Tinker with shells – 50 cool decorating ideas

Tinker with shells - 50 cool decorating ideas

It is never late for a Sommerdeko. Tinkering with shells can just start the summer! have determined many of you gathered allermögliche shells and marine Take and brought home. The question is what you can do with this treasure from the sea? For all those who ask in fact this question, we have prepared 50 great decorating ideas. You will be surprised how many different creative and cool apps may have small and large shells.

50 cool decorating ideas for a summer atmosphere to the room in the house

cool Sommerdeko ideas with candles in large shell and diy Hängedeko sea snails with white sea

Under of all possible inspiration for interesting and homemade flower pots, large shells and sea snails also find their place here. You just need some dirt and suitable plants such as Succulents and your new table decoration is ready. Anyone who wants to create a romantic atmosphere, can fill the shells with little sand and used as a candle holder.

creative tinkering with shells &# 8211; original idea for elegant decoration with DIY Succulent flower pot

sideboard decorate white with diy flower pot for fat plants from shell, fish figures from wood and glass vase with sand

Most often you will find the small heart and clams, which are ideal for a DIY chain of lights. For the goal, obtain a chain of lights and hide each LED behind a conch shell or between two mutually glued shells. Other cool idea for crafting, you will also see here would be an original DIY table lamp in a large sea snail. You need only pierce a hole for the lamp cord into the shell.

great craft idea for DIY Shell Lichterkette

lichterkette of shells themselves basteln_coole decoration idea for terraces with light string

And since we’re on the subject ” cool table lamps ”, we will also introduce a more original idea and indeed how you could build a filled with shells and sea snails lamp yourself.

Except lamp cable with socket and lampshade that you need to either buy, or may move from an old lamp, you still need a large glass vase, or a large glass bottle, also called carboy. For the cable you will have to drill a lateral hole through the glass. Do it with a drill and a specially suitable for glass diamond core. If you are using a carboy for your DIY table lamp, you need to make only this hole to carry the cable, then fill the bottle with shells and to mount the lampshade and the socket in the end.

original table lamp yourself tinkering with shells

build itself lamp with glass vase and shells as a cool idea for DIY decoration in the living room and bedroom

If you will use a glass vase for the lamp base, you have two options. The first option you leave the vase with the opening at the top, so you can fill them with Muschen. Then drill again only a lateral hole close to the Vasengrung. In the second option to set the vase upside down and drill the lateral hole and a second hole in the middle of the vases reason. In the second variant, you can use the vase again with everything you want to fill. In which case all you need is a basic wooden, metal or thick cardboard cut out in the shape and size of the vase opening and sticking to it after you have of course already filled the vase and pulled the lamp cord.

make itself Meeresdeko &# 8211; creative idea for romantic lighting DIY lights

terrace design with meeresdeko

Those looking cool gift idea, can imitate the following craft ideas for small DIY book with book covers made of shells. So a small book with wishes or poems is ideal for homemade gift. Between the shells even small photos can stick to the leaves and make small DIY gift even cooler.

creative gift idea with a little DIY notebook from scallops

cool craft idea to shellfish for diy book

Shells as accent and decorative element at a table decoration of glass vessels

great table decoration with glass bottles, shells and driftwood or flowers

The mussels and all other sea shells can also be a great accent to any decor with bottles. Either as a filling and trailer, or as creative bottle corks, sea snails and shells always represent a perfect decorative element in combination with decorative glass bottles, flowers and driftwood.

Glass bottles with sand and Meeresschneke Cork as a great table decoration idea

deco tinker with cork and snails

The combination of shells and candles is another beautiful decoration idea for indoor and outdoor use. Is it romantic atmosphere, the candles are a must. How can you arrange these creative with or shells, is shown on the following image collage.

beautiful decorating ideas with candles and shells

craft idea candlestick for DIY from shells and cool table decoration with candles

romantic atmosphere create with homemade candles in shells

shell-teaspoon tinker with muscheln_toole summer decorating ideas

Who loves candles and to tinker candlestick itself, also great tea lights can do with shells.

toole Kerzendeko ideas with shells as a decorative element

cooole craft ideas with shells

DIY key chain with tassel of Watt worm

crafts and cool gift ideas for key fob

Flowerpots interesting decorate with various sea snails and clams

craft ideas for DIY flower pots with cement shell-decoration

When we talk about Christmas, no one imagines mussels and sea snails. But here’s a cool idea for DIY decoration for Christmas with matching on ” sea ” blue Christmas balls and white cockle shells.

cool Christmas tinker with shells and sand

creative craft ideas for DIY christmas decorations with Christmas balls

Summer look with screw earrings

cool idea for DIY earrings with small sea snails as a creative gift idea

The combination of driftwood and small shellfish can get the following result – an unusual wall decoration with homemade clock.

interesting inspiration for wall decoration with DIY wall clock made of wood and small shellfish

cool wall design with DIY shelves from driftwood and homemade wooden clock

Sea as deco theme for a summer wedding

idea for DIY Wedding Decor with conch pearls and sea sternen

Bring the marine environment on the table in the form of elegant decoration, or a creative way for serving appetizers or salt and Pfefer.

interesting idea for serving appetizers and for the table in the sea style 

table stock up muschelschalen_toole tischdeko idea on the subject of sea

great table decoration with large shells and sea snails

tinker tischdeko with shells

great decorating ideas with air plants and marine gastropods

Plant original idea for decorative and with sea snails cool landscaping with

an elegant wreath with shells tinker as summery decoration for wall and door

cool wanddeko idea with DIY Shell door wreath in white and blue

transform a large sea snail in unusual table lamp

beautiful decoration idea with DIY table lamp from Meeresschnecke_einfache craft idea to build your own lamp

Sea snail as a toothbrush holder and refined decoration for the bathroom

cool decorating ideas bathroom from toothbrush holder with nautilus

The decoration in the sea style is ideal for the bathroom. Some love the sea so much that they rather than the typical shower head, sink and faucet even have assembled fine examples of large sea snails and shells for shower and other bathroom fixtures.

original ideas for bathroom equipment in the marine style with fancy shower head and sink

bathroom ideas for bathroom amenities with nautilus-shower head and shell-sink

Those who love the sea, can mount a sea snail-tap in the bathroom.

cool bathroom ideas for water-table of natural stone with faucet from sea snail

Sea stars and shells as Badezimmerdeko

DIY wall hook with shells and cool sea-art-deco in the bathroom

cool idea with shells for soap in the bathroom

Soap dispenser and soap dish tinker with shells

Another great Varinaten for DIY Shell Deco

diy jewelry bowl of clam shell and pearls

a lovely decoration with fresh flowers in sea snail

cool tischdeko sea snails with and blumen_diy vase sea snail from

print textiles with shells

cool craft idea with conch for DIY imprint on textiles

Bag with shells decorate a matching accessory to your summer look

cool gift ideas for damen_weiße pocket sew and decorate with conch

fresh ideas for summer Fensterdeko tinker with shells

cool decorating ideas for window decoration and decoration with DIY mirror window frames and shells

Shells and sea stars as suitable decoration of wicker baskets

cool decoration idea living room with Ikea shelf and wicker baskets

Dress the wall mirror or Kaafetisch with shells and sea snails

toole craft ideas with shells for DIY mirror frames and table decorations

Snails and mussels as wall decoration

cool wall decoration itself tinker with shells and meeresschnecken_diy pictures on the subject of sea

great DIY decoration tinker with shells and photo frames

cool decoration idea and craft ideas for DIY decoration with shells

interesting wall hanging himself tinkering with burlap and shells

muscheldeko itself basteln_coole wall hanging tinker with burlap and sea sternen

tinker modern wall decoration with shells

Modern wall design with black picture frames and shells sea snails, and sea sternen

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