Spring decorations tinker – 30 craft and decorating ideas

Spring decorations tinker - 30 craft and decorating ideas

In the spring of every desire for a little change, for a new and fresh decoration has at home, which brings the happy mood of spring in their own homes. Would you like to time your spring decorations tinker rather than buy? Then get inspired by our 30 craft and decorating ideas for spring.

simple craft ideas and interesting decorating ideas for Spring

tinker fresh decorating ideas early in development for the table with DIY Ombre pots and creative Frühlungsdeko

1. DIY Ombre holder &# 8211; Our first inspiration for DIY Spring decoration is super easy. You only need a few of the white Ikea candle holders and various spray paint in shades of your favorite color to make these beautiful Ombre containers and use a wide variety as fresh decoration.

tinker spring decorations &# 8211; 30 craft and decorating ideas

spring basteln_kreative Decorating ideas spring with letters

2. DIY Monogram &# 8211; The second idea to spring decorations crafts we will show you how to make monograms with a flower pattern itself. Obtain a similar bemustertes textile, with which you will dress up the selected letter. Draw all sides of the monogram on it and after you have cut out all the parts from the fabric, glue them with craft glue to the monogram. Finally, apply a layer of glue on it as a protective layer and let it dry.

fresh spring decoration with door wreath from lemons

door wreath craft from lemons decoration idea as a cool spring with lemon door wreath

3. Door wreath of lemon &# 8211; What do you think of an original decoration with fresh yellow lemons? A great craft and decoration idea for spring. To enjoy this creative spring decorations longer, get the best decorative lemons. The variants are to tinker a wreath with citrus fruit itself much. You can either use a wreath ready-made of twigs on which you can glue plastic lemons and green directly or lemons simply thread on wire and decorate with greenery.

Spring decorations tinker with wood &# 8211; Table setting with DIY wooden Utersetzer

simple craft ideas for spring decorations and tischdeko with DIY Coaster

4. DIY coasters made of wood &# 8211; This is a fantastic idea and craft wonderful decoration idea with wooden disc.


3 bendable copper metal tubes ⌀ 5mm

Bending pliers or pipe bender of K&S as in the example

Shearing machine for cutting the metal tube

Drill and hot melt glue gun

Step 1: Turn the three copper pipes with the help of bending pliers. Measure to be the curved metal feet how high and cut both ends of each tube.

Step 2: Mark the locations of the metal feet on the wooden disc and drill the holes for them.

Step 3: Attach the metal feet with hot glue.

Bowls of twine crafts for spring

diy bowl as frühjahrsdeko and decorating ideas spring

5. DIY Line- bowls &# 8211; Now comes a great craft idea for bowls cord that you might just tinker spring.

plastic sheet


jute cord

spray paint

Foam or bristle brush

Craft glue such as Mod Podge

Step 1: Bowl repeatedly wrap with plastic wrap and coat with craft glue

Step 2: Model small snail with the Virgin and stick them in the middle of the bowl base. Then highlight the screw with glue and wrap the cord around the bowl further around. Leave blank the toilet rim, so that you can later take out the bowl.

Step 3: Once you have decorated the whole dish with string and covered with glue, let it dry.

Step 4: Remove the bowl and the film and make the string shell with spray paint. If you want to color only part of the DIY bowl, use duct tape and foil to cover the rest.

If you are looking for more cool ideas for tabletop and surface finish, you will see some examples of modern fruit bowls.

creative craft ideas for DIY coasters of felt and fresh decoration idea for Spring

tischdeko spring with coasters from filz_einfaches tinker for spring

6. DIY coasters Felt – The coasters are part of the table decorations and can also play the role of ideal spring decorations. A super simple but very creative craft ideas for homemade coasters rolled strips of felt we present as an example.

DIY crafts plant containers made of clay as spring decorations

tinker with ton_coole deco ideas with homemade flower pots and cool ideas Fensterdeko

7. Cool craft idea for original flower pots made of clay &# 8211; Do you love succulents? Then you tinker original flower pots for small succulents that you can use as fresh spring decorations everywhere. They are also ideal for window-decorating.

Plasticine clay

Knife or scalpel

Rolling pin and baking paper

House template (template here)

smoothing tool

Step 1: tone on baking paper roll until the dough is about 3mm thick.

Step 2: Press the template with the houses and cut the template out of cardboard. Then cut the parts out of the clay.

Step 3: Take the two rectangular sides of the house and press their lower ends to the base of the house from both Engseiten. To make the house-shaped pot waterproof, you form two small thin rolls of clay and put them between the base and walls. With the smoothing tool to crush the roles and make the corner joint smooth. Once you have smoothed the internal connections do the same from the outside.

Step 4: Add the other two sides of the house to the ground in the same way.

Step 5: Bake in oven according to the instructions of the Tonpackung.

Step 6: If the succulent holder have cooled, check that they are well sealed. Fill them easily with water. If everything is in order, you can plant small succulents.

Ideas for spring decorations crafts &# 8211; Table setting with creative flower vase and Early Lung flowers

Spring decorations tinker with blumen_basteln ideas for pots of flowers

8. Flower vase with brick pattern – Now we come to the crafting of a flower vase with white brick pattern.

thin masking tape

White spray paint

duct tape

Glass vase or jar

Gluing the glass with thin strips masking tape to form the brick pattern. Cover the base of the container with duct tape and spray with white paint. Allow to dry, remove masking tapes and go!

original spring decorations tinker with eggshells and spring flowers

Decorating ideas spring with eggshells as hanging vases and tischdeko

9. Spring decorations tinker with eggshells – a fantastic decoration for spring as well as Easter. You only need soft boiled eggs and fresh flowers. If you want to tinker a DIY eggshell-hanging vase, then get yourself a pair of scissors and a few meters Bäckergarn.

Spring decoration with DIY vase of glass and cork

spring craft ideas and creative bastelb of pots of flowers

10. DIY flower vase with cork – As the spring flowers are the most popular Frühjahrsdeko as some cool and easy craft ideas for DIY flower vases will show.

thin cork or cork strips

Vase or vessel made of glass


Scissors and foam brush

Cut as long cork strips that are enveloping the vase exactly. If you have cut enough strips to cover the desired part of the vase, apply adhesive on the glass and simply glue the cork strips in him.

original garden and Terrassendeko with DIY vintage flower vase

Decorating ideas for theme Frühling_interessante deco tinker in spring

11. DIY Flower of nails &# 8211; an unusual and cool garden and Terrassedeko with original flower vase.

Fensterdeko spring tinker with glass vessels as hanging flower vases

Spring decorations tinker with glass vessels as cool Fensterdeko

12. Fensterdeko with DIY hanging vases – another interesting Decorative idea that is suitable not only for spring.

Decoration for crafting in spring

deco himself spring machen_basteln with glass vessels

13. DIY container jars – The glass receptacles are actually multifunctional container. If you also make this with fresh colors, they turn into the perfect spring decorations for inside and outside. Want to know how you to tinker this DIY glass container with stripe pattern yourself?


duct tape

Chalk colors and crayon wax

Foam brush and sandpaper

Step 1: Paint the vessels in white chalk paint. Let the paint dry between each coat of paint.

Step 2: Glue a couple of strips of adhesive tape at a distance and apply two layers of paint of another color.

Step 3: After the paint has dried, you can gently smooth out the raised areas with fine sandpaper.

Step 4: Using a clean foam brush to coat the striped vessels with chalk wax and let it dry again. Finally, polish the container with a soft, lint-free cloth.

tinker with wood &# 8211; cool wall decoration with DIY wall hooks than crafting idea for Spring

original wanddeko tinker with holz_diy jewelry organizer wood

Frühjahrsdeko with flower pots

flower pots tinker to spring and spring decorations than tinker with children

beautiful table decoration of glass vases crafts for spring

ideas for spring basteln_diy glass vase yellow and blue

Vintage table decoration with spring flowers and DIY vase made of paper

Setting vintage living room with vintage coffee table weiß_coole tischdeko spring tinker with paper

tinker with paper as inspiration for DIY lampshade and fresh spring decorations

simple craft ideas for DIY lamp and DIY decoration

Türkranz tinker to spring with spring flowers and garden hose

original spring crafts and cool haustürdeko with diy door wreath garden hose

Wreath of spring flowers in spring tinker as Fensterdeko

Fensterdeko tinker with blumen_dekoideen spring with DIY door wreath

Spring decorations with butterfly pillow

sew pillowcase with butterflies made of felt and crafting cushion as spring decorations

Easter tinker with clothespins as Frühjahrsdeko

tinker with clothespins and buttons as a decoration idea for osterfest and spring

Craft ideas on the subject of spring &# 8211; Vintage furniture decorate by decoupage

renovate wooden furniture and decoupage new gestalten_basteln with napkins

Paper Crafts for handicrafts in spring

reshape old wooden chairs and tinker cool wall decoration with vintage picture frame and decoupage itself

creative wall decoration crafts for spring

DIY wall decoration with canvas and birds to tinker for spring

simple and creative table decoration with candles and moss tinker in spring

tischdeko spring selbermachen with wood and moss basteln_frühlingsdeko

Spring decorations with creative hanging vases

diy pots of flowers as decorating ideas for spring

Spring flowers craft paper and twigs

simple tinkering of blumen_bastelideen with paper for spring decorations

Decorating ideas spring for a good mood in the spring

Decorating ideas for Easter and spring

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