The small entrance area – 10 clever decorating ideas

The small entrance area - 10 clever decorating ideas

How big is your apartment? Or if I ask more specifically my question is how big is the entrance of your home and does it ever over such a space? Living in small apartment is always faced with the challenge to create additional and necessary storage space and parking. A common problem for which there are smart solutions. Only the lack of wardrobe or the place for him and for other essential storage furniture in the entrance area, as well as a large enough input space mean in no way that our things need to be scattered everywhere. Today we will introduce 10 smart design ideas as a creative solution for small entrances. What is really needed in this area of ​​the apartment? Coat hooks or coat stand, floor space for small items, such as our keys, and place where we can place our shoes.

cool inspirations for small input areas

small entrance areas make and set up clever with IKEA

Photo: Erica Gannett

We begin with a device idea combines the different storage solutions from IKEA to allow the actual functionality of an input range. In this example, the narrow wall surface is transformed inside the front door in a functional wall. The small wall shelf EKBY TONY / EKBY Bjärnum provides footprint for a mirror and allermögliche little things while hiding the clever solution for preserving women’s bags through the rod FINTORP. Additional storage space is managed by three white closets of FÖRHÖJA series, which are mounted above the antique mirror and two wall lights RODD. The required storage of jackets and coats will be creatively solved with the clothes rail MULIG.

The small entrance area – 10 clever decorating ideas

eingangsbereich make white subjects and round wall hacking

Photo: Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

A cool inspiration and clever furnishing idea for the entrance area is realized in this example by means of white containers made of Plexiglas and large round wall hoes are used for storage of bags.

make entrance cozy and creative

eingangsbereich make set up in white and wisely with shelves and wooden bench in white

House of Kjersti Skjellaug

The third interesting solution on how to make the entrance area and set up functional, is again before a device idea in white. The entrance area in the Scandinavian style is part of the house is the interior designer and photographer Kjersti Skjellaug.In this example provides the entrance area, a comfortable seat, which also serves for storing shoes. A white bench is with thickness seat cushion with stripe pattern covers a white bench and the empty surface underneath is filled with wicker baskets. A wall shelf wood is from below creatively equipped with coat hooks and the tray on the wall can be used for storing sound and gloves.

smart and stylish ideas for the entrance area with accent wall and Holzwnadschränken

make the entrance area in white and black dresses with white and chop bench in white plate shoes with grazing gabions for

Villa Tina Dyrlov_Foto: Mikkel Adsbø

In this example, the entrance area designed by accent wall in dark gray and white furnishings. Here also wicker baskets are used under the seat to store scarves, hats and slippers.

Entrance make the rustication Still and set up child-friendly

corridor wall paint color scheme with purple and white garments Hoe strip for kids

Entrance at the home of photographer Cathy Calm

The photographer Cathy loves Calm materials such as wood, wool and linen and takes over this when setting up your home. The entrance area has a fantastic color scheme managed by the color combination of white and purple. A low-mounted wooden rail with coat hooks enables Cathy’s children themselves hang their jackets and a rustic wall mirror with vintage wooden frame in white complements the interior and is staged thanks to the wall color purple.

for the entrance area make smaller with armchairs and gray metal cabinet and coat hooks wall

Loft apartment in Soho, London_Foto: Caty Calm

This creative design of the entrance area of ​​a loft apartment in London is the work of Doris Lee Design Studio.

The small footprint in the entrance area

corridor set with wall shelves black and silver ball pendant lamp and large picture with white photo frame

Entrance at the home of Michael Diamond (Beastie Boys) in Brooklyn

Do you have a radiator in your entrance area? Then use it wisely as basic a wall shelf or mount a shelf over it to quickly and easily generate a small footprint that you need.

Corner shelves as a simple and smart furnishing idea of ​​small spaces and corners

The small entrance area to set up smart with white eck shelves and wooden wall shelf wood with mirror

Entrance of an apartment in Linnéstaden, Göteborg_Immobilie of ENTRANCE

You absolutely need clothes rack and shoe cabinet in your small entrance area? Here is a smart and elegant solution for you. Take functionally the corners near the front door and turn this small and tight surface in useful storage space for your jackets and shoes by angular wall shelves and coat hooks.

The entrance area &# 8211; Scandinavian, vintage and modern

eingangsbereich customize wooden floor and white wardrobe with white curtain gray and wall shelves wood

cool idea for storing clothes in the small entrance hall with a DIY Hanging clothes rail

clever device ideas for small entrance hall with parquet flooring and DIY clothes rod of copper pipes

hanging clothes rod of Madelynn Hackwith Furlong

Other cool and clever idea for modern design and creative interior from the entrance area, show how you could solve the problem with the missing wardrobe interesting. Here a narrow niche is received with window to the input area and equipped with a bench seat in white leather and a hanging DIY clothes rack of copper tubes resting full.

creative craft idea for hanging clothes rod of copper pipes

clever device ideas for small spaces with DIY clothes Sange

Another clever furnishing idea with copper tubes for the entrance area, represents creative inspiration for a DIY shoe rack. In this case, this cool solution is combined with a wall shelf pallets and wall key holder.

Setting up the entrance clever and creative

eingangsbereich make and set up clever with DIY shoe rack and wall shelf

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