Spectacular front door made of wood as a curtain

Spectacular front door made of wood as a curtain

Spectacular front door made of wood as a curtain

A spectacular entrance door made of wood, the unvermutlich opens in the form of a curtain. The unique door is designed by the Indian architectural firm Matharoo Associates and “Dilip Sanghvi Rezidenz” in his project in the diamond capital of India – Surat used. The luxury residence is a family house, which is accessed by two separate entrances – once the private home area and the second gear directly to a formal living room with dining area. The two main courses are provided with the designer door “Curtain Door”.

Dilip Sanghvi Residence of Matharoo Associates

betonbau with flat roof and concrete walls of exposed concrete

Why is this solid door so interesting? At first glance, the minimalist entrance normally. High concrete walls define it as a large-sized concrete frame enclosing the shadow of the move inwardly and form transitions into a vertical, dark rectangle. These rectangles running from floor to ceiling are actually the doorways. If you stand outside the door, you see a 5 m high and 1.70 m wide wooden wall from horizontal wooden slats. When the door opens, the wood parts rotate inward and form optically a curtain of wood.

spectacular front door made of solid wood parts &# 8211; &# 8222; Curtain Door&# 8220;

einganssituation with betonwnden and solid wood door

fantastic material combination of Boton and wood for modern interiors

luxury entry door wood as a creative idea residential corridor in combination with concrete walls

interesting input situation of minimalist residence with a floor to ceiling wooden door

modern house of concrete with passage to the interior stairs from concrete

The magic revolving door consists of 40 single, thick, horizontally positioned rotating parts from Burma teak, which are 254 mm thick. The wooden parts are connected by means of ball bearings 80 (2 ball bearing per rotating member) to a rotational axis and means 160 built rolls, wire rope and one hidden balance weight, the wood elements can be smoothly and harmoniously open successively. When closed the door looks as normal slatted door that is simply out high. Then, pressing the timber surface and the catch elements elegant as compartments inside to move on.

Corridor lighting with natural light through small skylight in the ceiling

wohnideen corridor with internal staircase and concrete wall color schwarz_indirekte deckenbeleuchtung in the hallway

creative Wohnidee with concrete partition between the entrance and staircase 

modern house with concrete stairs and corridor deco ideas _wand emphasize identical for concrete wall

Sketch of modern wooden door of individual turned parts

creative idea for massive wooden door elements

Inspiration of the architects of the unique front door that opens as a curtain

Spectacular front door made of wood as a curtain

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