to live the benefits under the roof - floor apartment

to live the benefits under the roof – floor apartment

to live the benefits under the roof - floor apartment

Living under the roof is a dream of many people. But what has an attic apartment more to offer than the normal flat? Everyone needs a private area, namely where he create his own oasis of peace, well-being and comfort apartment. In this context, the loft is a great choice. Why? Here are some arguments and inspiring examples of the beneficial living on the roof.

living under the roof and its benefits

ceilings made modern penthouse with dormer windows and of course left and holzsparren_das modern living room in white with small cooking island and dining areamodern loft in the 17th century.

1. Sufficient daylighting

The good lighting is important not only in the workplace. Sufficient natural lighting from the living room positively influences our well being and our productivity, which would be important for people who work and learn at home. The ordinary windows, which are often combined in an attic apartment with skylights that allow not only the required brightness in the room, but also a beautiful sight to the outside, the quality of living increased by. Especially if the loft has a glass from several sides, the interior is exposed to the sun all day long. A multi-glazing with opening windows serves as the larger sunlight entry, so the better air movement in space. Here, the question for heat protection that can be managed easily and elegantly through heat reflective pleated blinds comes.

the creative interior design that allows an attic apartment with high ceilings

cool device for ideas Mezzanine penthouses with brick walls, wood construction contract and designer furniture upholstered in grayLoft in Posen_Cuns Studio_Foto © Hanna Długosz

Setting up a small living room in the attic cozy and functional

small living room with sloping roof modern set up in blue and beige and creative way through space-saving footprint on the groundLoft in Göteborg_gefunden on Bjurfors

2. Cozy atmosphere

Although many loft apartments are not spacious, they always offer a cozy and comfortable room atmosphere. A typical design element in the room of this artistic dwellings is often the complete, or only partly visible left supporting structure of the roof. Rafters, posts, struts and wooden beams give the room a special feeling of coziness, solely by the naturalness and warmth of the material. The niches and corners that form thanks to the pitched roof, not only contribute to the comfort and an interesting space division and unique interior design at, but they also bring a sense of security and protection. skylights alone assist in home furnishings and offer lovely positioning of furniture of different areas. So, for example, sits a dining table perfect under the skylight, or the double bed has its place right in front of a large glass roof.

What makes a loft apartment so cozy and inviting?

color design of a penthouse with wall color gray and cool device idea with modern seats and sofas in gray, vintage pendulum lamps and parquet flooringPenthouse Design: Vladimir Bolotkin

the small but functional kitchen of a top floor apartment

penthouse space-saving set up with a small kitchen and dining table ünter in white roof slopingProject &# 8220; Habiter sous les toits&# 8220; _ Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Interieur_ Photo © Hugo Hébrard

3. Comfortable indoor climate

Except the good lighting and ventilation in the apartment, the comfortable room temperature is another factor that affects our well-being. Due to the large surface for the sun, which provides the roof, a roof apartment is warmer than the other apartments in the building. of course, a great role for playeth and the good insulation of the apartment. The slopes of a loft also play an important role in the fast space heating in winter, since they result in better circulation and heat distribution.

minimalist establishment of a large-scale attic

penthouse set with corner sofa black and round carpet on polished white floor coveringsLoft in Norditalien_Damilano Studio

Jacuzzi in the bedroom &# 8211; transform the sleeping area in spa

cool bedroom ideas with whirlpool, indirect room lighting and wardrobe built whiteLoft in Norditalien_Damilano Studio

4. Larger living space for less money

If you rent a loft apartment or buy, you pay for a smaller square gift than the loft in reality has. The results from the soil surface, which is located under the eaves. If the room height less than one meter, then the area is including not included. If the ceiling height of one to two meters, then only half of the bottom surface is to be included. Only when the surface is below a height of the roof slope than two meters, then the quadrature is expected to 100%.

Setting up small rooms efficiently &# 8211; make the attic space for profit

cool idea for bedroom roof slanted with skylights and built-in wardrobe with sliding doorsLoft in Göteborg_gefunden on Bjurfors

the low room height of a loft also allows setting up a cozy sitting area

cool penthouse with corner sofa gray roof slanted with skylights and a small kitchen with barProject &# 8220; Gray Loft&# 8220; _OOOOX Studio

5. Space-saving device

Another advantage of the loft is the space-saving device with built-in niches shelf and cabinet systems. The emergence of storage spaces and niches offer enough storage space that can be quite functional with modern and space-saving rack systems. In this way, the unusable surface can exploit by required storage units, thereby taking as few surface of the effectively usable floor area of ​​the apartment. By small and bias cut doors, the storage spaces are tucked simultaneously and made easily accessible. In this context, the transition attic apartment is an ideal alternative to the normal apartment with basement.

to make the most of a penthouse apartment by built-in display

creative realizations with built-in display cases and indirect wandbeleuchtung_moderne penthouse with fireplace, brick wall and dark parquetProject &# 8220; DO&# 8220; _YCL Studio_Foto © Andrius Stepankevičius

great solution for small bathroom in loft

cool bathroom ideas for a small bathroom with a roof sloping and glazing in industrial styl with sliding doorProject &# 8220; Habiter sous les toits&# 8220; _ Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Interieur_ Photo © Hugo Hébrard

6. preservation of privacy

The apartment is our private area and will of course keep our privacy and our peace. If you live in a loft apartment, then the problem is solved with the noise from the Nachbahren. Our private sector including small balconies or large uncovered terraces, where we also relax in the summer or want to chat undisturbed with friends. Additional comforts include offers us the flat on the roof. Let us not forget this fact that those who live in loft, does not necessarily curtains, in the sense of privacy.

more daylight in Raumge win by large-size glass roof terrace

penthouse modern and cozy set with white furniture and light wood floorLoft in Stockholm_gefunden on Skeppsholmen

the roof terrace, a further advantage of the loft apartment

cool terrace design a rooftop Rattan, small coffee table round and steindekoLoft in Stockholm_gefünden on Skeppsholmen

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