Wall mirrors – optical space expansion

Wall mirrors - optical space expansion

Discover interesting design ideas with mirrors. The mirror as a great wall design for the living room and bedroom. The light reflection and the optical space enlargement by inserting mirrors represents an advantageous wall design. For this reason, a mirrored wall design is particularly suitable for small spaces and gives every interior charm and luxury.

The mirror can be processed much like shapes, colors and sizes. A wall mirror can play the role of art, or can be used as a hideout surface on the wall or door. Other design idea hiding behind the combination of mirrors and lighting, which creates an interesting and romantic lighting and at the same time brings more light and depth in the room. Among the following examples of wall decoration with mirrors, you will also find creative solutions with modern mirrors Robba Edition. The off-hook as sculptures on the wall mirrors consist of acrylic glass, and are processed by means of digital cutting technique.

In the optical extension and expansion of a room, the importance of reflecting views. Avoid mirroring corners, doors or kitchens. Instead, hang mirrors on the places where windows and views were the windows to the mirror image. If your living room has an elongated shape, a mirrored wall at the end of the room will make the room endlessly. Do not hang two mirrors against each other, the result is an ambiguous space and you lose the orientation. A better solution, in order to increase the space, the slopes of mirrors at an angle of 90 °. Do not put a mirror surfaces on the floor one, as this developed sense of instability. What you must not take into account the size and format of the mirror. If the mirrors have the framework or not? A wall decoration with mirrors without frame is perfect for the bathroom or closet doors. As wall decoration for living room, bedroom and, for example through the chimney, best fits a decoration of mirrors with mirror frame.

wall &# 8211; Sugar levels of Robba Edition

taupe wall color with bodenbeleuchtung- decoration wall with designer mirror

Living figures with mirror Wall Art

living room color design sofa gray carpet gray-white walls with black window frames

Creative wall design with mosaic

gray wall wallpaper with mirror mosaic Silver candle containers

Wall decoration idea with mirrors

wall color taupe round wall mirror with round wooden frame table deco idea with silver candlesticks

living room setting &# 8211; Wall Art Ideas

taupe color scheme color- walls-leather stool wood chair gray with gray upholstered cushion

Traffic mirror with color design wall


gray wall with small wandspiegel

bedroom figures

wall design bedroom white bedspread-bedroom furniture in white and brown-white carpet

Wall color design and decoration

orange wall mirror with round

Living figures with mirrored wall

living room wall design reflect with square and corner sofa in gray and white-rattanteppich-wood coffee table

Sun mirror wall decoration in the hallway

Color design corridor wall with silver mirror as a sun glass table with vases in purple

Lady Blob Mirror &# 8211; Robba Edition

wall with taupe color and designer mirror with sconce

Wall Bedroom


make bedroom with mirrored wall and taupe wall color-white-linen armchair in taupe color

Mirror wall stickers for creative wall decoration

wall deco idea with spiegeln- around carpet gray and white

Wall design idea with mirror mosaic

round mirror plates with thinner gold metal frame

dissolve mirror &# 8211; Robba Edition

unique decoration wall with mirror

Wall decoration with puzzle levels

Wall deco idea with puzzle

Living room design with frame mirror

living room wall design with mirror with frame sideways out of wood and the front with mirror

make living modern &# 8211; Piano mirror Ayna Kaplama

Mirror wall design

Tugla mirrored wall – Ayna Kaplama

luxury designer pendant lamp living room design with white walls and

Mirror for the living room wall shapes

living room Setup- round dining table white with black esszimmerstühlen- pendant lights silver balls

Mirror wall decoration idea

Modern living room sofa gray Setup-

Contemporary wall mirrors with wood

living room with parquet floor and bar counter with black Natursteinplatte- kitchen with wood cabinets leather sofa white

Wall Art idea of ​​the 936 house


color design floor white wall with mirror in white mirror frame

bedroom set up &# 8211; Wall decoration idea

bedroom with Rundbett- wanddeko with round mirror with black round mirror frame

Modern decor idea for the living room

living room customize wooden wall and carpet-upholstered chairs in beige

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