The rotating round wooden house

The rotating round wooden house

A brilliant round house made of wood, which can be rotated in 180 degrees. The luxury eco-house, called Dome Space, has been prepared by designer Patrick Marsilli Company Solaley constructed. The modern house has aerodynamic shape, thanks to which it can withstand a storm with wind speed up to 240km / h without damage. The construction of FSC-certified wood is mounted on small, round concrete podium to affect the environment as little as possible. The main structure is made of compression-molded, curved wooden beams made of spruce wood, which is used for earthquake safety. OSB or plywood panels, as well as cork, or logs, which are used as insulating materials, are other wood materials used in house construction. The dome is decorated with wooden bricks from red cedar and bedeck with slanted windows.

The Roundhouse &Dome Space; # 8222&# 8220; as the ideal example of &# 8222; green architecture&# 8220;

luxury house with a rounded wooden deck as eco-house with solar panels

The spectacular house that we present to you, was built in the year 1999 in New Paltz, about two hours from New York. This is the first eco-friendly Dome Space home in America. The approximately 214 square meter residence is located in the middle of a property with woods, propagating in Nature Park Mohonk on 28 acres. The house of interior has a loft character through the open living space. Large, 12m high, arched window openings from floor to ceiling are used for room lighting with ample natural light and the optical space enlargement.

a rotating Ökohaus of wood in the form of UFO

luxury holiday home in wood with a domed roof and arched windows

a dream home in two floors with more unusual form of wooden construction

contemporary round wooden house with a wooden terrace

 On the ground floor there is a modern, open kitchen with a slightly curved kitchen island and high-quality kitchen appliances aimed. From the kitchen and dining area, it is inserted into a spacious, open-space living room with flooring made from bamboo. One Bedroom Suite is also planned in the same floor. By a spiral wooden staircase, you end up on the second floor, where the sleeping area with guest bedrooms and bathrooms, a library, an office space and the second terrace are housed. A sun terrace surrounds the cedar wood house and offers enough space for chip release and entertaining. In addition to the creative interiors and the pleasant and cozy atmosphere, the house can be rotated 180 to 330 degrees. In this way, the windows can be oriented in the winter to the sun and in summer vice versa. Another possibility would be that you program the rotation of the house so that the windows to follow the sun. The solar panels are always follows the sun.

View from the wooden deck on the second floor

cool idea for wooden house with a wooden terrace

If you want to New York are planning to drive, or visit the Natural Park Mohonk, you can stay in this unique house and to spend an unforgettable day. The eco-house in New Paltz they can  airbnb rent.

Entrance on the porch

wooden terrace with geböbten wooden beams and round garden table with parasol

Luxury open-space living room with flooring made of bamboo and 12m high curved windows

living room wood inspirations with wooden staircase and open kitchen wood

Lighting Duch curved windows for ample natural light

modern loft apartment in wood with curved wooden walls

curved wooden walls for cozy ambience in the dining area

modern living room with kitchen and dining table natural stone

modern open kitchen with a rounded cooking island 

modern kitchen inspiration with kitchen cabinets and wooden kitchen top white of natural stone

modern interior design of a round house with Visible wooden structure

luxury kitchen with dining table and kitchen island

rounded dining table of natural stone combined with Holzstüheln

modern dining room interior asu wood and natural stone

gerundere island with a kitchen countertop made of natural stone

ideas for kitchen furnishings with wood

Bathroom inspiration with shower next to the window

luxury bathroom with window and shower with wooden bench and glass wall

 rounded bathroom with wooden interior and vanity of natural stone

bathroom inspiration for modern bathroom design with shower and vanity for two

the bedroom suite with bathroom

bedroom dachschröge with bamboo floor and Quin-size wooden bed

Idea for setting small bathroom with sloping ceiling

small bathroom with bathtub cladding of natural stone white and vaulted wooden ceiling

 Plan view of a &Dome Space; # 8222&# 8220 – House

luxury round house made of wood with cupola

The wooden structure of the round house

wooden house than build around house with vaulted wooden beams

Cut by Dome Space

wooden structure for a round house

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