Tinkering with natural materials – 42 cool craft ideas

Tinkering with natural materials - 42 cool craft ideas

Wake up your creativity and skill! Here you will find 42 inspiring cool craft ideas through which you can decorate your home and garden. Tinkering with natural materials such as wood, stone and metal, offers a range of creative suggestions for DIY furniture, DIY jewelry, DIY wall and table decoration. Make your home with designer pieces that you have made yourself, instead of spending much money for it. Wood takes place in the bedroom as an elegant wall decoration and gravel is used for floor mats and placemats. Small items, such as jewelry, candle holders and handles are an eye-catcher. Decoration for table and door, as well as for Christmas of painted cones. We hope that this creative craft ideas will bring you to tinker with natural materials.

elegant table made of round logs &# 8211; Idea to tinker with natural materials

cool craft ideas for DIY wood furniture

cool craft idea for DIY door decoration with white garland Zapf

door gray with diy wreath from tap itself tinker in white-weihnachtsdeko

Craft ideas with white stones for placemats and doormats

cool craft ideas with natural stone-diy doormat and placemat

natural materials for creative table decoration

cool plate decoration ideas with tap-diy space shield

regulations themselves tinker &# 8211; cool wanddeko for the kitchen

modern kitchen white with white tiles and limit-wall design kitchen with DIY letters

DIY floor lamp wooden beams for modern interior

diy floor lamp in wood-cool craft ideas with wood

cool craft idea with paper for creative wall decoration

ideas for wall design with diy image from papprole-tinker with paper

tinker with natural materials &# 8211; diy jewel

diy earrings wood-cool craft ideas to do it yourself

creative coat hooks as wall decoration and handles for cabinets made of stones

diy handles and dresses chop of stone

creative idea for chess with nuts and bolts

diy chess from wood and metal

DIY vase with wooden sticks

kreatibe ideas make for himself with wood

tinker with stones for cool and funny deco

deco selbermachen of stone

Coffee table build yourself from birch wood

roundwood from birch for modern diy roll coffee table

tinker with natural materials &# 8211; simple deco with stones

cool wall decoration with stones creative ideas to do it yourself

cool wohnideen corridor with diy dresses chop wood

dresses chop wood for cool wall design

tap with decoration

make deco itself

tinker they feed dispensers wood

cool craft ideas with wood for feed dispensers

DIY Ring with flat stones

tinker creative ideas to do it yourself-stone ring itself

Improvement occurs gradually garden with diy

beautiful garden ideas for garden design with round occurs gradually from concrete

modern bathroom interior design with around Holzern

bathroom interior with wood klotzen

bedded decorate with diy headboard

room design with bedside green and bed with headboard made of wood

diy mirror decoration for elegant wall decoration with wood

wall design with round mirrors and mirror frame made of wood


DIY candle holder for wall made of wood and stones

wandgestaötung with diy candlestick pebbles us mirror frame, gold-beige wall color

cool wall design with DIY wall clock wood

creative wall design with home-made wall clock

Metal parts for creative wall decoration

wall design with wall color beige and golden screw nuts

Tinker itself speakers for your iPod

cool craft ideas with wood

tap Winterdeko with

cool winter decoration for the garden

table stock up on homemade table set

creative ideas for placemats pebbles do it yourself

tinker with wood and metal &# 8211; wohnideen corridor

diy clothes chop from old cutlery

make ideas for decorative themselves

creative craft ideas with wood

DIY roller bench with space for plant holder made of wood beams

cool craft ideas wooden beams for diy bench with planting of

make doormat with stones

teases a simple craft idea for doormat from

decorate diy candle holder timber with gravel

creative craft ideas for teelichthalter from chump with gravel

craft ideas for DIY wreath

decorate tap yellow door with wreath from

gartengestaltung with flat stones

creative garden paths of stone

wohnideen corridor with wall tiling wood

wall design with wood

creative and beautiful DIY decoration

cool decoration with stones Creative craft ideas to do it yourself

weihnachtsdeko ideas with tap

diy weihnachtsdeko from tap

bass stuffs beautiful tea light holder with stones

decorate candle holder with gravel

tinker with gravel

doormat with wooden frame and gravel

Art with stones &# 8211; creative decorating ideas

cool design with stones

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