The balcony – our small living room in summer

The balcony - our small living room in summer

Anyone who lives in an apartment with a balcony, determines has a great happiness because no matter how small the balcony, he can always be transformed into an oasis. In the summer of course you want to sit outside and although in a comfortable and stylish space. As a relaxation area can create without much effort even on the small balcony. Even the narrow and small balcony has a great potential that needs to be easily brought out! How is the balcony to make as our small living room in summer cozy, we will show numerous examples and some tips.

transform the balcony in oasis with a rocking chair and matching greening

balcony design with vertical garden, wood flooring and modern swing from the balcony decke_coole for planting and wall design

The cozy balcony seating area

Just like any living room and the balcony needs a sitting area that also corresponds to our needs and our comfort. What would be important here is not only the size but also the function from the balcony. When you want to eat or just chill out there? If you would like to enjoy dinner there, the seating area with table and chairs would be more practical than a lounge furniture. If you want to just relax on the balcony, then set it up with lounge chairs. The multifunctional furniture is the right choice if the balcony is used for relaxing and eating.

Is the balcony extremely narrow and it is also used for other purposes, then the practical folding furniture used. The space-saving folding tables and folding chairs are a suitable solution for large balconies, as they offer a comfortable dining area in need and allow free space for a balcony design with lounge furniture.

In addition to the modern outdoor furniture, you could set up your balcony with elegant old outdoor furniture. Typical of a cozy sitting area, the low seating are out combined with some pillows and waterproof cushions that serve the seating comfort. If the positions the small sitting area on the narrow side of the balcony and practical vice shot from three sides, it acts even cozier.

The balcony &# 8211; our small living room in summer

balcony ideas for modern balcony design with holz_balkon set with wooden bench, round coffee table wood and wall design with wood paneling and wooden wall shelves

Romantic Balcony design

In order to create a natural and romantic balcony design, you prefer to use wood as plastic and surfaces in matte than glossy. The lanterns, fairy lights and different candle holders are determined to support the romantic atmosphere of the evening.

Balcony Greenery idea with trees and hanging flower pots

balcony deco ideas and balcony design ideas with swivel armchairs black, diy coffee table round and yellow flower pot

The small balcony garden

Many want their own green oasis to have and who has a balcony, could create a beautiful balcony garden and indeed with easy-care plants such as ivy, nasturtiums or Clematis, which also grow rapidly. The particularly small balconies are perfect for a leafy view from the living room and bedroom. For this you just need some window boxes with flowers and green plants on the railing to hang in front of the balcony door, some colorful flower pots on the floor, or to group in a small folding table, or attach them as wall decoration on the wall.

A vertical garden provides further Balcony Greenery idea. The known trellis made of wood are ideal for the target. These wall panels are a fantastic wall design with climbing plants and by combining it with a storage bench make it the perfect balcony seating area with storage space.

a comfortable seating area on the balcony gestalaten by the combination of wood and metal

make the small balcony with balcony stil_kreative device with folding table, folding chair with fur, lanterns and rattanblumentöpfen

Light on the balcony

Appropriate lighting is also part of the balcony design and decoration. Allermögliche Teelichthalter, various garden lanterns, lights, modern outdoor lights or classical floor lamps during the day give the balcony a homely atmosphere, as well as in the evening.


creative balcony decoration idea with ball lights and fresh color accented by colorful carpet

bunde balcony design ideas for small balconies with wooden folding chairs, fairy lights, parasol and white wooden table with wooden wall for climbing plants

Privacy and sun protection on the balcony

Is south facing balcony and he also has no roof, you definitely need a sunscreen. Besides the typical parasols there are also those that are semi-circular and thus ideal for adequate shading of narrow and small balconies. A parasol is also used for screening.

Inspiration for sun protection on the balcony with a semicircular umbrella

balcony decorate with round metal candle holder in black, blue hydrangea, round garden table and garden chairs made of metal and black umbrella semicircular

Another important accessory in the balcony design is the visual barrier. Often the balconies are equipped with a parapet of metal rods, some are oriented to the Straßensete and others are quite close to the neighboring balconies, which makes the screening useful. Thanks to different variants and different materials such as textiles, wood, reeds and plastic to protect our privacy in an elegant and creative way. With the help of screening is also kept the wind out there.

Textile balcony privacy as a decorative element and part of the color scheme

make balcony in black with black window boxes, round metal table, wooden bench and face protection from textile stripes with black and white

interesting wall design and decoration idea with white painted branch for hanging lanterns and light holders

small balcony ideas for balcony embellish with rosafarbiben pillow and blumentopf_coole ideas for small balconies in white and pink with a small wooden table and sitting area in white

a rustic balcony decorated with wooden bench swing and round stool side table

Setting small balcony with wooden floor, Schauckel diy wooden garden bench and wooden stool as kafeetisch around

create a small rustic balcony seating area using a garden bench and couple pillow

make balcony with wooden slat wall for flower pots, rustic wood garden bench, white flower pots and a small wooden table

Asian balcony design with yellow and black accents 

balcony embellish and decorate the Asian style with a day bed, round seat cushions and black glass vase with sunflowers

Wohnidee for a balcony garden with gravel, bench-raised bed of wood and vertical planting

interesting ideas balcony with gravel and holzplatten_balkon make nice with wooden flower boxes as bench seat cushion with purple colored and vertical garden as balcony deco idea

wood flooring makes every balcony cozy

fresh ideas for balcony balcony set up as a small living room with wood flooring and a comfortable sitting area with wood folding table and wood chairs with cover

verleiehen you the balcony a summery atmosphere blue decorative accessories

balcony with steel railings and wooden floor creative design with round wood table and wood chairs on blue carpet and decorate with two round concrete-flower pots

get a display case for Balcony Greenery

Creative balcony design with white display cabinets cabinet as an original balcony planting ideas

Balcony idea with metal shelves for small balcony garden and white folding chair and folding table &# 8222; Mälarö&# 8220;

balcony design in white with rectangular folding table, wood tiles and two metal shelves

fresh balcony wall design with colorful flower pots

creative make small balcony with ottoman on wooden slats and gravel and colored wall-flower pots in pink, yellow, red and orange

Balcony decorating with oriental accent

beautiful balcony set with rattan armchairs, black-gray carpet, round baistelltisch white garden-lantern with metal vases and

modern and stylish balcony decorated with wooden

modern balcony design with wooden bench, stump coffee table, balcony furniture made of wood with gray upholstery cushions and full-height glazing

the balcony as living-dining room with small summer kitchen

make ideas for balcony as a winter garden and a small dining room with rattan dining table and kitchenette

set up the small balcony with wooden storage bench &ÄPPLARÖ; # 8222&# 8220; and rocking chair from Ikea VÄRMDÖ

balcony ideas for balcony sitting area with garden bench and rocking chair

bring romantic mood through the delicate purple color

with wooden railing set small balcony romantic with round folding table and two folding chairs with purple colored sitzkissen

elegant Balcony design in white with 2 seater sofa ÄPPLARÖ / Hållö from Ikea

balcony ideas for white balcony design with sofa-bed of wood, white window boxes and white parasol with kugellichern

simple decoration with few stones, a wicker basket for flowers and small lanterns as an accent to the dark wooden garden furniture

make balcony with wood-terrace furniture, pillows in beige and straw fence

transform the balcony in small Japanese garden with round pots and Bamusstäben

ideas cool balcony planting and balcony design with bamus


the balcony as a dining area set up with modern wooden dining table and wooden shelves

balcony design idea with dining table and bench of wood black dining table chairs and wood-sideboard with wall shelves

Balcony from design editor Joel Bray with juniper and pedestal with amphora in front of black wooden lattice screening

beautiful balcony set with black floor tiles and black wooden lattice as privacy protection

beautify your balcony by a bamboo wall, wood flooring on stones and swing

cool ideas for small balconies with rocking bench, bamboo and round flowerpots green

make you comfortable sitting area on the balcony by means of a storage bench and several pillows

balcony creative design ideas with carpet runner, black with storage bench cushion and smaller rectangular grazing stool

the balcony as a winter garden &# 8211; cool idea balcony with yellow hammock, wooden panel for vertical garden and large flower pots

balcony design with wood flooring, glazing, holzwandpaneel and bamboo floor lamp

Balcony idea for cozy balcony design with a seating area on the ground, hammock in summer colors and few drop light holder as decoration

wooden balcony set up with hammocks in blue, white gardiene, floor sitting area with pillows and blue tea light holders as Hängedeko

the mirror as balcony decoration idea

balcony embellish with wandspiegel, wooden bench with patterned pillow and round ottomane

elegant black and white balcony design

small balcony railings with black steel modern set up with carpet runner, klapptuhl and folding table of wood, white and black and white flower pots Throw and wicker baskets


Balcony beautiful design with a vertical garden and rattan Soffa

balcony planting ideas with vertical garden

Setting balcony elegantly with white IKEA PS VÅGÖ chairs and round tray IKEA PS Sandskær

small balcony modern set in white with wooden tiles and white flower pots roll on

great idea for the small balcony with a rectangular puff and wood wall panel for wall flower pots

cool balcony design for the small balcony with wooden slats and upholstered with cushions in white, blue and pink for small sitting area on ground

Wall decoration with wooden wall panel with shelves for pots

small balcony with wooden flooring and wall panel frame as flowers

on the balcony rest, you just need a hammock and some wooden boxes with plants

plant glazed balcony with pink colored hammocks and wooden boxes as a planter for

beautify the balcony with bamboo furniture, upholstery in black and white and some wooden holders for plants and decoration 

balcony design ideas in black and white with garden furniture made of bamboo, oriental lantern and white cushions with a black pattern

Window and windowsill decoration in the living room as Balkondeko

beautiful bakon ideas with storefront and window decoration

Facility with furniture KUNGSHOLMEN / Hållö from Ikea and balcony railings and trellis decorate with Christmas Lights

balcony design with fairy lights, candlestick and garden lanterns

Inspiration of INT2Architecture for small winter garden in yellow and gray

modern balcony design with yellow window frames, DIY cable reel-table and wall shelves

white accents for beautiful design balcony

small balcony with metal railings and textile-face protection white decorate with a round flower pot white and DIY raised bed made of concrete

Parapet as a bar counter with raised bed for grass and garden lighting

balcony design with white bar and modern bar stools white as balcony design idea

the balcony completely dress in wood and set with a bench along the railing

ideas for balcony sitting area with wooden bench and wooden railing as a backrest

Ikea balcony design with chair HÖGSTEN, tray table, bench + wall panel ÄPPLARÖ and GRENÖ pillow

balcony inspiration for modern balcony design with wood-wall panels, modern balcony-sitting area of ​​two wooden benches, black white carpet runners

the corner couch made of wood with modern and space-saving design for small balconies

balcony with wooden flooring, wooden corner bench and cool balcony deco with fresh flowers and candlestick from glass

Wood for more comfort and a natural balcony design

balcony ideas with corner couch wood, wooden floor on white gravel, holzbeet and black wall-flower pots for modern balcony wanddeko

cool color scheme with green floor tiles, blue wooden chairs and a round tray table in Orange

small balcony embellish with mosaics and colored garden furniture with colorful cushions

the small sitting area &# 8211; cool ideas for cozy balcony design

balcony ideas for balcony set with bench

the small balcony and its great potential for a dream Entspanungsbereich 

balcony ideas for balcony design with wood-fliesenauf gravel, coffee table made of acrylic and round leather seat cushion

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