Terrace and garden design with swing

Terrace and garden design with swing

like to spend the summer time outside on the terrace or in the garden? Have you ever used a swing as a design element on the terrace? If not, you will see our examples of terrace design with swings. Sometimes each of us takes time out from the stress of everyday life and reality, some do it when reading books or listening to music, others simply enjoy the Rühe and put yourself in the world of dreams. If your patio has the space for a small swing, take the opportunity and convert the outdoors in your favorite place in the summer in order. By the swing as a design element, the terrace can be set up even cozier. The swings of wood also provide a creative and playful color scheme of the outside area, thereby providing a lively terrace design. Simple solutions for self-made Rock also be found here. Simply use Euro pallets for the seat, which is attached by cables or chains to the ceiling and hanged.

Balcony design idea with hanging rocking chair

make small balcony with schaukelstuhl- white balcony walls and white wooden railing


garden furniture-wooden swing between support bricks from

Swing for terrace design

covered terrace with red wooden swing suspended by cables on the ceiling

Idea for patio design with swing

wooden swing in red with upholstered seat cushions and decorative pillows with rose pattern

Swing &# 8211; Design idea Outdoor Furniture

wooden swing with a white seat cushion and decorative pillows ceiling in red and blue and yellow

Terrace design with plants and rocking

covered terrace with rocking of rattan design with pillow-less rotary table

Black Rattanschaukel with sunscreen

terrace with black ground and black swing with parasol

Blue wooden rocking

veranda with white curtains without swinging-window frames in resedagrün

Terrace design terrace with swing

covered terrace with green wooden railing and curtains holzschaukel- green and yellow

Covered wooden terrace in white with white rocking

terrace design in white with rocking and blue seat cushions

White Garden Swing

white wooden swing

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