The small balcony in white – 20 beautiful ideas

The small balcony in white - 20 beautiful ideas

The small balcony is the little treasure every apartment, which fortunately has such a range. This part of the living space can be to rest, relax, read, and generally turn to enjoy the warm summer days and nights became a little paradise, especially in summer. Of course, one wants a large terrace and thus also have the opportunity for a good-sized, comfortable seating, but the potential of a small balcony is also not to be underestimated. Cozy may also be designed in a fairly small area and decorated. As? We will help you fantastic today by pair balcony ideas Show in White vividly.

White &# 8211; the perfect solution for cozy design small balconies

balcony design with white floor tiles with geometric-pattern, white walls and garden furniture in dark wood

make balcony in White

Exactly why white? Because it is small balcony area, we chose examples that completely decided in white or with a strong accent in this color. Each know that the bright wall paints, and especially the larger white and visually brighten any space is small and narrow, and has a non-sunny location. The reason for this is to reflect the light in the property that color. If the surface is rough, the light is reflected in all directions. white objects absorb less light than the color, which means that they do not heat up as quickly in the sun, which is handy if you are planning to set up the balcony with garden furniture made of metal or iron. Besides the feeling of space and light in the room White also creates clarity and calmness.

Is a design in white boring or rather a stylish solution for the small balcony?

rustic balcony design in white and gray with round macrame rocking, wood folding table, wood flooring and solar protection blinds

White as the perfect foundation

The white color represents the perfect basis for allermögliche combinations with gentle or bright colors. It also has different appearance according to the environment. White himself has different nuances that can thereby influence the spatial effect your choice of matching for the balcony and color combination. For example, ivory and cream have a sting in the yellow, making them suitable for setting up country-style and in shabby chic style. Due to its puff in Brown Vintage White looks homely. Does the White cool color cast, then the combination of furniture and decorative items made of wood and warm colors is recommended.

the use of wood always makes for a cozy atmosphere 
stylish balcony design with white flooring, white rows of seats, colorful cushions and wood lattice-wanddeko

Thus the balcony does not act bored in white, extends the use of small color details such as colored single units, flower pots, textiles, floor cushions and any type outdoor lights and lanterns. Those who prefer to create a simple, modern balcony design, can put a special accent with the help of black or gray to the white base. For a fun and lively spatial effect of the balcony, to yellow, orange, green and red are the matching color accent to the neutral interior design in white. A combination of soft natural colors creates a serene atmosphere. White is combined with dark caramel, then there is determined a noble interior design.

White as the perfect Glundlage for farbelhafte design of each balcony

elegant design with white balcony garden furniture made of metal, a white parasol with white LED balls and white textile-screening

revive the balcony through some flashy color accents

make small balcony cozy and frählich small rustic wooden table with seat cushions white, small sitting area in pink and creative DIY wall decoration with branches

make cozy balcony using sheepskin, small carpet with adequate illumination

flower pots small balcony cool customize wood-floor tiles, black lanterns metal & vintage

accentuate the small balcony accented in black skilfully 

balcony ideas with vault, metal railings, carpet and armchairs with black and white stripe pattern and a large creel-blumenkonteiner

Balcony design with white wall paint and white curtains as privacy and shade

creative idea balcony, bolster bench and small coffee table made of dark wood gray small balcony with sitting area and pillow

Setting balcony DIY lounge deck of pallets, several pillows and matching carpet

cool balcony ideas for cozy design with diy sitting area, wood lantern and patterned pillows as an accent to the white wooden railing and brick wall

small accents in black and gray for a stylish balcony design

elegant fashion, the small balcony with white metal chairs, a small round table, gray natural stone floor tiles, gray wood load and flower-stands with white and gray blumentäpfen

the balcony rustic atmosphere lend by a DIY coffee table and vintage decorations from metal

cool decoration idea in rustic still for small balcony in white and gray

modern decoration idea and light design with solar lamps from Ikea SOLVINDEN

make balcony with modern lanterns made of metal, wood floor, rattan furniture and floor cushions

Accent setzent by black flooring and bamboo ladder as Stender

original balcony design in white and black with a round coffee table, diy candlestick and wood ladder as stender for pendulum lamp

White as a basis for gaudy and bright colors of various decorative items

colorful make the white balcony Throw, white coffee table from Ikea and white chairs on wooden floor tiles

the small balcony modern design in the Scandinavian style

balcony ideas for cozy design with rocking chair

simply make glazed balconies and set up as a means of Entspanungsbereich rocking chair

kreatibe design ideas for small balcony with wooden rocking-chair, wanddeko with wood and white flower pots, small folding table made of wood and white wall, wallpaper in 3D optics

creative idea balcony small lounge overlooking the city

cool ideas for small balcony glazed balcony with a hammock, curtains orange and large floor cushions

make outdoor area with nostalgia and rustic touch

rustic balcony design with bed sofa metal & metal bucket-flower pots

chic make the small balcony accented in white

balcony ideas for modern geataltung with white folding table and Stühl wood, white pillow and round wooden table on carpet

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