tinker Easter bunnies - creative Easter gifts and Easter craft ideas

tinker Easter bunnies – creative Easter gifts and Easter craft ideas

tinker Easter bunnies - creative Easter gifts and Easter craft ideas

The Easter Bunny is a must for Easter, as well as an essential part of the spring decorations. The Easter Bunny is a popular motif in the Bunnies, as well as a very popular topic when it comes to Easter craft ideas. In this post we will show you some simple and creative ideas on how to craft an Easter bunny on a variety of ways. However, the following ideas are also the inspiration for an original Easter gifts.

Easter bunny as decoration and Easter gift

cool decorating ideas with paper bunnies and white roses and eiern_coole easter craft ideas for modern garnishment with bunny

Paper Easter Bunny as a cool decoration idea for Easter

The Easter Bunny are suitable Spring decoration and the ideal Dekolement the festive Coverslipping the Easter tables. For this year’s Easter, you can tinker a modern table decoration with Easter bunny silhouettes and arrange with white roses and carnation.

To imitate this beautiful Easter decorations, first print Easter Bunny template and cut out the silhouette. With help from punch make a hole in the tail region of the silhouettes through which you will draw a carnation. Sit the white DIY Easter bunny in a vase or a glass with cloves. You can set the paper Easter Bunny as a menu card or name tag directly in the dish.

tinker Easter Bunny &# 8211; creative Easter gifts and Easter craft ideas

creative easter craft ideas for original Easter decoration with white paper-bunny

original Easter craft ideas for creative Easter Gifts

original Easter gifts tinker to ostern_kreative crafting idea for vessels with Easter bunny lids© Torie Jayne

Vessels with Easter bunny lids

When it comes to Easter gifts, delicacies are the ideal solution. In this case, the role, as you will pack the typical for Easter candy. As inspiration, we will show you a super cool craft idea for DIY vessels with colored rabbit-lids. What is needed here? &# 8211; Plastic rabbits, vessels and various spray paint.

Glue a hare on the vessel cover and let it dry. Then put the lid on another vessel that you are no longer using and spray it with the chosen spray paint. Once the paint is dry, fill the jar with Easter delicacies and connect with the Easter bunny cap!

tinker at Easter! creative craft ideas for original Easter gifts

easter basteln_coole craft ideas for Easter bunny vessels

Bag with Easter Bunny ears tinker paper

The following Easter craft idea is another example of original Easter packaging small Easter gifts. To tinker this sweet paper bag with rabbit ears yourself, you need double-sided tape, glassine bag (20cm x 20cm), translucent paper with stripes pattern or wrapping paper with pattern of your choice, Locher , scissors and ribbon.

cool bunny bag tinker for delicious Easter Gifts

cool easter craft ideas for Easter bunny packaging as creative Easter craft idea with paperPhotography Heather Zweig _ crafting Irene Yu

Draw a Bunny pattern (template here) On the glassine bags, cut out the shape of a rabbit and the holes make the holes through which you will pull the ribbon. Fill the bag with Easter treat and tie a loop. Now cut Topformen from the patterned paper that will glue to the white rabbit ears.

cool craft idea with instructions for Easter Paper Bag

creative craft ideas for Easter bunny bag as an interesting DIY Easter gift

Easter bunny canvas craft as a creative Easter gift or cool spring decorations

This is also a fantastic idea for creative wall design or Easter gift. . The Easter Bunny Canvas is the perfect craft idea for Door Decoration originality to Easter To mimic this, you need the following materials: Canvas, Bommel from yarn, tape chevron pattern, 2 x wooden slats.

Easter bunny as a wall decoration for Easter

tinker ostern_kreative DIY wanddeko for Easter with Easter bunny canvas

Use canvas (45cm x 65cm for example) as a solid basis, which is painted on both sides with white, water-diluted paint and allowed to dry for one night. Turn the edges about 5 cm from all sides back around and stick them with adhesive material. Cut a rectangle (30cm x 50cm) from the burlap out and pull out four threads on each side out. Now glue the two wooden slats (40cm) to the top and bottom of the screen (you can use the wooden slats also in brown paint). Then apply adhesive fabric on the back of the burlap piece and stick it centrally positioned on the screen. Press the template and spray it out the cut Easter Bunny and labeling. Decorate the Easter canvas with a stroll of yarn and a loop with chevron pattern for hanging.

Canvas with Easter bunny motif as a creative Easter gift and cool Easter decoration

creative easter craft ideas for cool door Easter decoration and creative burlap Wanddeko

tinker Easter Baskets in the form of Easter Bunny

original Easter gifts in bunny-packaging tinkering for easterOrigami Style: Jacky Chan

tinker Origami Easter Bunny

For this original origami Easter Bunny you need square cut origami paper sheets or sheets of patterned paper, cotton balls, glue gun and of course Easter candies. To imitate the light Origami Easter Bunny, you can also use the video instruction “Easter Bunny Basket -Jacky Chanin” refer to YouTube and look.

interesting Easter craft idea for Origami Easter Bunny as an original Easter decoration and small Easter gifts

tinker ostern_coole craft ideas for origami bunny as a creative easter gifts

cool idea for crafting with children for Easter

Easter Bunny tinker-of-Papier_kreative-Easter gifts and Easter-craft ideas

Easter bunny lollipops as a creative Easter gift

Here is a creative Easter craft idea for lollipops with Easter bunny package for which you (tassels, ribbon, pipe cleaners sticks and pressed Easter BunnyEaster Bunny template here). First, press the Easter Bunny, cut the pattern out and make holes at the locations shown. Insert the lollipop through the two holes and glue the rabbits’ feet to the lollipop. Now you form rabbit ears from the pipe cleaners and wrap them around the lollipop stick. Glue two white pompoms on the upper harefeet and a tail. Finally, tie a bow from the ribbon and stick them to lollipops.

creative craft idea for window decoration in spring with DIY roller blind with Easter Bunny

cool craft ideas for DIY-Fensterdeko and spring decorations with roller shutter

Easter Bunny roller curtain

How could you put the joyous Easter Bunny as an original spring and Easter decorations in different scene? Have you thought also has a cool window decoration for Easter? Here is a fantastic idea for fancy window blind as a roller blind with low-cut rabbit silhouettes at the end. For this you will need Hase-cutter. Draw apart the contour of the cutter off, then between the hare contours draw with hand blades of grass. Cut out the drawn shapes.

Easter bunny craft paper as a cool Easter decoration on table

cool decorating ideas and creative easter craft ideas for table decoration with red paper-bunny© Gruner + Jahr AG & Co

Instructions for folding origami Easter Bunny


Easter Bunny tinker as a mask for Easter eggs &# 8211; tinker at Easter with children

tinker ostern_osterhase-masks for eggs© Gruner + Jahr AG & Co

Door wreath in the shape of Easter craft as a cool craft idea to spring

creative tinkering frühling_osterbastelidee for diy-door wreath in the shape of bunny

tinker door wreath Easter Bunny

If you want to tinker and a bunny-door wreath at Easter, you will need the following: crepe paper in different shades of green, two hoop various sizes, wire, wire cutters, green tape or ribbon, scissors and hot glue gun.

Attaching the two embroidery frame to each other by means of adhesive tape. From the wire to form two rabbit ears and leave about 10cm wire at the end of each ear to get it to rewind to the smaller hoop. After attaching the two rabbit ears, cut out small leaves from the green colored crepe paper and glue it to the hoop and wire rabbit ears. Additionally, you can decorate the finished Easter bunny door wreath with a bow.

Easter celebration with cool Easter decorations and Easter gifts

cool decorating ideas with bunnies for Easter 2016

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