Wall design with 3D wall panels made of MDF from "infinity wall"

Wall design with 3D wall panels made of MDF from “infinity wall”

Wall design with 3D wall panels made of MDF from

Do you want to make the walls of new and interesting? Then maybe is of interest to you our inspiration idea for wall design with 3D wall panels of Infinity Wall. The 3D wall panels of “infinity wall” are protected from deformation, waterproof and with everlasting color. They are easy to install and allow an elegant and strong 3D effect-wall design of all concepts of space. The 3D wall panels are suitable for wall and ceiling decoration. They are certified with the international seal of approval LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and equipped with a fire protection or water-resistant core. The engraved 3D Wall panels made of MDF are generated by an innovative process in which the laminate is formed over the carved wooden core. They can be deleted in any color. You can find interesting design ideas Infini Wall in Facebook &# 8211; here.

Living inspirations with 3D wall panels with the wall color blue

Wall design with 3D wall panels

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3D wall design with texture

Idea with 3D wall panels for modern room design

Wall with 3D wall panels and designer armchairs

minimalist interior with relief-like wall panels

3D wall panels in white

Wall chaos of intersecting lines as a wall design with wall panels

attractive wall decoration in white

Wall panels with a natural stone pattern

elegant 3D wall panel-decoration

Idea for wall design with 3D panels of different patterns

Wall decoration with MDF wall panels

creative and funny wall design with numbers

Modern wall design idea

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