, you can make your walls with very thin brush and a light texture of the wall color. What you need to do here is to apply the desired paint and then a coating roller brush, keeping to a low angle and just grind on the freshly painted surface facing down or sideways.

cool wall-painting ideas with brushes or comb

modern living room with floor lamp design pink and black leather sofa and modern wall design with wall color gray

Here is an example of how to make the white walls and elegant new through this painting technique. Paint the walls with white paint. Once the color is dry, apply the glaze with a brush suitable for this purpose. Color the white color easily by X-strokes. Then with a dry brush to remove the brush strokes incurred &# 8211; by simultaneously tapping and turning the brush. Now you emphasize straight lines with a flat brush. If you want to make a wall panel with different depth areas by this brush technique, you can also use accents by a second glaze coating of various parts of the panel. Wait until the first glaze layer is completely dry and apply the second glaze layer. Repeat and fought with the brushes.

creative wall design with color accents by wiping technique

creative make white walls with interesting wall spreadable technology

make walls with vertical stripes pattern by wiping technique

green wall color and interesting wall spreadable technology for modern wall design

fantastic idea for modern wall design with texture and color

cool wall trending techniques for creative wall design with color and texture

Wiping technique for horizontal texture as inspiration for modern wall decoration in the bedroom

wall design bedrooms with wall color gray and horizontal stripe patterns by bison

Wall painting ideas with sponge

Another and very common technique for modern wall design in faux leather look is painting with a sponge bath. You must dip a dry sponge in the selected color and make the wall surface by pressing lightly. In this painting technique, you need to enter several weak layers in order to achieve the desired color density. For wall design with sponge You can choose either the same wall color you have used as a color for the wall, or other shade of color, and a completely different color. If you want to create a subtle depth, then took advantage of slightly different stages of the same color. A fantastic result you could achieve by applying the paint with a sponge, or by tapping the sponge over the finished painted wall here.

Sponge technology for creative wall design in the hallway

emphasize wall ideas corridor with a sponge technique and wall color pink for Interior design in the Baroque style

Here is a fantastic example of the sponge-painting technique. As the base color the gray wall color “Dark Storm Cloud 740f-4” Behr was elected. When the gray painted wall is dry, you can start applying the second wall color. In this case, the color “Wine Barrel 200F-7” was used. Moisten the sponge, wring it out well and dip it in the paint. Wring the unnecessary color and start to create a uniform pattern. To make the rusted steel look from the example, use another wall color, namely the color “Cracked Pepper PPU18-01”.

Walls creatively designed with three colors and sponge technique

creative wall design and color scheme with interesting wall-striking techniques

Inspiration how you can make the walls with paint scratch

color scheme and wall design in green with sponge technology as a cool wall paint idea

Wall gradient by Schwam Wall Coating Technology

creative wall design color swam emphasize technology with

Wall painting Ideas By winding technology with rags

By winding technology with a cloth will create a faux leather effect. For this, the walls must first be coated with a primer. When the surface is dry, it’s time for the glaze layer. As soon as you have a 3m x 3m large area of ​​the wall painted with the glaze layer, you must roll a crumpled and twisted rag over the wall. Then repeat it with another wall surface until you have created the desired wall. By using different materials such as linen, burlap, Scheibengardine, tip or piece of old sheet, you will also make different patterns and designs. It is important that your chosen fabric is uncolored and clean.

living room with fireplace and rustic design armchairs in black paint and wall design ideas living room by bison with overlap

Similar painting technique for artificial leather effect requires the use of Chamois. After wearing the color, you have to use the glaze layer using a twisted piece of Chamois, apply by rolling. Due to the soft texture of the leather, the result is a mottled look, reminiscent of antique leather.

creative wall design with leather-effect

color design in golden brown by wall coating technology

Wiping technology as cool idea for modern wall design with color

redesign white walls with farbe_coole wall trending techniques and ideas

Wall painting idea as a combination of wiping technique and smooth painted walls in wall color Beige

color design with wall beige color and wiping technique as a cool wall spreadable idea

Wall painting ideas with stencil technique and patterned paint rollers

Another solution for creative wall design provides the painting with stencils. Such template you can make either buy or own, cut out by means of adhesive tape or cardboard and paper. Then you just have to fix the stencil with tape on the wall and apply the color. To make complex and even more impressive patterns and shapes, simply superimpose the template.

Template as a cool wall-coating technology for interesting visual effects

emphasize modern wall design and wall decoration wall by cool ideas with templates

simple and fancy wall design by Schablontechnik

blue wall color with wall pattern in brown as a cool wall prank idea

combine wall color blue with crochet patterns in white

cool wanddeko selbermachen with wall-sweeping technology

creative wall design with templates as interesting wall Prank Ideas

make gray wall color with template

cool wall-painting ideas in Schwar-White

creative wall design living room with triangle-pattern in black and white as a creative wall-paint idea

Modern wall design with color and pattern

cool prank technology wall with patterned paint roller for modern color scheme in white and green

patterned paint roller as a cool wall-painting idea for quick and easy wall design

modern and simple wall design with color and pattern

Wall painting ideas with gradient

This coating technology is perhaps the most complex and the most difficult in comparison with the others. In the gradient technique, also called Ombre known, the hue can laterally, from top to bottom or vice versa always brighter or darker. You can begin to make the wall from the bottom with a dark wall color that is always bright up. To achieve the ombre effect, divide in this case the wall in three parts. First apply the lightest color to, then the darkest color, and only then swipe the middle wall part in the middle shade of color. Now comes the time to blur the transition of the different color nuances. For that you use a dampened sponge or cloth. This step is not easy but the unique 3D effect on the wall, the effort pays wages perfectly.

Varbverlauf as cool and creative wall-painting idea for living room

creative wall design living room with varbverlauf in blue

cool visual effects by interesting coating technology for modern wall decoration in the bedroom

creative wall paint ideas for bedroom with ombre effect

Inspirations Ombre-coating technology for interesting wall design

Modern wall design in green by gradient

Ombre Wall prank idea for creative color and wall design in blue

living room design and wall design with horizontal varbferlauf from blue to white

interesting wall painting ideas for a special wall design

creative ideas for modern wall design with color

creative wall design with cool wall-painting ideas and string techniques

cool wall ideas emphasize and spreadable techniques for creative wall design in antique silent

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