Tinker with concrete for Christmas

Tinker with concrete for Christmas

Have you ever had a decorative concrete for Christmas? Would you like to make a modern and unusual Christmas itself this year? After some time ago the article “Tinker with concrete – creative ideas to make your own“Have published, we would like to again today show some creative ideas on the same theme, which this time are associated with the Christmas season. And here they are – our inspiration for “tinkering with concrete at Christmas”, a cool and tradition different Christmas decoration.

modern and creative decorating ideas for Christmas with Christmas decorations made of concrete

Decorating ideas and craft ideas christmas for DIY candle holder concrete

tinker with concrete for Christmas

weihnachtsdeko tinker from beton_kreative decoration idea christmas for christmas table decoration with DIY candle holder concrete

For this fantastic craft ideas you will need floral wire and twigs. While you make the concrete base, insert the thin metal rods that can be cut from a piece of wire also varies. You will use these to attach candles and decorated with glitter branches. This inspiration is ideal for an unusual but very creative Advent wreath.

cool craft ideas for Christmas decoration with DIY Christmas wreath and candle holders made of concrete

weihnachtsdeko tinker with beton_bastelidee christmas for Christmas table decoration

An essential part of the Christmas decorations are of course the Christmas balls. What do you think of Christmas baubles and jewelry made of concrete? Here are some interesting decorating ideas and craft ideas namely for DIY-tree decorations of different shapes.

Christmas itself make concrete &# 8211; DIY Christmas decorations

Decorating ideas christmas with christmas decorations from concrete

DIY Star of concrete as a creative craft ideas for Christmas

poinsettias tinkering of concrete as a cool decoration idea christmas

Star Christmas tinker with concrete

Silicone star shape

Cups or empty can

Wooden stick for stirring


Follow the instructions for concrete mix on the package. Giesen the mixture into the star ice cube tray and once the concrete hardens to some extent, make small holes with a stick. Read dry the molds overnight and the next day you can paint the concrete-star and decorate the Christmas tree for Christmas.

As you can himself tinker concrete Christmas decorations?

simple craft ideas, christmas for DIY Christmas decorations

creative idea for a Christmas table decoration and cool craft idea with concrete

Christmassy tinker with beton_coole tischdeko christmas with christmas balls from concrete

Here’s another creative craft ideas for DIY Christmas decorations with concrete balls of Christmas balls. You can either as ornaments for the Christmas tree, or as a Christmas table decoration. You can color them also to look even cooler.

Concrete balls for Christmas table setting &# 8211; make Christmas itself

weihnachtsdeko tinker from beton_dekoideen christmas with diy weihnachtsdeko from weihnachtskugeln

interesting decorating ideas with concrete for Christmas

craft ideas christmas for DIY Concrete jewelry

Gemstones as Christmas tinker with concrete in 15 minutes

Ice cube container made of silicone with gemstone shapes

Cup, wooden sticks and spoon

Concrete mix (Cement All)

Nose pliers and plastic wrap

Eye-pointed needles and threads

First, you prepare all the materials. You need the eyelet needles before deployment bit edit. That is, about 3-4mm from the eye-end has to be bent by means of the needle-nose pliers to 90 °. For the concrete mixture you must mix 12 tablespoons of concrete powder with 3 tablespoons and ½ teaspoon water. Pour a the finished concrete mixture into the ice cube tray. To make sure that there are no bubbles, use a wooden stick and plug it several times in any form. Then pour still little mixture into the molds until they are full to the edge. If you want to get a smooth surface, you can place a piece of plastic wrap on it, make any form smooth and remove the foil. Now insert the eye-pointed needles in the middle of every shape and lower it to the eyelet head. Allow the mold to dry for one hour, then take out the concrete-precious stones and finally tie the threads.

Christmassy crafts of Christmas decoration

cool craft ideas, christmas for modern weihnachtskugeln

Tannenbaum concrete as a cool decorative and craft idea for Christmas

fir craft from concrete as weihnachtsdeko

So you can tinker cool Christmas!

cool decorating ideas miz diy Christmas decorations for christmas and christmas tree

Christmas ornaments for decoration of Christmas gifts and Christmas tree

air dry clay

Rolling pin and knife

Rods and Hanfgarn

Here is a fantastic idea for Christmas from clay. Roll the clay on baking paper until it is 6mm thick. Using cookie cutters, cut off the desired Forme. With the rods make the holes. Leave to dry the molds for 24 hours or more.

Christmas decorate with poinsettia concrete as a candle holder

tinker poinsettia made of concrete and use it as a creative and modern tischdeko christmas

Draw a star shape and 4cm wide strips for the side parts of your form to a cellular sheet. Then attach all the pieces together by means of adhesive tape. Now draw a circle with the diameter of the candle that you are stuck later at this point. After you have cut out the circular shape, put a cork that should be so far inward that the candle can be freely stand still later. It is time the concrete mixture of 2 parts of Portland cement to prepare 1 part of sand and water. On stirring you must enter the amount of water until you get a creamy mass. Fill the star shape with concrete. By shaking no air connections will be created and the corners are filled in correctly. Only after 24 hours, you can remove the mold. Leave to dry for a few days and then paint.

Christmas table setting with DIY candle holder made of concrete in the form of star

weihnachtsdeko tinker with concrete and Christmas table decoration with candles make

Decorating ideas for Christmas and inspiration for a Christmas table decoration with DIY candle holders made of concrete

table festively decorate with DIY concrete candle holders

Tealight holder and candlestick itself tinker concrete as a cool Christmas

craft ideas christmas for DIY concrete candleholder

Concrete candleholder for Advent Candles

weihnachtsdeko basteln_moderne tischdeko christmas with DIY candle holder concrete

What could tinker with anything concrete? &# 8211; Decorating ideas for Christmas

Decorating ideas Christmas and weihnachtsdeko tinker with concrete


Christmas tinker with concrete

cool Bastelideen tree for Christmas decoration with concrete cones

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