Tabletop and surface finish with modern fruit bowl

Tabletop and surface finish with modern fruit bowl

A modern fruit bowl as a tabletop and surface finish! We have prepared 15 cool models, which you can use as a simple and elegant decoration for the dining table, the kitchen counter or sideboard in the living room. We have chosen different materials and shapes, in addition to a storage function also have a cool look. Design the living room with style and creative design! Here are our inspiration examples:

1. round Meniscus fruit bowl by designer Claryssa Berning is hand made of heavy lead crystal. The bowl has a diameter of 35cm and a thickness of 3cm. Each fruit sounds of Bohemian glass is unique. You can order this spectacular designer piece of LUMINAIRE.

Designer table decoration with the fruit bowl meniscus of Claryssa Berning

table decorating with modern round fruit bowl of glass

2. Macedonia tray is an inspiration Janne Kyttanen. The 3D shell represents the formation of soap bubbles. Each bubble is large genung to hold an apple or an orange. The elegant design converts the typical fruit bowl into a work of art that is part of the MoMA collection.

Fruit Bowl Macedonia Janne Kyttanen

creative ideas for table decoration with fruit bowl

3. A creative idea for fruit cup and decoration comes from the designers Barnaby Barford and Andre Klauser. His collaboration presents a creative solution to an ever-changing decoration of fruits that are available as decor behind a wooden picture frames and animate this.

Tabletop and surface finish me the fruit bowl &# 8211; still life of Barnaby Barford and Andre Klauser

picture frames decorate as creative fruit bowl

4. Rounded forms and elegant fine woodworking presents Ray Garnsey with its fruit bowls.

elegant fruit sounds from wood by Ray Garnsey

Dining table decor with wooden fruit bowl

5. The fruit bowl INVERSION from the Designer David E. Scott is a black granite slab with polished circular shape. A cool idea for modern table decor.

Black fruit bowl INVERSION of DESU Design

ideal decoration for black wooden table with rectangular fruit bowl

6. The following fruit bowl from mixer&8217; traxler offers a creative design of ceramic. the collection &# 8222; Reversed Volumes&# 8220; presents various fruit bowls that are shaped by the impression of various fruits and vegetables. The cool fruit shells are made of food-grade resin having a diameter of 10 to 22 cm. The interesting design wins Dwell Modern World Award 2011th

Cauliflower fruit bowl from mixer Traxler Studio

creative ideas for decorating with fruit bowl in organic form

7. The coolr Fruit Bowl is a colorful table decoration, consisting of a round aluminum base plate and in which the colored pencils to be inserted. This creative and simple idea will bring determined color and atmosphere to each room.

creative design with The Co0lr fruit bowl

table mount with colored pencils from obstschale

8th. &Inception; # 8222&# 8220; is the metamorphosis of a linear flat form in a three-dimensional object. The fruit bowl &# 8218; lamellae&# 8216; is part of this unique product collection and generated by specific processing of Corian plates. You can find the whole collection in SNAPP.


Design with style and design &# 8211; Fruit bowl of the collection &Inception; # 8222&# 8220; of Snapp

modern round fruit peel in white and black

9. Are you an Apple fan? Then we have a cool decoration idea with the fruit bowl APPLE in the form of an apple made of glass with the size Ø32xH36cm.

cool fruit bowl in the form of an apple pole Potten

fantastic decor idea with the glass bowl Apple

10. The Coat Hanger is an idea for fruit bowl of halved hangers. The cool fruit bowl has diameter of 50 cm with the hook and a height of 10 cm.

recycle ideas for fruit bowl &# 8211; The Coat Hanger via AMPLIFIER

Decoration with fruit bowl hangers

11. Fantastic craft idea for DIY fruit bowls from old silverware.

Tinker himself a cool fruit bowl Löfeln and forks

craft ideas for DIY fruit bowl

12. The design of the fruit bowl Vessel from Helena-Schepens provides an annular shell of wood, which is available in three versions. The elegant fruit bowl made of mahogany wood has a diameter of 3ocm. Other wood materials such as maple and zebrawood, as well as other variants of the Vessel Series, are ideal for a modern table decoration.

modern fruit bowl design by Helena Schepens

Fruit Bowl ring of wood for cool table decoration and storage of fruits

13. Another unusual fruit bowl made of porcelain!

interesting solution for decoration and storage of bananas with fruit bowl Vicky

inspiration for the table with banana holder

14. The circular ring nut and fruit bowl &# 8222; Still Life&# 8220; Wood is a creative idea from Adam + Harborth. A ring with a squirrel-cross-section is turned from solid oak in manual production. The wooden bowl is an interesting table decoration is also for Christmas.

The fruit tray with a profile of a calibration cat &# 8222; Still Life&# 8220; Adam + Harborth

cool fruit sounds of wood

15. The Fruit Bowl in polished stainless steel, called WAVE, recalls the fact to the ocean waves.

elegant and modern fruit bowl shaft

modern fruit bowl made of metal in waveform

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