Tips and tricks for effective design of a guest toilets

Tips and tricks for effective design of a guest toilets

Tips and tricks for effective design of a guest toilets

If your visit is to feel good as possible, you should offer him a comfortable guest bathroom. Among other reasons to allow guests the possibly existing chaos spared in the private bathroom. We describe below some tips and tricks that will help you make the extra bathroom for guests effectively.

taverns the guest bathroom personal charm

guest cloakroom modern customize kleienm Vessel sink black, closet with spigeltür and small wall shelves for bathroom©

The decor: What should be considered?

A guest bathroom is much smaller than the normal bathroom normally. Most are just a few square meters of space available on which the toilet, a sink and a vanity unit may be accommodated. So that the room does not work too cluttered, especially bathroom furniture are fitted with a guest toilet, which are space-saving – such as, for example, the variants of Villeroy & Boch. The company has incidentally also launched a guide on the path that helps in bathroom design.

Tips and tricks for effective design small guest WCs

small guest wc with shower stylish gestalten_moderne guest cloakroom with washbasin cabinet wood bathroom mirror with built-in lighting and wall niche-shelves© Villeroy & Boch AG

For small spaces there are special small washbasins and WCs narrower, these are more effective and work better on the narrow space. In order for a uniform style prevails, you should select the wash basin and toilet in the same series. Additional furniture in the guest bathroom are only appropriate if the room for it. Especially frequent guest toilets are located in narrow spaces, which therefore provides the hosts with a particular challenge. But a guest bathroom can be a few tricks visually enlarge:

matching furniture for powder room and small bathroom

small guest wc customize modern and sleek cabinet basin made of wood with drawers© Villeroy & Boch AG

  • lighting: Small guest toilets with little light are particularly overwhelming, so be sure to provide plenty of light sources. A larger mirror also helps that reflect light, while wide bathroom.
  • color selection: Bright shades make a room visually appear larger, so we advise you to keep the walls in bright colors.
  • bath furniture: One bathroom always looks tidier when toilet and wash basin in the same series come. This is also true for corner and Co.

modern, space-saving design ideas for a small guest bathroom

cool guest cloakroom ideas with space-saving bathroom furniture for small guest wc© Villeroy & Boch AG

The design of the small bath

When choosing the furniture you should make sure that they match the tiles. In addition, sink and faucets should be easy to clean. Depending large format tiles, the more appealing is also the room atmosphere and because of the less occurring joints, cleaning is easier. In a cloakroom there should not be just one purpose room, after all, your guests will feel comfortable here. With just a few accessories, the space can be easily upgraded: a fluffy bath mat, a great towel bar or a fancy soap dispenser. Play it like with bright colors.

make guest toilet thanks to small accessories comfortable with breastfeeding

guest wc properly plan and gestalten_ideen for comfortable and effective design of small guest cloakroom with decorative accessories©

The lighting as one of the most important factors

Ideally, the guest bathroom is equipped with a large window, which then provides a natural light. However, this is often not the rule, and also your guests will probably spend the evening or in the morning in the bathroom, which is why a light installation is mandatory. Instead of a large lamp we advise to install several spots that are so light up the room completely. then are also still available light walls, this also contributes to a brightening of the toilets. Ideally, you select multiple light levels: A large ceiling lamp ensures the illumination of the room, while attached to the mirror lamps or LED light strips provide additional light. This is ideal to also tweak here, shave or to make-up. Shadowing is the way prevented when elongated lamps are mounted on both sides of the mirror.

illuminate a small and modern guest bathroom into due

make ideas for small guest wc with shower and oberlichter_Gästetoilette with wood-cabinet basin and closet with mirrors and built-in mirror lighting in wall niche© Villeroy & Boch AG

Selecting the tile size

Even in a small bathroom wall tiles can have a size such as 30 × 60 cm have. However, you should look for when choosing the size that not too many small sections and cutting works are created. Although it is generally appropriate to select the wall tiles light in a small bathroom, you may choose the floor tiles in a shade of gray or another darker tone. Darker floor tiles lead to contrast with the bright walls to that the space is visually deeper. If the rectangular tiles laid even in three-quarter-dressing, it also provides greater depth. Alternatively, diagonally arranged square tiles work in similar ways.

Guest bathroom design with matching bathroom tiles to tile size and color

tiles matching and wall color for gästetoilette_kleines guest wc make in white and gray with basin of natural stone tiles and mirror floor tile-border© Wager

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