Tinker with PET bottles - creative living ideas plastic

Tinker with PET bottles – creative living ideas plastic

Tinker with PET bottles - creative living ideas plastic

Are you a fan of sustainable design? If you have time and inclination to tinker? Today we would like to draw your attention to the issue of recycling of PET bottles. They have nicely prepared the empty PET bottles to return. Not so fast, first take a look at our craft ideas. You will perhaps keep some of them to make creative and functional decorations for home. It is incredible how many and different recycling ideas could you create from PET bottles. The plastic bottles allow any kind of home decoration ideas from small Nessessärs over lamps to furniture design.


Tinker with PET Flaschen_Michelle fire 

creative tinkering with pet bottles - michelle brand

Designer lamps from PET bottles via

craft ideas with pet bottles

tinker with pet bottle- plastic bottles recycling ideas

craft idea for lamp from plastic bottle in black

tinker with plastic bottles

craft ideas with plastic bottles for christmas

creative ideas from pet bottles

tinker with plastikflaschen- budget ideas

recycling household craft ideas

tinker with pet bottles - beautiful flower pots

tinker with pet bottles - creative bag

tinker with plastic bottles-wohndekoideen

Recycling ideas for home

ideas for tinkering with pet bottles

tinker with pet bottles-gartengestaltung

tinker with pet bottle- wall, decoration idea

Plastic bottle design

creative craft ideas of PET bottle-wohndekoideen

Colorful plastic bottles as a roofing element

carport from pet bottles

tinker with pet bottle-flower pot decoration

tinker with pet bottles in the garden

Wall of PET bottles &# 8211; creative wall design

tinker with plastikflaschen- wall of PET bottles

petßflaschen decoration ideas for the office

Michelle Brand &# 8211; designer PET bottles curtain

recycling pet bottles ideas

Designer chair PET bottles &# 8211; Pawel Grunert

recycling furniture from pet bottles


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