Stylish and bold bathroom design in black

Stylish and bold bathroom design in black

The bathroom is one of the most important areas in each house, not only because that is the day begins for many of us there, or because the bathroom is to play the role of a further relaxation area, but since this room is also open to our guests. And that was the reason or the explanation of the actress Kate Winslet why she exhibited her Oscar in the bathroom. In this regard, the bathroom, according to the living room, a second card is our apartment and therefore it needs the appropriate design. Today, the emphasis on the stylish and bold bathroom designs are put in black.

to make the power of the color black a luxurious interior with strong character

modern bathrooms recessed ceiling lights with black walls and holzeinrichtung_luxusbad with black stone tiles, wall mirror round, wooden washstand with black rectangular sink and

Why the color black?

Black is a color not often used but definitely the right thing when it comes to the design of a luxurious interior with a particularly classical and solemn character. Known as the color of the night, or the darkness that also represents dignity, integrity and reputation, it can give mystique, glamor and a powerful statement every room. In the field of interior design, the black color in the sense is interpreted by noble, courageous, decisive, powerful, individual, impressive and mysterious.

the stylish and bold bathroom design in black

luxury bathroom design with wall color black, black wood washbasin cabinet with marble top and tower sink with faucet in blackBathroom furniture and accessories in black from the Swedish brand Swoon

By its contrast with the environment affects black outlining and delimiting. In addition to the known effect of all dark colors, namely to reduce optical, the material quality, the texture and the combination with other colors also play a vital role in the perception of dark designed rooms to the the bathroom belongs. This bold black interior design is typical for the public convenience in clubs, discos and restaurants, but very appropriate for a modern, chic and stylish bathroom design from our own bathroom.

Lighting concept behind illuminated glass wall for completely black toilet and bathrooms

luxury interior design garden in black for modern bathrooms and toilets with illuminated glass wall, black basin round wall mirror and a small

Gold as a complementary color

One of the best color combinations for luxurious bathroom interior with an eccentric and elegant touch, is in fact the combination of black and gold. In this case, gold plays the role of complementary color, the accessories are satisfying the accent on various bathroom accessories and as mirrors, bathroom fittings, towel holder, lamps, etc. sets. Black wallpaper with golden motif are also a perfect solution for elegant bathroom design in black.

luxury bathroom design in black and gold

luxury bathroom design ideas in black and gold with wandaus black marble, designer wall mirror in sun shape and modern basin gold with black top washbasin

appropriate color combination and color design for an elegant bathroom interior design

luxury bath black with gold wallpaper, wall mirror in black metal frame and black wall tiling to the free-standing bathtub

make luxury bathroom in a classic style with stripe pattern, golden motifs, antique furniture and the color black

stripes modern bathroom design with wallpaper in, wooden washbasin cabinet in black patent, golden mirror frame

noble bathroom design in black with jellyfish motif wallpaper imitates natural stone and designer bathtub

Cool bathroom design for luxury bath with black marble wall, designer bath black and round sink in gold

the modern bathtub as the center in a luxury bathroom

cool bathroom ideas for luxuröse bathroom design with black tub, marble wall and swinging lamp gold

Inspiration for stylish vintage bathroom design a small bath with bathtub

small bathroom modern design in vintage style with free-standing bathtub black, holwandverkleidung black, wall, wallpaper with black and white clouds and bathroom fittings in goldWall wallpaper Nuvolette of cole & son _ Photo Nathan Kirkman and Anna Knott

elegant lamp scissors and sink with hand-carved motif as stylish fun for black style bathrooms mid-century

scissors lamp modern bathroom with black tiled, and black basin of natural stone with a round sink and faucet in copper optics, round mirrors and wallSink and faucet Derring® Purist® of Kohler

Bathroom in Black

In addition to the black-painted walls and bathroom tiles of all possible black, which allows you to create a brave bathroom design, provides the establishment with black bathroom furniture, bathtubs, sinks and toilets, another interesting opportunity for stylish, modern design of the bathroom, especially if you are brave too much and a complete bathroom design in black.

Details in black for the small guest bathroom 

creative design ideas for guest bathroom with white walls, wall-wc black, wanddeko with black picture frame and black pendulum lampInterior design by Fei Small, Badplanerin for Klein GmbH & Co. KG.

 modern bathroom with wall-mounted toilet and sink in black paint from Hidra

modern bathroom with black furnishings, white walls and mirror wall with black wood frameInterior design by Fei Small, Badplanerin for Klein GmbH & Co. KG.

stylish design for modern bathroom interior in black

chic bathroom design entirely in black with a modern free-standing designer bathtub black

The black bathroom tiles

A traditional materials for floor and wall covering in the bathroom are of course the bathroom tiles. Thanks to a variety of texture and format size, the black bathroom tiles offer numerous design possibilities for every bathroom. You can combine either different tile sizes black bathroom tiles, one accent wall or a specific area in the bathroom with black wall and floor tiles define. Decisive role played by the surface of the tiles, according to the material either matt or glossy, and can be smooth or relief, which also causes the lighting and light reflection in the room the. Using glossy ceramic tiles, wall mirrors, glass doors and walls, as well as sanitary fittings sparkle of stainless steel and polished chrome can the black interior in the bathroom and brighten. To compensate for the effect of the black walls, use bright color for the floor and the ceiling.

black bathroom tiles for stylish bathroom design in black

modern bathroom with modern black bathroom tiles with a small cross patternPhoto © Kristofer Johnsson | Styling Lotta Agaton

Bathroom area defined by patterned floor tiles

interesting bad ideas for modern and rustic bathroom design with patterned bathroom tiles

make accent wall in the bathroom with black hexagon bathroom tiles

black hexagon-bathroom tiles for modern bathroom with white wall-toilet and a round tower basin around

Wall design with black wall shelf acrylic stone, custom made of solid surface specialists

original bathroom design and wall covering with black bathroom tiles

Walls in the bathroom modern dress with black and white pattern Punk 

minimalist bathroom design with mirror in black frame, white tower sink basin with round, pendulum lamp gold and cool wall design with modern bathroom tiles black

Modern 3D wall design in the small bathroom with black bathroom tiles

modern bathroom tiles in black for modern bathroom design in black ud white with white basin fluctuating, tower basin round of concrete and designer pendant lights blackProject &# 8220; layers of white&# 8220; kedem of pitsou architects

Vintage bathroom design with black sink &# 8220; Brockway&# 8220; of Kohrel

cool design ideas with black bathroom tiles for modern bathroom in industrial styleInterior Design_Jenny Komenda

elegant bathroom design through the beautiful combination of shiny black bathroom tiles with vintage metal washstand

make small luxury bath with black bathroom tiles in brilliant, swinging lamps made of glass, metal-basin and runddem wandspiegel in metal frame

Bathroom idea with gloss black and gold

creative bathroom with black-brick tiles, natural stone-basin sink with gold and bath faucet

The lighting in the black bathroom

If you have opted for a black bathroom design, then you need a suitable lighting concept, so you do not affect depressing, small and uncomfortable bathroom. The exposure in the bathroom even through a small window is always of advantage, especially in a dark room design. Often, however, the bathroom has no window, and then more light sources on the right site can already be installed in the room. In this case, the black bathroom is using beautifully and effectively enlighten pendulum lamps above the wash basin, wall lights, built-in lamps, and an indirect lighting. By reflective surfaces and materials, the light is emphasized in the space.

black concrete in the bathroom &# 8211; simple, minimalist bathroom design with indirect ceiling lighting

minimalist bathroom design with black concrete and indirect deckenbeleuchtungVilla E © Morocco Studio Ko_ Photo Dan Glasser

luxurious make small bathroom and effective lighting by indirect lighting and pendant lamps

small luxury bathroom with large black and white bathroom tiles, indirectly illuminated wall mirror and modern pendant lights over black washbasin cabinet in black paintProject Peace Of Mind by Musa Studio

Lighting design with recessed ceiling lights for shower area with rain shower and stone wall

Cool bathroom design ideas for luxury bathroom with natural stone wall, large-size bathroom tiles black and two rain showers in the ceiling

Idea for interesting wall decoration and appropriate lighting in black bathroom

luxury bathroom in black with glass partition to the shower, patterned wall design, elongated mirror cabinet with indirect lighting of the basin of concrete

visually expand small and dark bathroom and ample lighting through walls and ceilings with mirrors

ideas and cool images for bathroom modern bathroom with spigeln and indirect lightingRestaurante Sexto in Madrid_Interieur Design: David Zafra

whiten black bathroom interior with white ceiling and glass elements

Cool bathroom design with black and white bathroom tiles, gray stone wall bathtub to walled and partition of glass bricks

minimalist bathroom design with black glass doors, large Bodensteinpaltten and lichtreflexierenden mirrored wall and white painted ceiling

luxury bathroom design in black for modern bathrooms with indirect stairs and cover lighting, accent wall made of black natural stone and black glass doorsT House in Istanbul_Interieur Design Tanju Özelgin

cozy bathroom design with black bathroom tiles and wood

stylish bathroom design with black bathroom tiles for small and modern bathrooms with a roof sloping and horizontal wall Africa

Balance create by contrast

Few people a completely black bathroom dare to make, especially if the room is small and cramped. In order to create a successful bathroom design in black, you can balance the black by contrast. Decorate as the black bathroom walls with furniture and accessories in neutral white or other bright colors like yellow. Another solution for balanced, modern and cozy bathroom design is the combination of black with wood. Shelves, washstands, mirror frames and benches made of wood will give a different look determined the dark bathroom.

interesting and fresh color scheme idea for small bathroom with black walls

modern and colorful bathroom design with wallpaper, wall color black, white washstand with marble top and mirror wall with yellow mirror frame

combinatorial irish black wall tiles with white bathroom furniture

modern bathroom with large black bathroom tiles, glass wall, skylight and modern sink white

cool wall design in the bathroom floor tiles and with patterned wallpaper

interesting bathroom design with black wall, wallpaper, round mirror in leather frame, colorful carpet and feed baskets© 2016 Amber Interiors _ black wall wallpaper “Mali”

Wooden washstand &# 8211; bring nature into the bathroom

modern bathroom with black walls, elongated mirror and wooden washstand with stone-tank tower and decoration pictures

the black accent wall in the bathroom

tower sink bathroom design ideas for a minimalist bathroom with black accent wall made of marble, floor to ceiling mirror behind wooden washstand with white and indirect deckenbeleuchtung

emphasize open-air bathroom in black

creative design idea with tree trunks for bathroom with black walls

Wooden mirror frames, wicker baskets and plants will balance the dark bathroom interior

cool decorating ideas bathroom with wood mirror frame and feed baskets for towel storage

Black as an accent in the bathroom

stylish and contemporary bathroom design with wood wall tiling, free standing bathtub White, black washbasin cabinet with illuminated wall mirror and white carpet

the black bathroom with accent wall of red bricks

Cool bathroom design idea with freestanding bathtub on pedestal in black paint, plant fresh and brick wall with arched window

brighten up a black Bathroom Interior through the floor tiles

completely black bathroom with geometric patterned white floor tilesInterior Design_Suzy Hoodless

the combination of bathroom tiles and concrete for schwarue Wandgesaltung in the bath

black bathroom design for small bathroom with partition between basin and shower

white bathroom area in black bathroom

creative bathroom with black walls and metal washstand with wood tabletop, durschbereich painting in white and creative cover design withStudio Apartment in Krakow BLACK HOUSE Karol Cieplinski Architect

Sinks of Corian® combined with gold accessories for classic bathroom design with wall color Black

modern bathroom design for modern bathrooms in the classic style with black walls and wall ornaments, parquet floor, waschbecjen from acrylic stone and golden pendulum lamp and mirror

interesting idea for bathroom design small bathrooms with gray wall color and black mirror glass

make small luxury bath with wall color gray and black glass panels in silver mirror frame

courageous bathroom design in black for a stylish luxury bathroom with its own character

creative ideas for black bathroom with black walls, and modern bathroom furniture in black

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