The forest – a magical wedding location

The forest - a magical wedding location

What would be nice, romantic and magical than a dream wedding in the woods – an increasingly popular and frequently chosen wedding location by many loving couples who plan to marry in the summer or autumn. Either for the wedding ceremony or for the whole wedding party, the forest provides the perfect place with a special, natural decor for this important day. The beauty of the forest nature alone ensures a wonderful and unique wedding decoration, which is beef up individually with just few touches such as fresh flowers and lights. The selection of such a wedding location requires quite a bit in the planning, however, is determined to give you an unforgettable experience.

Great idea for a rustic forest wedding in the narrow circle

a traumhochzeit zeitn outdoors with baumstämen as sintzgelegenheit for guests

© Nordica Photography

The appropriate place for the ceremony

  • to find a suitable place in the woods where you will enter the knot is not hard you can think of. Important in choosing the right course is to its size. The place chosen to be large enough and open to gun afford a comfortable seating for all guests. Here already plays a big role how long your guest list is.

the forest &# 8211; a magical wedding location for your dream wedding

dream wedding celebrations make right in Wald_traualtar with folding chairs and white garland

  • If the whole wedding is celebrated in the woods, is the right place to think good for the dining area and a dance area and sufficiently large to find.

the luxurious and authentic forest wedding of Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas

chic and luxurious summer wedding in the woods with round dining tables and wooden chairs with white fur cover

© Christian Oth and Mark Seliger

  • Another important point is access to this place would be. it is located far away from the restaurant or from the place where the guests have to come on foot?
  • Whatever you do not have to remember this is you need a permit from the municipal or local authority to marry in a public park.

What to consider when choosing a wedding location in the woods?

make it as bodendeko and folding wooden chairs a wedding altar in the forest by tree trunks, white flowers

Invite guests to relax

In order to make the forest-wedding location even more amusing and entertaining for the wedding guests, a comfortable seat is to allow. Using eclectic chairs with pillows and blankets or vintage seats and sofas, you can make an inviting, spacious area with a comfortable atmosphere where your guests can enjoy the food and spectacular views.

forest wedding, a cozy atmosphere give thanks to comfortable seating

equip location of a forest wedding with comfortable sofas with pillows as sitzgelegenheit and cover

© Christian Oth and Mark Seliger

in the forest cozy and easily add the wedding venue with seats and sofas hay bales 

creative ideas for DIY armchair hay bales for outdoor wedding

From nature-inspired accessories and Dekoutensilien

  • Wedding rings and ring pillow &# 8211; The highlight of the marriage is in fact the Wrestling too. the wedding rings are beautiful as possible presented and handed over by the best man or a flower King for this moment. Here are some creative ideas for a thematic and more beautiful wedding rings pad. The rings can be inspired by nature and you remember for life on this beautiful day, just like these handmade wedding rings with leaf imprints of Magic in Grass.

Wedding rings and ring pillow must also match the wedding theme

cool wedding rings and alternative to ringkissen for a wedding in the woods

  • Wedding invitations and guestbook – Again, you can select the theme ” forest ” and ” implement ‘Nature’ by choosing invitation cards with the appropriate motif, or they can write on wood or wooden discs. The photo book with photos of your guests and their wishes may be, for example, tied with book covers made of wood.
  • Favors – Let your guests go with a thematic gift home, such as a delicious jam from berries, which is also rustic packed.
  • decoration &# 8211; In terms of decor you have branches over pine cones to Holly and all Arte wild flowers a great choice. Candles in jars as hanging lights or logs are the ideal complement a rustic decoration, as well as some old books, some picture frames and little green moss back and forth. Another accent in rustic Still, you can give with burlap.

Ideas for simple wedding decoration in a rustic style 

rustic wedding decoration tap with forest and cool wedding table with wooden discs on the subject

© Carolien and Ben Wedding Photography / © Jacque Lynn Photography

homemade lamps made of wood and candles in glasses are ideal for a wedding in the forest

Hochzeitsdeko for forest wedding itself tinker from holz_DIY pendant lamp with candles in jars hanging

provide a fresh color accent the forest wedding location

creative floral decoration for rustic wedding in the woods

elegant decor with origami figures for a wedding ceremony in the forest

simple Hochzeitsdeko with Origami for a romantic forest wedding

© Carolien and Ben Wedding Photography

simple flower arrangements

A floral decoration belongs to any wedding, even if it is celebrated in the forest. To make the beautiful green forest decor colorful and more lively, you need a simple and rather rustic floral decoration with wild flowers as fresh color accent on the tables and along the way to the altar, or as a hanging decoration in small, perhaps colored glass vessels.

wild flowers are ideal for a simple but colorful forest wedding-Blumendeko

natural floral decoration wedding with small glass vases and glass bottles

Other things to consider when planning a wedding Forest:

  • Information for guests – If you celebrate the wedding in the woods, you inform your guests the best yet with the wedding invitation. Conditions such as cooler weather in the evening, unsuitable ground for elegant shoes with high heels and the wooded location alone are important to know, especially when some wedding guests suffering from allergies or come with their children. For the ladies who are with high heels in spite of everything, you can get specially designated rubber heels.

Heel protectors are the perfect solution if you are getting married outdoors

small hacks for a wedding in the woods

  • Sun and rain protection – When planning a wedding outdoors is important to consider a suitable shelter from rain and sun. Whether a large tent or canopy with waterproof awnings, you must have a second option for emergencies. If the sun shines and is too hot, get enough water and sunscreen.
  • Power supply – For the music and for the illumination enough power to be present, which corresponds in the case of a forest wedding the need for a generator. Power could also be used for the refrigeration of food and drinks. In addition to the romantic lighting at night with numerous candles, gas lamps and lanterns, the wedding location to be adequate and well lit in the forest.

decorate the way to the altar romantic and light

forest wedding dekoideen_der decorate away to the altar with candles and lanterns

the supply of electricity is of great importance for an outdoor wedding

a forest wedding corresponding light bulbs with hanging over the dining table

  • Sanitary – Another Punk, which is of great importance when planning your wedding is forest, namely the accessibility of the necessary sanitary facilities. They may not be very far away, and the way to them to well labeled, and are portrayed.
  • Insects and bugs – Without insects and beetles in the forest can not. Empfolen in the case that you get enough and various insect repellent for your wedding guests.
  • Transportation and delivery – the proper access to the chosen wedding location is important not only for the guests but also for the supply of food, furniture and all connected to the wedding reception facilities. You can facilitate the wedding guests by organizing a convenient transportation from the hotel or meeting point back to the wedding location and.

simple and stylish altar decoration with white curtains

plain forest wedding decoration idea with white metal lanterns and white curtains for the altar

© Clean Plate Pictures

TIPS and Tricks:

  • make chairs and benches more comfortable with pillows and blankets
  • early enough guests informed about the conditions associated with the East
  • get special rubber heels or flip-flops for ladies with high heels
  • get any type insect repellent and sunscreen, wet wipes and mist water sprays for the face
  • replace the chairs with covered hay bales

an authentic and creative variation comfortable seating for your wedding guests

cool idea for seating a forest wedding with hay bales

  • secure cover for the cooler time in the evening
  • issue a list of seats and table numbers corresponding thereto

a list of the tables and the seats of the wedding guests is recommended

creative ideas for a summer wedding in the woods with list of seats on blackboards in picture frames

  • Tables by including questions camping lantern light
  • Few trees with fairy lights and decorate photos to showcase your favorite memories moments creatively

as other interesting decoration idea for your dream wedding in the woods, favorite moments moments are to be used

cool Hochzeitsdeko with photos from the couple

  • make a rustic entrance and great photography backdrop using net curtains or old wooden doors

a wedding decor with old wooden doors as a backdrop and input is the trend

old wooden door as kullise for wedding photos

a large picture frame would also be interesting for creative photo backdrop and the altar of your forest wedding  

cool idea for setting a forest wedding

© Alec Vanderboom Photography

  • hide desserts and wedding cake under canopy and protect against insects
  • Glasses with colorful paper forms for muffins cover as protection against insects
  • light the way to the altar romantic

the decoration for a wedding ceremony in the forest must be plain and simple

the wedding location in the forest just decorating with candles

© Lynette Boyle Photography

make light scene in the woods for a romantic and magical evening wedding

decorate the way to the altar in the forest with light and flowers

© Christian Oth and Mark Seliger

cool ideas for a simple altar in a rustic style

provide an open space in the forest for the Trust ceremony with wooden benches and simple input from old doors and fresh flowers

© Duane Smith 

to define the altar for a rustic outdoor wedding, just need some wooden boxes and lanterns

Altar Decorating ideas for a wedding in the woods

what is even more needed for a natural Hochzeitsdeko than the beautiful forest decor alone

cool idea for entrance to the Trust ceremony of branches

© ANA NYC Photography

so simple you can build a personal altar in the forest itself

cool ideas for simple altar in the forest

© Ryan Zarichnak Photography

Another idea for a DIY aisle in the woods

make aisle in the forest with tree trunks, candles and a round carpet in front of decorative fireplace mantle of wood

© Paige Jones

Marriage include, among ancient trees &# 8211; magical it can not be

rustic wedding in wald_ideen for maid altar with wooden door-entry

do not forget to include every detail of your dream wedding in the forest

cool ideas for memorable photos from their wedding in the woods

© Anni Graham Photography 

no other wedding location is so romantic, especially as the forest

married in the forest and can make great wedding pictures in nature

© Chekhlataya

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