Urban garden: tips, ideas and examples

Urban garden: tips, ideas and examples

Urban Garden – the alternative for those who suffer from the lack of a private garden. To make your little garden of Eden with fresh herbs and vegetables or colorful flowers, you need much less space than you think in reality. Today we will give you some tips and show various urban gardening ideas.

an urban garden in the city

urban gardening ideas for city dwellers

Do you want to have an urban garden also? It’s easy! Obtain various containers, potting soil and seeds of the desired plant. Whatever will use for containers, they should be best deep between 20cm and 30cm and have holes for drainage in the bottom. When choosing seeds, consider are to grow together in a container which plants. Such are e.g. the herbs that you can ideally combined in a container. Would you like to eat fresh vegetable garden, then plant leafy vegetables with the most nutrient content, such as green, kale, chard, or tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peppers and onion on. To the green vegetable container, you could also add a fresh splash of color, through a container with edible violets and marigolds.

Urban garden: tips, ideas and examples

urban gardening ideas for city gardening

make patio with a vertical vegetable and herb garden

urban gardening balkon_terrassengestaltung vertical vegetable garden

What you need to do is to fill the container to about 2-3cm below the edge with soil and planting the seeds, or simply buy seedlings and replant in the containers. irrigate it and place it on a sunny windowsill. Container with pea, lettuce and salad flowers you can bring out even in the middle of April and all the others only in mid-May.

urban gardening ideas &# 8211; fresh vegetables themselves breed home

window sill garnish with salad-plants

Some creative ideas for urban gardening in the spring:

  • cultivate germs in glass jar – The delicious and healthy seeds are super easy to cultivate. All you need is a clean glass jar, a piece of cheesecloth, a handful of seeds, water and a few days of patience. Fill the jar with fresh water and add the seeds to do so. Let soak the seeds overnight in a glass jar with water. Then attach the drain cheesecloth with elastic and water. refill fresh water and allow the water to drain again. This should be done twice a day until the seeds are ready for consumption. Which is about 2-3 days. During this time, let the glass vessels lay in an exposed location.

let tasty seeds and various bean plants grow in glass

germs selebe breed as a cool idea for urban garden at home

  • Indoor plants propagate – To make an indoor garden, you can leaves or stems of various plants, such as , Simply place Philodendron, Efeutute, Chlorophytum, African violet or succulent plant in water and place in the sun until they are rooted begin. Then you can plant them already.

 Houseplants simultaneously propagate in the glass and arrange for decoration 

urban gardening ideas with houseplants

How can an urban garden look like and what plants are suitable?

own vegetable garden anlegen_coole urban gardening ideas

  • grow fresh vegetables – a great example of this is the growing of spring onion from the cut ends of the bulb stem. In this way, you can also breed ginger and carrots.

urban garden at the window

urban gardening ideas for vegetable-garden with spring onion

What is needed?

  • spring onion
  • Plastic Egg Carton
  • Scissors or X-acto knife
  • Water and sunlight

Step 1: First you make the plastic containers clean

Step 2: Cut out so great Lächer in the top of each Eikörbchen, so you can put the chopped onion ends through the holes.

Step 3: Pour water into each Eikörbchen. The onion roots should be completely submerged.

Step 4: Cut the ends of a collar onion and insert it in the water-filled plastic container.

Step 5: Decorate a sunny windowsill with your little onion garden. Change the water every few days.

creative and easy craft idea for small DIY onion garden

diy urban garden_frischer spring onion on the windowsill can grow

  • Create indoor herb garden – A Kraeter-Urban Garden in the interior requires direct sunlight. The window sills are the ideal place for your fresh herbs in this case. The problem comes when the window sill is not enough for your herb garden and you need extra space for new and other herbs. Then you can tinker hanging flower pots or containers for the wall. As? See the same. After all, can a urban garden also create vertical.

the hanging herb garden outside the window

urban gardening ideas with rosemary

Craft idea for DIY flower pot lights at. Here are the materials:

  • Glass jars or plastic containers
  • String or twine of cotton, nylon, hemp
  • Sand and gravel for drainage
  • potting soil

cool craft idea for DIY flower pot lights and creative idea for indoor urban garden

urban gardening ideas with diy hang-flower pots

Step 1: Cut 8 cords in the same length of 60-90cm and tie all together at the end.

Step 2: Divide the 8 cords in pairs 4 and tie each pair in a distance of about 7-8cm from the common node.

Step 3: Now divide the two cords of an already knotted pair. Take a string of two adjacent pairs that are available each and start to tie the second set of nodes at a distance of 5-8cm. Take lots knot series until the selected container you fit into the mesh.

Step 4: Before planting the desired plant in the container, place a layer of sand and a layer of gravel. Then enter the soil and plant herbs or flowers.

Step 5: Finally, you tie together all eight lines at the top and by hacking hang the DIY flower pot lights on.

urban garden on the wall

urban garden from DIY Felt flower pots for wall

The wall design with plants represents another idea for ” urban garden ” is. We have also prepared a cool craft idea and, as you tinker small and colorful flower pots for wall made of felt.

It is required:

  • Felt – preferably about 50cm long piece
  • sewing machine
  • Thread and scissors
  • Felt flower pot pattern (here)
  • small plastic bags
  • eyelets
  • potting soil

tinker felt flowerpot on the wall itself 

planting bucket for wall craft of felt

Step 1: The pattern on paper A4 paper, cut both parties and together with scotch tape.

Step 2: Pull out the contours of the pattern on an approximately 50 cm long piece of felt. If you do not have such a long felt it, you can simply sew together two pieces.

Step 3: sewing a thin hem at the end of part 1. Then fold part 1an the point where the dotted line is and sew the two sides.

Step 4: Put the small bag in the sewn felt bag. Then fold part 2 so that the pointed tab comes in in the bag and tucked the back of the bag.

Step 5: Mark the spot where the eye should be placed and put them on.

Step 6: Fill in the Filztasche with soil and plant the plants selected.

Step 5: Decorate the wall with your DIY Wall flowerpots and design a mini urban garden.

Terrarium as an alternative to the lack of garden 

urban gardening ideas for terrarium as a small indoor garden

  • bring nature into the interior by a DIY Terrarium – A small terrarium with Greens will not only freshen the room, but also make more comfortable. Suitable plants for the target are e.g. different ground cover, moss, ferns, and vines that need a cool, moist environment in the shade to thrive. Get hold of an interesting glass container, soil and gravel, and make a small green oasis.

a glass jar and some mini-plants are genung for your small garden inside

urban garden in glass

design your terrace as an urban garden with several plants and large flower pots

terrace customize plant-their own urban garden in the city

Fantastic combination of pallets, fresh summer colors and plant design for small balconies

make balcony with pallets and plant-cool urban gardening ideas

urban garden &# 8211; creating a little oasis on the balcony

balcony garden balcony gestaltungsideen_urban

great inspiration for urban garden and landscape gardening in the backyard

toole inspiration for urban garden they design_gestalten small garden in the city

make garden wall and decorate with flower pots

urban garden ideas for design small oase in backyard

Idea for patio design with a small vegetable garden and a vintage mirror

make roof terrace as urban garden with rustic mirrors and large round wooden buckets as flower bucket

use ventilation hole bricks for creating and designing a mini garden

terrace customize diy bench and diy flower bucket of ventilation-Lochziegeln_coole urban gardening ideas for terraces

Inspiration of PullTab design for urban garden with water on a roof terrace

terrace design and create gardens on roof terrace

transform your patio into urban garden

urban gardening ideas for roof terracesPhoto: Norman McGrath

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