Striking design modern wooden dining chairs

Striking design modern wooden dining chairs

What we have prepared today are seven spectacular models of wooden chairs, which we would like to present an example and elegant solution to a modern, minimalist dining facility with style and charm.

the Holzstühl &# 8222; Corliss&# 8220; with simple and elegant design

modern dining room furnishings and design with modern wooden Essyimmerstühlen

The creative and modern design from Essyimmerstuhl &# 8222; Corliss&# 8220; is an inspiration of the American mechanical engineer and inventor George Corliss. This robust dining chair with scharm distinctive, American character is a combination of solid maple wood-based, which is equipped with hand-turned wooden legs, and modern backrest of aluminum, which is sand cast in a custom-built mold. The aluminum is then versigelt backrest in different colors durable powder coating and coated. You can choose between black, white, red, blue, Chardonnay, Lila (Malbec) for the designer backrest. There is also the option for a custom color. The price for the modern wooden chair is from $ 980.00 to $ 1,225.00 and can be from Studio DUNN to order.

modern dining chairs, wooden, Studio Dunn

creative wood-dining chair design with aluminum back black for dining establishment in black

creative wooden chair model with aluminum backrest in red

interesting wooden chairs with ergonomic backrest from aluminium_Corliss chair

Striking design modern wooden dining chairs

modern dining chairs and stools from holz_der designer chair Corliss with backrest purple

A spectacular design by, at first glance, optical illusion for an airborne chair. The architect NENDO creating the modern chair “Fadeout-chair” about 5 years ago for the Museum of Architecture and Design in New York. What so interesting and unique makes this chair, the chair legs made of clear acrylic, which are sprayed with paint and painted by a brush technique in wood optics. In this White stool feet are a natural extension of the seat and backrest that are actually made of wood. Exceptional is the reason the acrylic legs that is left transparent and therefore there is a feeling that the chair disappears.

interesting design wood and acrylic glass &# 8211; The designer chair &# 8222; fadeout&# 8220; by Nendo

Essyimmerstuhl as a modern wooden chair with wooden backrest frame

creative chair design with colored imitation wood chair legs made of clear acrylic

modern wooden chairs with acrylic legs for minimalist interior design

a minimalist wood chair with wooden frame backrest and acrylic legs

striking design for wood-esszimmerstühle_moderne dining establishment with designer chairs fadeoute

kreatibe dining establishment with airborne chairs

minimalististisches chair design for wood-dining chairs

The wooden chair OUTLINE from the Ukrainian designer Michael Samoriz, one of the founders of Umbra design, can be adapted perfectly due to various colors to match any interior. The modern dining room chair offers in two versions. The cut Model dimensioned by its clean lines, only an elegant silhouette of the known seat unit and serves a simple dining establishment, thanks to its simple and transparent style. The second variant of the designer chair is a combination of two different types of wood and wood colors. The second model works closed and thanks to the lateral design-related filling wooden elements in a different color, the minimalist form of the wooden chair is pronounced. The distinctive chair design differentiates it from the similar pieces of furniture. The elegant armchair has the following dimensions: 55cm x 82cm x 65cm.

elegant wooden chairs with a simple chair silhouette &# 8211; Armchairs Outline of Umbra Design

modern wooden chairs in holzobptik and black for modern furnishings dining room

magnificent interiors idea for the dining room with the dining room chairs of OUTLINE series

Wooden chair models of two types of wood as a means of ideas for dining in black

Chairs with stylish design for modern interior design

device idea living-dining room with modern chairs OUTLINE

elegant combination of wood with the color white for dining room chairs

elegant wooden chairs with a distinctive design wooden armrests and white by Michael Samoriz

Armsessel colored wood as a color accent in the room

red wooden chair for creative color design and establishment of esszimmer_Holzstühle OUTLINE series

Another interesting solution and furnishing idea for the dining room, the wooden chairs and the dining table “FLEX” – a new product from Designer Anton Björsing for the Swedish company Hans K. The elegant chairs offer not only a modern design with comfortable fabric seat, but also more space in the room when you need all not the same as they are stackable. In addition to a dining table with durable thin table top in laminate and solid wood legs, which can also be ordered in different sizes and shapes, you can choose between five seat models. If you want to create a dining establishment in wood look, you can choose between dining chairs made of oak or ash wood. If you are looking wooden chairs but in black or white, the series &# 8222; FLEX&# 8220; also offers this variant.

chic decor with wooden chairs and dining tables of the series &# 8222; FLEX&# 8220; Hans K

striking design of wooden chairs for Esszimmer_Stackable Chair

stackable dining chairs with fabric seat in different colors

striking design of wooden dining chair

Wood dining chairs with black seat made of tissue in black and white

modern chair design in black and white for minimalist dining room design

The elegant wooden chairs Series &# 8222; Hiroshima&# 8220; from the Designer Naoto Fukusawa, represent a masterpiece of the use of natural wood material. You leg press with a simple but clever structure. The spacious seat and the gentle arc of the backrest, which transitions to the armrests, creating a simple, attractive design of the chair, and a comfortable seating unit that is the same for chic dining establishment or a lounge chair. The tapering armrests that easily pass cylindrical in the round wooden legs, also contribute to the fantastic, rounded design. The modern chairs are made of beech, oak or walnut and by means of a colored urethane coating either deleted or left in gloss wood finish. The Chairs and tables made of wood of the Hiroshima series was already in 2008 by the Japanese wood furniture manufacturers Maruni Wood Industry edited.

Japanese design with rounded shapes and lines &# 8211; wooden chair &# 8222; Hiroshima&# 8220;

Armchair made of wood as a device for the idea dining room with wooden chairs

the designer armchairs by Naoto Fukusawa &# 8211; elegant decor idea for modern dining room

modern living-dining room with fireplace and dining table white wood and dining chairs with upholstered seat and backrest black

Dining chairs from wood of the Hiroshima series with upholstered seat

hiroshima wooden chairs with upholstered seat and rounded backrest

modern dining chairs in walnut with upholstered leather seat in black

minimalist dining facility with of armchairs in wood with leather seat black

Armchair in black and white for a minimalist Esczimmer-Interior

modern of armchairs white and black wood

If you are looking modern wooden chairs for elegant furnishings of your dining room, the chairs &# 8222; PELT&# 8220; by industrial designer Benjamin Hubert are a fantastic solution. The dining chair consists of a solid, skinned with 7mm thick multi-layer wood ash frame. The wooden frame crosses immediately below the seat to connect the front and rear legs, and by a complex CNC swirl, it meets the inclined backrest. The creative wooden chair was in collaboration with the Portuguese manufacturer De La Espada.

modern dining establishment with the dining room chairs PELT

dining table and dining chairs white wooden

modern Holzstühl from multi-layer timber for elegant wooden furniture

modern dining chair wood hubert with modern chair-design of Bejamin

a wooden dining room chair with interesting design

eszimmerstuhl from holz_modell PELT for modern Eszimmer

stackable wooden chairs in different colors for a cool and colorful dining room design

colored wooden chairs for modern color design dining room with dining chairs in green and red

Our last suggestion for interesting and stylish interior of a modern dining space with designer wooden chairs is a creative product designer Elisa Honkanen. The chair “PURIST” was based on the concept of designer coffee table &# 8220; Eccentrico &# 8220; Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti. The chair concept is a simple combination of joints and gravitational force, the whole structure can be assembled using only two screws -. The side Auslegehölzer are fixed in the height of the backrest together and pulled by four through drilled holes in the seat. In order to keep the seat surface from its position of plywood, is a black neoprene rope, which simultaneously forms the back of a chair and holding the chair frame fixed. A spectacular, simple design that does create a modern piece of furniture.

the creative wooden chair PURIST by Elisa Honkanen as an example of modern seating

modern wooden chair model with wooden seat and rope-chair Rückenlehne_PURIST

Wooden chair with backrest made of neoprene &# 8211; creative inspiration for modern decor of the dining room

Dining room wooden chair with backrest of dragline

modern design is simple and elegant design

inspiration for self-built wooden chair

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