Table Coverslipping - rules and table decoration ideas

Table Coverslipping – rules and table decoration ideas

Table Coverslipping - rules and table decoration ideas

What is the correct table Coverslipping? They invited guests to lunch or dinner and you want the table creatively and stock up at the same time according to the rules. Here you will find some tips and creative examples by which you can achieve a perfect table-enveloping. Save your creativity, they still need the appropriate crockery, cutlery and glasses. Be inspired by our ideas interesting and modern table decoration.

Tips for the classic table Coverslipping:

  1. The plate – you need space, starter, main course and bread plate which covers the central point of each place setting The dinner plate is used during the meal as a placeholder and then the other three plates are used. The starters and soup plates are on the main course dish.
  2. The cutlery – The classic cutlery Coverslipping is provided from outside to inside. The left of the plate are the forks, knives and spoons are placed to the right soup. On the far right is the soup spoon, along with the entree knife, right next to the plates, the knife for the main course. the dessert cutlery is very outside next to the left cutlery series are bread plates and knives on the plates.
  3. the glasses &# 8211; The glasses are placed above the knife, starting right in the order of use. Liquid glass stands completely outside, left next to a white wine glass, then a red wine glass.
  4. The napkins – They are placed on the above plate. Is the first course ready, you will be placed next to the left cutlery set or on the bread plate to the left.

Table Coverslipping Ideas

tischdeko idea in white and gold table decoration with flowers

Modern table decoration idea in black and purple

tischdeko idea with tablecloth and candles black dining table in violet

Unique table decoration idea

creative table stock up idea

Creative table decoration idea in orange

tischdeko square in black and orange plate orange

Elegant table decoration idea

elegant table decoration idea white in white and gold plate

Fresh table decoration in green

tischdeko idea in white and green

Vintage Einrichteungsidee in white with stone masonry

table eindecken- wood Dining Room modern home furnishings in white with wooden floor and white dining table chairs

Table decoration idea in blue and black

modern tischdeko idea in blue and black

modern tischdeko idea with small pumpkins

creative tischdeko with artichokes

Winter table decoration idea into gold

tap interesting tischdeko in gold with

table decoration idea &# 8211; Herbst Deko idea

Autumn table decoration idea

Table decoration in white and red

wihnacht-tischdeko idea

Silver-gray table decoration idea

Christmas table decoration idea in white

Christmas table decoration idea

elegant table decoration in white and silver

Table decoration with green Blätern and small Glückssteinchen

kretive tischdeko in green

Flower table decoration

tischdeko with flowers - green tablecloth

Spring decoration idea for the table

spring table decoration with yellow tulips

Easter table decoration ideas in blue

easter table decoration in blue

blue tischdeko idea for easter

Green table decoration with lime

table eindeken in green

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