Strawberry plants in container DIY – Here’s how!

Strawberry plants in container DIY - Here's how!

Who does not love strawberries? One of the most popular and easy-care fruit in summer, you reap easily on the balcony itself and can nibble directly from the herbal- growing plant. To grow the delicious red fruits collection nut, you really need not have a garden and not determined a lot of space, but some vessels and a sunny spot. If you want to also plant strawberries, discover our great idea for DIY container that also except to save space play the role of a DIY decoration.

cool Wandgestaung with innovative Filztaschen for vertical planting Florafelt

vertical plants of erberen and herbs in modular wall panels of feltPhoto: Florafelt Vertical Garden System

When is the perfect time to plant strawberries?

You can plant the strawberries either in late summer or early spring. And who wants to grow in the same year and taste, must obtain the so-called Frigo plants that turn out right after their planting in the spring. In this case you will have to wait until the first harvest about 100 days and not a full year.

Strawberries plant in DIY container &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s!

garden and balcony colorful decorate with DIY Cointerners for plants rites rubber bootsPhotos: Dorling Kindersley Limited

Strawberry plants in rubber boots 

For planting strawberries really allermögliche vessels and objects can be used as this rubber boots in bright red, which are a great decoration idea for any garden and balcony. What you need to do is puncture the shoe sole to allow the flow of water and cut some holes for the plants in the bootlegs that are not greater than the plant root. Take a drainage layer of pebbles and fill the earth to the first hole. Pull the roots through the hole through and fill them with more earth to the next hole. On top you can grow another strawberry plant or flowers. Apply a layer of Vaseline on the outside of the boots and cover the earth with egg shells to prevent damage from snails.

creative crafting DIY container garden of colored boots

cool craft ideas for DIY garden decorations and strawberry plants in rubber bootsPhotos: Dorling Kindersley Limited

transform laundry basket in containers for strawberries

Among the creative ideas for the plants in DIY container, the use of a plastic laundry basket with holes, ideal for planting strawberries comes. Here are run through by the base of the basket and drainage holes. Then you put a jute bag in the laundry basket in the same way as you attach the trash bag on the trash can and fill it with soil and compost. After that, make small holes in jute sack through which you will plant the strawberries. Leave enough distance between the individual plants so they can grow. If you want to make the container more colorful, you can top several sun-loving flowers such as one ground cover replant.

use a laundry basket with holes for strawberry plants

garden decorating ideas with DIY container plastic baskets for strawberries

tinker small strawberry garden bag holder

Surely you know the plastic holder for bags of Ikea and maybe you as a home. Thanks to its holes is it suitable also for the growth of a mini-strawberry garden. Since the holes are not small enough to keep the soil in it, you can either use a plastic bag or soil with moss. Take the bag holder and cover it with soil so that the moss is down. Also tell your compost it and close the holder. Then build the individual plants through the holes and hang it up.

Mini Erdbeergarten breed in bag holder

cool craft idea with bag holder of Ikea for small vertical garden

DIY hanging garden of gutters for planting strawberries

strawberry plants in DIY Hanging planter from gutters as a cool craft idea for DIY vertical gardenPhotos: Matthew Ashman

then a strawberry tower from PVC pipe to make himself

creative craft ideas with pvc tubes for diy container for plants of strawberry

Balcony decorate with small vertical strawberry garden DIY wooden flower boxes

balcony planted with strawberries in DIY container wood

build simple wooden container for growing strawberries and other plants themselves

plant vessels build your own wood for DIY hang-garden on the balcony

Strawberries plant in DIY tower of plastic buckets

diy erbeerturm from the strawberry plants flower pots on the balcony, the terrace

Garden and terrace decorate with a DIY strawberry tower of flowerpots

cool craft ideas for planting with strawberries in diy plant tower

DIY strawberry tower of wire mesh and plastic

roof terrace planted with strawberry pile

empty cans as containers suitable for growing strawberries

craft ideas for DIY hanging flower pots cans

interesting proposals for small Erdbeergarten

strawberry plants in flower baskets with coconut or for use in diy flowerpot sieve

different sized flower pots each other make for a little DIY plant tower

cool garden decoration ideas with DIY Erdbeereturm of round flowerpots

generate small Erbeergarten means Hängeampel

strawberry plants in hanging baskets hanging plant as a cool idea for balconyPhotos: Dorling Kindersley Limited

Strawberries plant in DIY container from scarf stones

gartenanlage died altan with scarf stones as a creative garden border plants and vessels

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