sustainable wood construction as a modern, energy-efficient residence

sustainable wood construction as a modern, energy-efficient residence

shearers quarters (The neighborhood of shearers), a realized in 2011 Project of the architectural firm called John Wardle Architects. The modern wooden house is located on the island of Bruny Iceland, which lies south-east of Tasmania, Australia, and is named after the French explorer JosephBruny d’Entrecasteaux. The building is planned as a one-storey residence an existing, historic country house on the working sheep farm and at the site of the old Abscherungshütte, which was destroyed by a fire built.

the modern residence Shearers Quarters by John Wardle Architects

modern house on the coast with a modern interior of pinewood

sustainable wood construction as a modern, energy-efficient residence

ideas for modern timber construction

The plan-form, and the roof construction transform along the length of the building, so that give a saddle roof with gable wall to the west, a pent roof and east. The obliquely designed geometry of the house can also emerge in the arrangement of the interior walls, as well as in the form boards and window frames. Outside the minimalist house with galvanized corrugated iron and is internally lined with native wood. A chimney brick built itself as a dialogue with the neighboring houses. The arrangement of the window openings, which provide dramatic PROSPECTS and local ties, and the floor plan design, serve the mutual, harmonious effect of the house with the rural surroundings.

modern house with trapezoidal ground plan

energy-efficient residence with pent roof and wooden terrace

Sliding glass ribbon as glass from the living room to the terrace

Luxury residence with covered terrace and patio design with natural stone floor and wooden bench

The main entrance is placed on the long side and via a covered terrace directly to the open trapezoidal living room, which is equipped with two large panorama windows overlooking the bay Storm Bay and over the grounds. For the cozy atmosphere in the living area, the natural material pine interacts with, with the whole room is covered, as well as an arranged among the bookshelves of metal Bleck fireplace. The modern and sober interior design and decoration are only open wall shelves. In the middle is a seat area defined by a pair of wooden chairs, which are provided by a carpet around, so that one can enjoy the same time different views to the outside. Behind a wooden table and a wooden kitchen are positioned. By the laterally disposed corridor of living-dining room is access to the bathroom, made to two bedrooms with creative wall design of wooden slats of recycled crates of apples and a temporary bunk room.

a modern house with passive heating and cooling

Wooden House patio roof and terrace design with natural stone

deserves attention is the passive heating and cooling that allow a comfortable room temperature throughout the year. The house still has ventilation flaps, double glazing, rainwater collection tanks, domestic sewage treatment and solar hot water. For the construction of recycled, sustainable timber and hand-molded bricks are used.

Facade design with corrugated iron cladding

storey residence with a shed roof and wall design with folding elements

creative lighting design in space and ventilation solution by folding elements 

creative facade of hinged elements for ventilation and sun protection

a dream house on the coast of Tasmania’s Bruny Island Iceland

holzbau with oblique geometriformen

square and narrow rectangular window openings of the metal façade

Timber wall covering with corrugated and rectangular windows

the large window opening to the southwest looks as cantilevered showcase

creative space and its magnification by window box,

Chimney hand-molded bricks as an accent to the corrugated metal cladding

beautiful wooden house with gable roof

a dream home in Tasmania as an example of sustainable and energy-efficient construction

inspiration for modern timber construction with gable roof and wellblechvekleidung

Concrete stairs as routing to the main entrance

terrace set with natural stone and garden wall

Arrangement of the entrance angle to the Schibetüren 

creative input situational covered terrace

an open living area in imitation wood

luxury living room insiration with roof slant and cover design with wood paneling

romantic ambience of the simply furnished living room

living room lighting with bay window as ideas for modern interior design and

Picture windows and wood furnishings for a minimalist interior

modern furnishings living room with wooden armchairs and wall shelves from wood as wanddeko

Inspiration for chic and rustic living-dining facility 

living room with rustic wood furnishings and pendulum lamp

creative wall design with sheet metal shelves and color design by means of cover

living room wanddeko idea with modern bookshelves and fireplace

Wood interior design with color accents in pink by the carpet

chic living room furnishings with furniture pieces of wood and black bookshelves made of sheet metal

creative idea for bookshelves made of sheet metal and modern Fireplace Equipment

Living idea for decoration with modern fireplace

Idea for cozy kitchen facilities with kitchen cabinets and wall shelf wood

modern kitchen with wood wooden pendulum lamps and dining table

elegant and simple shelving wooden chic wall design

furnishings kitchen with modern wall shelves made of wood

interesting solution for modern decor and arrangement small living-dining room

modern living room with kitchen and dining table

inspiring space and light design for narrow corridors

modern corridor design with wood paneling and narrow windows

creative wall design with wooden slats of recycled crates

nursery set up with bunk beds made of wood

Bedroom inspiration for rustic wood interior 

bedroom ideas for rustic bedroom furniture

Bedrooms with sloping ceilings and inside sided wood Shutters 

small bedroom customize wooden door and cover design with wood slats

 a dream house on the coast that exists in harmony with the surrounding countryside

energy-efficient wooden house with a covered terrace

Shearers Quarters &# 8211; Black plan

Shearers-quarters plans

Shearers Quarters &# 8211; Map

the house Shearers-quarters in tasmania


Shearers Quarters &# 8211; plan

The modern house Shearers-quarters of irregular shape

Shearers Quarters &# 8211; slice

cut through the Tasmanian residence Shearer's quarters

cut through the sustainable wood house Shearer's quarters

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