Tinker with corks – 30 creative and easy craft ideas

Tinker with corks - 30 creative and easy craft ideas

Also collect wine corks? And for what? If you are wondering what you could actually do with the remaining bottle corks, take a look at our 30 creative and easy craft ideas. When tinkering with cork no special work more normally required and you can tinker himself super cool stuff, and original homemade gifts and decoration in a few minutes.

What you can tinker with all bottle corks?

cup tinker with wine corks

Tinker with cork &# 8211; 30 creative and easy craft ideas

cool ideas to tinker of wall decoration with wine corks

Cork decoration craft as wall decoration

image or Wall itself make Korken_idee for tinkering with wine corks

Animals tinker with cork &# 8211; cool craft ideas for cork decoration

animals tinker with wine corks

simple craft idea for DIY bottle cap of cork and coils

tinker weinkorken recycling_kreative bottle corks

Cork decoration itself tinker from wine corks

decorative ball tinker with cork

Cork also allermögliche jewelry can tinker, you can wear either themselves or to use as original homemade gifts.


cool craft idea for DIY earrings with initials of cork

earrings tinker with wine corks

We start with a creative idea for DIY earrings with Monogramm.Schneiden you cork discs from the cork out, paint them with acrylic paint and when the paint is dry, stamp the chosen letter on it. Seal the cork discs designed with Mod Podge glue. Twist the eye bolts and attach the earring hanger to using small jump ring.

interesting necklace tinker with wine corks and colorful threads

cork to tinker of jewelry

DIY jewelry made of cork &# 8211; creative craft ideas for original gifts

cork to tinker of cork deco and diy schmuck_geschenkideen for homemade gifts

Jewelry making pendants made of cork

A fantastic idea for wine cork recycling is their use for crafting small circular pendants. For that, you just have to cut it into slices and then grind to get a smooth and flat surface of the cork discs at the end of the wine corks. You can paint the polished wafers, stained with ink or creatively customize a map by means of stamps. Since the cork discs are very small, press this to the punch it instead to stamp and before you want to stamp a further illustration on it, wait until the ink has dried. Then you attach 5mm large eyebolts with binding rings to the pre-designed cork discs.

Ceiling lamp yourself tinkering from wine corks

simple craft ideas for lamp build yourself


For those looking for creative ideas for DIY lamps, we have prepared two simple craft ideas for DIY ceiling lamp and DIY lampshade cork.

DIY ceiling lamp made of cork

For ceiling lamp corks are between 60 and 100 wine corks and as much eye-bolts, a round fire grate, rope, wire and a pipe holder. Start with the screwing of the Öseschrauben to the cork. Then tie the required number and the rows of cords in the desired length at the round grate. Then attach the corks to the cords. Now screw on the tube holder to the fire grate and wrap it with rope. This is the lamp-holder, through which you will attach the lamp to the ceiling.

creative craft ideas for DIY cork lampshade

lampshade tinkering with wine corks

Inspiration for DIY cork candles

candles from cork basteln_ideen for weinkorken recyling

tinker cork candles

Did you know that you could use as a wine cork candles? Cool! You must close the wine cork for about a week in a container filled with acetone-alcohol vessel first. Then use just in glasses or glass candleholders and ignite.

Crafting ideas for cork stamp

stamp tinker with cork as a cool craft idea for kids

Ideas for crafting the cork stamp

Another cool idea for conversion of wine corks is the crafting of stamps. The simplest approach is different small objects such as buttons or previously cut out letters and patterns to stick to the cork or get cut them directly in the cork. We will show the second variant, for which you will need not very dry cork. In the following example a heart stamp was made of bottle cork. First, draw a heart on the cork and then cut out the area around the heart shape. For the goal you make a cut along the heart-shaped and only then do you begin to cut the side.

DIY stamp from cork and of all possible objects

simple and creative craft ideas for DIY stamp made of cork

simple craft idea for cool magnets made from wine corks

tinker magnets made of cork

interesting and easy craft idea for wine cork recycling

creative tinkering with cork

tinker cork bath mat

simple tinkering weinkorken of bath mats from

tinker cork bath mat itself


Corks are ideal for DIY bath mats. Here is a craft idea for homemade bath mat 175 halved bottle corks. You will also need also non-slip mat and hot glue. So cut the cork in half in length. They then form a square to measure how great you are to cut the non-slip mat made of PVC and glue the Korkhälfte it. The best way to form a frame made of cork along all four sides of the anti-slip mat and then fill the Korkrahmen with the remaining cork.

renivieren furniture and reshape with original handles of champagne corks

idea for cork recycling as handles

simple crafts from Schlßsselanhänger from Weionkorken

cool craft idea for DIY keychains from wine corks

Bottle cork USB stick bselber tinker

simple craft ideas and cool gift ideas for homemade gifts from cork

Cork-USB stick

Do you want to have a cork USB stick? No problem. In just 3 steps you can then tinker itself. You only need to take out the USB flash drive from his plastic bag and make a slit in the cork to reinzustecken the stick.

azsgefallene table decoration DIY flower vase from Weionkorken and glass vases

simple craft ideas for DIY blumenvasen_vase tinker with cork

DIY decoration with corks

Creative Crafts for cork decoration and pictures cork

cool idea for decoration of wine glasses of wine corks

original craft ideas spring with corks


Napkin Ring itself tinker with cork

DIY napkin rings tinker with wine corks

DIY napkin rings and wine-stopper for wine bottles made of bottle corks

Part of the table decorations are the napkins and the accompanying napkin rings. See how they can tinker elegant napkin holder and a stopper wine itself. For this creative craft idea with corks are also glass beads, wire thickness 0.40mm and 0.81mm, still need a wooden stick with a diameter 2,5-3cm and round-nose pliers.

Cut 60cm long piece of the 0.80mm thick wire and pull it through the hole made by the corkscrew in the cork through it. Hold the cork on the wooden stick firmly and begin to form a loop. For that you wrap the wire ends to the stick and drag it always through the lock in the cork through. Wrap up to get out of the wire from both sides of the cork only 5cm long wire ends and then form them into two snails with help from the nose pliers. Now you start at the same time the thinner wire around the already formed wire ring to rewind and insert glass beads. Wrap around the two ends from the thinner wire around the two screws.

Ideas for crafting with wine corks

couchtisch Delber build wooden window and decorate with cork

special and creative wall design with bottle corks

cork for modern wall design and creative diy wanddeko

Craft ideas for DIY necklace holder made of wood and cork

jewelry anhänges tinker from wine corks

Jewelry and jewelry pendant itself tinker with cork and picture frames

tinker with cork and picture frames as a simple craft ideas for DIY jewelry, DIY jewelry pendant

cool and modern coaster itself tinker from Cork

simple craft ideas for table decoration with DIY coasters cork

tinker cool and modern cork coasters

Wine corks are ideal for crafting coasters in different shapes and colors. Take for example a hexagonal coaster halved wine cork. Cut the cork in half and using metal file or sandpaper to make the cut surface smooth and even. If you want to use the coasters as a modern table decoration and also as small colored accent, then stain the surface of the cork. If the paint is already dry, you catch the Korkhälfte with hot glue to attach to each other. To form a hexagon shape, first glue 9 cork together in series. Then glue two rows of 8 corks, from cork 7, 6 and 5 at the end of cork that will secure both sides of the 9-cork series. The small hexagon coasters from corks can be ordered by Lizzie Joe designs on Etsy.

Coasters of cork as a functional and precipitated Tischdeko

tinker-with-korken_kreative-and-simple-craft ideas-from-cork for-pot-coaster

Cork crafts from Christmas &# 8211; Türkranz tinker with wine corks

ideas to tinker door wreath made of wine corks and cool craft ideas for Christmas decoration

simple craft ideas and original gift ideas with cork

tinker-with-korken_kreative and cork-simple-craft ideas-by-heart-deco-off

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