The dressing room - modern living ideas

The dressing room – modern living ideas

The dressing room - modern living ideas

The dressing room is now the centerpiece of a home, a dream not only for women but also for many men. The keeping and storing clothes can also be enjoyable, especially if you have a specific room for it. The perfect dressing room has different compartments for clothes, shoes and all sorts of accessories such as jewelry, hats, scarves or belts.

The first step to realize your own dressing room, is the right place for it. Such a function can be housed in a separate room, or simply as an open area in the bedroom. Another solution would be to combine these two options in a transition room, which is located between the bedroom and bathroom.

The second step relates to the design of the dressing room. Be inspired by our design ideas. We show examples with closed clothes taverns, open shelves or showcases for modern clothes. Means creative ideas for shoe storage on the wall, as well as in the centrally arranged shoe cabinet. Do not forget that a stool is very pragmatic in this room. Large-sized mirrors are of course a must.

Some Ankleidezimmerideen show functional storage solutions for enormous amount of clothes. Other equipment options include additional furniture such as vanity for the ladies, chairs or stools. An indirect or targeted lighting is also suggested.

dressing room in black with open shelves clothes

dressing room within wide with dark wood floors


dressing room in white with wardrobe in gray gloss

wall shelves dressing room with modern white and cabinet in red

modern ankleideyimmer with white shelves and interesting wall decoration min white

drawers modern Schlafyimmereinrichtung in wooden boards and open ankleidezimmmer with white and vitrine-wardrobe


dressing room in the roof space with interesting skylight and open clothes racks and rectangular stool in yellow

modern bedroom furniture idea with shower and dressing room in the bedroom

girl-ankleidezimmmer in white with Toilletentisch and mirrors

cool anklederaum in roza with open shoe shelves and interesting wall decoration

device idea for dressing room storage for caps and Krawaten

about going to the bathroom dressing room with stone-like stool in white

Storage ideas for scarves

open shoe cabinet idea for kleidezimmer

# creative ideas for shoe storage in the dressing room

interesting design for the dressing room in white with toilletentisch

device idea for small dressing room in the roof space

cute kleidezimmmer in lilla

roof space-ankleidezimmmer with interesting ceiling decoration in gold

White ankleidezimmmer with jewelry cabinet in the middle

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