Wall Green

Wall Green

Wall Green – a fresh, modern and healing color design in green. Why green? The color green symbolizes helpfulness, stamina, tolerance and satisfaction and has a calming effect without tiring. Green is translated in medical color therapy, it balances the rhythm of the heart and kidneys, and is also used for allergies, eyestrain, as well as signs of premature aging as a healing color.

We have selected the wall design in green, since green eyes resting taught. The view of the countryside is never tiring, but also strengthens the eye for all other impressions. Green also stands for harmony and life and is connected with the spring. A perfect color scheme for the living room and salon. The green wall has a positive healing effect for body and soul.

After the color psychology the green looks natural and fresh and is ideal for our concentration. For this reason, Green is particularly suitable for the study. The Green Wall is a well exploiting Dende wall design that brings relaxation, peace and contentment in every room. Discover 36 interesting and fresh wall design ideas for the living room and bedroom in green.

Wall Green &# 8211; modern wall color of DELUX

Modern wall design - green wall-blue wall-gelber stuhl

Living room color scheme
white design modern living room with white sofa wall mural with trees

green wall &# 8211; Wall design ideas

green wall with vinyl floor in white and white seats and Sofas- round table

Bedroom wall design Green

bedroom in green-green linen rocking chair

Wall White Green &# 8211; rustic

wall light green - rustic bedroom design with wooden floor and rustic möbeln- green curtains

Floral Wall Green

green wall design with Fern wandtatto - white linen with green points

Wall Green &# 8211; study

Color design ideas

Color design bedrooms 

make bedroom with green wall and white bed with modern Kopfbrett- stool

Wall green &# 8211; Green in the living room

living room wall with green and massive hilztisch open with green chairs- kitchen design

Bedroom in Green with White Wall Decal

modern bedroom design with green betdecke and wood headboard

Green wall decoration idea

wall blasgrün with creative wall decoration

Creative wall design idea

green wall with dial-wall clock

Wall Dark Green

wall olive green - hallway color scheme with black table

Wall Green &# 8211; idea via

creative wall design in green

emerald &# 8211; creative color design

Wall color emerald green modene wooden commode

Green Wall for modern living-color design

green wall - laminate flooring polstersofa-

Wall Green &# 8211; make living

make modern living room with parquet and brown sofa

Green bathroom figures &# 8211; Bathroom Wall

Bathroom green mosaic - white Wandschirm- white freestanding bathtub

Living Wall Green

make living in white with green Wandgestaltung- textile flooring white- Seats and sofas white - white coffee table

Wall Olive

Wall decoration with spiegeln- rustic desk in black

Wall Green &# 8211; Living room color scheme

green wall with white mural. leather sofa white

Wall color taupe sand

living wall minimalist living room with white leather chair and eckkamin- black

Wall Green &# 8211; bathroom set up

make bathroom - parquet in Bathroom- white ziegelflisen around carpet-bathroom

Living in green

Living farbgestaltung- carpet green-black lying wanddeko idea

Wall design green wall tattoo butterflies

Green wall with black flowers Wall Decal

mural idea

idea- emphasize wall white wall with green stripe

Creative wall design idea &# 8211; Green Wall

green decoration wall with wooden frame and vase-black butterfly wandtattoo

Wall Green in the bedroom

white bed with headboard in green with flowers Wall Decal

green wall &# 8211; Design wall tattoo Tree

green stripes wall paint idea

bedroom figures &# 8211; green wall wallpaper

Wall painting ideas - vertical green stripes

parquet ground-black night table with night light

Wall Greening the girl’s room

green wall with letters Wanddeko- pink sofa with white pillows

Wall Green &# 8211; Baby room

Color scheme nursery

wall color design in yellow and green

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