Split large scope of development – a room divider to measure

Split large scope of development - a room divider to measure

In this article we want to show you how you can divide large scope of development with a room divider. This way you give large rooms a special touch and make your home more beautiful. In the interior design can let off steam in larger rooms. With a clever division of space you create a place to relax.

Zones and areas create – use room dividers sense

modern loft office space with modern betonbalkendeke divided by colored glass panels and set with black designer pendulum lamps, desks in white and black and round carpetDesign: Concept Glass

If you have large rooms in their own homes, they can quickly unintentionally that they act restless and arbitrarily set. For this reason, it makes sense to consider before setting up, where in the room you can create zones and areas. In this way you can reach an ambiance to feel good. Zones for. As a sofa area, a spacious dining area or a nice reading area to be created. is very important that you make sure that the individual areas are visually well separated. This division into specific zones you can,. B. achieve with different floor coverings or by a sufficient distance. If you place the sofa, for example, with his back to the room, you limit the seating automatically.

Rooms intelligently divide by modern room dividers

open plan kitchen living room separate from the hall with a modern room dividers made of metalDesign: GAO Architects _ Photo: Miran Kambic

Designer room divider in check &# 8211; Information and facts

With designer room dividers you can create interesting zones and areas in their own living room, that enhance the ambience. We look more closely at the issue.


  • There are, for example, both in wood and in metal
  • there is the possibility, Designer room divider to measure, such as. from form.bar, ready to leave
  • many models can be easily folded up and stowed away so
  • there are modular designs that can be extended on request
  • There are detached and hanging models
  • also completely built bookshelves can be used as room dividers
  • Room dividers on the shelf format provide additional storage space and see chic

go along the partition in the lighting design of your home

modern room dividers made of wood slats with shelves and built-in LED lights for effective spatial distribution and light design

create more space and a nice atmosphere through space division

The classic room divider is also called folding screen and can be used to establish specific areas in a larger space. Screens are also referred to as so-called Spanish wall and are known around the world. Screens can be covered with fabric, thus giving the possibility that light can shine through. Because room divider can be moved freely in the room, they offer a great way of flexibility. As a special design feature room dividers / Screens are a decisive factor for the development of a positive room atmosphere.

Spanish a wall in the scroll from the movable room divider

living room stylish design in black and white ropes with parquet floor and modern wall screen made of wood and

Tips, ideas and recommendations 

Room divider are able to divide space in residential areas. Here are some specific tips for dealing with screens in the home.

1. create intimacy:

  • with a suitable room dividers you have the chance to organize rooms in certain areas and zones
  • the living room is not significantly reduced
  • the division can create intimacy and cosiness
  • in the large room the coolness can be taken in this way
  • in the living room can be set up a reading area and produced in the bedroom by a suitable room divider, a quiet working area

2. ensure privacy:

  • nowadays there are designer room divider, which are stylishly designed and inviting
  • Partitions are able to skillfully separate a desk from the bed
  • Screens are especially popular in order to create an area for changing clothes in the bedroom as well as furniture can be used as room dividers

separate functions in the room and create some Intemität and privacy

Modern interior design of living-dining room with slatted ceiling hang out and hang-room dividers light LED black with African and for decoration

3. Individual room design:

  • in brick partition z can. As various light sources are installed
  • a bookshelf can offer as a room divider and additional storage space
  • Room dividers made aufgefädeltem driftwood provide beach feeling in their own home
  • a special sliding panel in the desired color ensures an atmospheric ambience

original space separation curtain of ropes

creative design ideas with diy room dividers made of hanging ropes for original spatial distribution in restaurantsDesign: YOD Design Lab _ Photo: Andrey Avdeenko

Partitions – Smart ideas for a beautiful home

Using partitions, rooms can be split skillfully and set up fine. In this way, interesting and comfortable living areas that enhance their own four walls arise. We show you can be a room divider and versatile. With a suitable room divider to create a visual stimulus in the room.

  • Room divider with clothes rack function
  • as a practical and stylish bookshelf
  • in the form of long curtains or Schiebegardinen

simple solution for meaningful space division by curtain

loft apartment natural stone, brick walls and concrete beams rustic set up with large

Germans like to change their facility?

According to the latest statistics, the Germans are more conservative when it comes to changing setup her apartment. The majority of the respondents antwortetet to the question whether they often times do something about their home furnishings with the answer “no.” They prefer to stay in its ground and cut feel so comfortable in their own living room. Only about 30% are open to changes for their own living style and change often something.

the large room separated with designer bookshelf room divider

cool interior design living room with designer bookshelf as a room divider, modern sofa white and colorful paintings with wanddekoLagoLinea Shelf by Daniele Lago LAGO

If you like his home designed modern and practical, the possibility of designer room dividers should take a closer look. There are numerous variations and models with which you can create a stylish and cozy atmosphere in large rooms. Popular room dividers and screens are also because they can be individually designed and adapted to the corresponding housing. Special designer room dividers are characterized by a professional design and high quality materials. First, they serve a useful purpose, and on the other they create a comfortable atmosphere.

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