Tablecloths with modern cutlery

Tablecloths with modern cutlery

At a festive dinner or lunch course you want to do everything perfectly and impress its guests not only delicious food and special table decoration, but also by the right Coverslipping off the table. to set the table correctly is not difficult but is associated with effort and some rules. This includes the right cutlery arrangement. The main topic in today’s post is namely the cutlery and indeed laying the table with a modern cutlery. Except for a few basic rules, we will introduce some modern cutlery sets various designers.

How to cover a table with style?

stock up table properly with designer cutlery setsCutlery &# 8220; Acrobat&# 8220; from Scandinavian provider GENSE

Before you look at the following examples of modern cutlery with original designs, we will tell you a bit about the history of the cutlery. Earlier, the spoon was the only piece of cutlery that was used for dining. Knife you used back then, especially for dividing the food and forks were not used very often. At that time, the knife and the spoon represented something personal and you always wore the two in an envelope with him. First, the spoons were made only of wood, until the 15th century, when the metal spoon spread due to increasing metal processing. Because of the weight and the price of silver, the cutlery was only silver-plated by electroplating in the 19th century. Since the silver cutlery oxidized on contact with sulfur-containing dishes such as caviar, this would have to be made of other material or gold plating. Stainless steel was the material from which you created the easy-care and insensitive cutlery afterwards. The production of cutlery and continues to evolve today. Wide variety of combinations of different materials and unusual shapes put the cutlery as part of table decoration.

Tablecloths with modern cutlery

table creatively and properly cover with modern besteck_besteck with design for stylish tischdekoCutlery &# 8220; Zermatt&# 8220; by Puiforcat

Some details and the correct order when lining the cutlery:

  • Knives and spoons are to be created on the right and the left fork. Just follow the following principle: the hand with which you hold the specific piece of cutlery, shows the site where it is to be laid.
  • Insert the knife with the cutting edge to the left.
  • If you want to stock up on the table with cutlery for different programs, you may place a maximum of four pieces of cutlery right of the plate and left no more than three. Other pieces of cutlery that are still needed at each transition should be second with the plate.
  • Cutlery, we need first lie outside and the cutlery for dessert and cheese transversely above the plate, with which it is taken with the handle at hand. Here the same rule applies with his hand. This means that the dessert spoon to the right and the dessert fork is to be taken to the left.
  • If you serve spaghetti, then you can use the fork to the right and the left of the spoon insert plate.

modern cutlery from the Designer Lukas Franciszkiewicz

table stock up on designer cutlery

Tablecloths in white and gold or gold and black

modern cutlery in gold and white and cutlery in black and gold table for modern Coverslipping fromCutlery &# 8220; Goa&# 8220; of Cutipol

Table stock up stock up on style

modern cutlery with hexagon-attacked for tablecloths styleCutlery &# 8220; MU&# 8220; Toyo Ito for Alessi

modern cutlery of material combination of silver and wood

the table properly cover with cutlery set with wooden handles STEELCutlery &# 8220; Natural&# 8220; by designer Clara del Portillo

If the material is concrete on the table in the form of modern cutlery.

table cutlery stock up share from concrete

elegant cutlery &# 8220; trace shadow&# 8220; of Kijtanes Kajornrattanadech the spectacular Coverslipping off the table

table stock up in style by modern cutlery

the laid table in black

table correct cover in black with black cutleryCutlery &# 8220; Dorotea Night&# 8220; of GENSE

modern cutlery with titanium coating for modern and rustic table Coverslipping

stock up modern cutlery in matte black for modern tableCutlery  &Titanium Katala; # 8220&# 8220;

Ombre-Cutlery &# 8220; Orly&# 8220; stainless steel

cover table properly and arrange cutlery properly

Table cover creative with Läfel, knife and fork with verflechtetem handle

modern cutlery stock up design_tisch with original cutlery shareCutlery &# 8220; twirl&# 8220; available through gourmet settings

Table original cover with creative silverware in the form of garden equipment

interesting ideas for table cloths with modern cutlery in black and whiteCutlery &# 8220; Soil Cutlery&# 8220; by designer Vladimir Rachev

unusual idea for tablecloths with colorful cutlery

arrangement crea tive idea for cutlery and tablecloths with colorful cutleryCutlery &Join; # 8220&# 8220; by designer Konstantin Slawinski

the right cutlery for party theme &# 8218; Alice in Wonderland&# 8216;

fancy cutlery for creative Coverslipping off the tableCutlery &# 8220; Wonderland&# 8220; by designer Tina Tsang

Cutlery with original design

creative idea for tablecloths with original cutleryCutlery &Bite; # 8220&# 8220; by Mark Reigelman

modern cutlery design with holes

modern cutlery cover on a festive tableCutlery &# 8220; MORODE&# 8220; by Kazuhiko Tomita / cutlery Fuego by Peter Stathis

laying the table can also be creative

the covered desk with a modern cutleryCutlery &# 8220; Brew&# 8220; Kevin Newburg & Stephen Grinalds

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