So easy you can build your own private wine rack

So easy you can build your own private wine rack

Transport your personal flair with a DIY wine rack. If you are a wine lover, who still does not have a suitable piece of furniture for storing still full wine bottles, then you can build your own wine rack itself. As an inspiration for those who like to tinker, we have prepared a variety of examples and craft ideas for individual wine racks. In addition to the required space for your wine collection, which creates a self-built wine rack, it also plays the role of a wonderful and unique decoration in the room. The wine rack can be used as a side table, a shelf, a free-standing shelf, as Hängeregal build over the sink or closets, as well as a shelf in wall niches. The range of materials you can build yourself from a wine rack or a wine cabinet is also diverse. Especially, pallets, pipes and tubes of metal and plastic, and other materials such as wire, fabric and leather are used and creative combined.

selbstgebauete wine racks as a special accent and wonderful decoration in the room

modern kitchen design with glass roof, accent wall of black brick and diy wine rack made of pallets as cool wanddeko in rustic style

DIY wine rack made of wood and nails

Let’s start with a cool craft idea for a modern, self-built wine rack. All you’ll need here is a wooden board and several nails 18cm x 0.6cm. In this example, a total of 12 such nails are nailed in a distance of 7cm to a 45cm x 30cm large board. To make it easier to attach the nails on the wooden board, first drill holes with a smaller diameter than the nail. Only then nail the nails. If you want to hang this wine rack on the wall, nail the nails tilted slightly upward so as not to drop the wine bottles.

own wine rack build yourself with some nails and a wooden plate

modern wine rack itself build with wooden plate and large nails as creative DIY Decorate Your Kitchen

DIY Wine Real wood and leather

The second crafting idea shows other creative variant how to build an individual and modern wine rack itself. The required materials are a 1 birch plywood plate 30cm x 60cm x 2cm, 6 wooden rods 30cm x Ø1cm, 4 leather strips 1.5cm x 50cm, wood glue, scroll saw, drill bits and sewing machine.

creative Aufbewagrung for wine bottles with small DIY wooden wine rack

small wine rack for six bottles themselves build wooden plate and round wood rods

Step 1: Cut the wooden plate in two parts, one of which is shorter with 1cm.

Step 2: Take the long wooden board. Measure 4cm of upper edge down and mark the center of the flitch. To the same level, at a distance 1.3 cm from both sides, mark two broad points. Those are the three places where you will pierce holes for the upper wooden sticks. Measure 15cm from the bottom edge up and back 1.3 cm from both sides to mark the points for the other three wooden sticks parallel.

Step 3: With a flat drill drill the 6 holes through by the marked points. The holes should have the same diameter as the wooden sticks. Before gluing the rods in the holes, for attaching the perforated plate to the timber base by means of blind holes 3-4, which are made on the back of the wooden plate.

Step 4: Take a strip of leather, sew about 1.5cm wide eyelets and thread on him. Repeat with the other three strips of leather.

You can build out of wood and gutter brackets an individual wine rack itself

cool craft ideas for rustic wine rack itself build with wood and gutter holder

DIY wine rack made of wood and rope

Now we come to another simple craft idea for homemade wine rack where the wine bottles are held on a wooden board by rope. What is needed here: wooden board 60cm x 20cm x 2cm, 3cm thick hemp rope, drills, Flat drills 3cm (with the same diameter of the rope), ruler, sandpaper with fine grain and wood stain.

Step 1: Smooth the wooden board and its edge using grinder. Once you have a smooth and free of splinters surface, mark the locations for the cable retainers. With flat drill you will drill holes at these locations with the diameter of the rope. For each bottle you will make four holes. The distance between the two superimposed made parallel holes is 8cm. And the distance between two bottles in this example betrögt 2cm. of course, the distance between the wine bottles as well as lower and upper edge of the board depends on the board length, the number of bottles and the diameter of your rope. To mark the holes, draw with pencil on both sides two lines along the board, because you are by drill the holes from both sides of board.

cool craft idea for DIY wine rack made of wood and hemp rope 

creative tinkering with wood and rope for DIY wine rack

Step 2: After all the holes are drilled, sand the surface again, flatten the holes and apply the stain on.

Step 3: If the stain has dried well, allows you to thread the rope through the holes. Pull the two cable ends by the first two holes from the bottom upwards through. Leave one end shorter and pull the second end further by following up through holes. When the rope is pulled through the hole letze from the first row, thread it in the same manner on through the second hole row from top to bottom. Check with the help of a bottle you how far Be the cable holder must before you have attached the rope as big, or.

Step 4: In order to fasten the rope spike it to the back side of the flitch. Best also between the holes. Additionally, you can also use hot glue.

build a simple wine rack of two wood panels with two hinges

own wine rack tinker with holz_coole craft ideas for DIY bottle racks

DIY wine rack for 3 bottles of wine

Here’s another idea for small, detached wooden wine rack. You need a wood panel, from which you cut off an isosceles triangle. In our example, the triangle was getting 30cm large board of a 30cm x. They are two wooden slats 8cm x 50cm x 2cm need you will use as a base and bottle holder. One end of a wooden lath to be cut obliquely at 45 °. This will be the holder bar.

a freestanding wine rack build yourself of only three parts

creative and easy craft idea for DIY wooden wine rack for three bottles of wine

Now you drill three blind holes along one of Dreicheck- leg to secure the triangle to the base. Then drill three more blind holes along its hypotenuse to screw the wooden bar for bottle holder on the triangle. Except for a diagonally cut end, these wooden slat also needs three holes with a diameter of 3.5 cm. Before you connect all three pieces of wood together, you can dye any and pickled. First, attach the triangle centered on the wood base, in this case remain 10cm on both sides and then the bottle holder. To get a rustic look, grind some edge and surface parts with fine sandpaper.

turn around Holt or wood support in original wine rack with a rustic character

freestanding wine rack itself make bole or square wood

Wine racks made of wood as a creative wall and room decoration

DIY wine rack made of birch branches as wall shelves for bottles

cool ideas for rustic wall decoration with a DIY wine rack made of wooden boards

original wine rack for wall itself build with wooden boards, nails and pipe holders

Another inspiration for self-built wine racks made of wood

modern and rustic wine shelves build your own wood as a creative diy wall decoration for kitchens

inspiring ideas for original wine racks for wall 

wall decorate with diy wine rack made of wood and metallstäben_rustikales wall shelves for bottles do it yourself

the kitchen countertop stylishly decorate with a homemade wooden wine rack and leather

kitchen deco idea with diy wine rack white wood and leather and fresh herbs in metal cups

a chic wine rack in black build yourself for the wall in the kitchen

wall in the kitchen decorate with diy wine rack made of wood and pvc tubes

get the wall surface above the sink for an elegant wine rack

make kitchen with an accent wall of natural stone, white kitchen cabinets with glass doors and a modern wall shelves for wine bottles and wine glasses

DIY wine rack made of metal tubes

You can build your own custom wine rack from metal tubes themselves. Here’s a version with a small wine rack is shown for three bottles of wine, which can be extended as desired course. They need copper pipe Ø 1.5 cm, 4 x fitting T-piece, 12 x tube angle, pipe cutter, leather 80cm x 20cm, 8 buttons plus necessary tools. The pipe must be cut in the following pieces: 4x 20cm, 12cm 6x and 8x 15cm.

interesting idea for DIY wine rack made of copper tubes

modern wine rack tinker with metal pipe and leather

First, cut out all pieces of pipe using pipe cutters or miter saw. Then make four frames, each consisting of a 20cm long and two 15cm long tubes with two fitting. associated angles. Now you need to attach the frame 4 on the base. For the destination you need the other four angles and four tees and all six tubes that are 12cm long. Once the entire frame is assembled, attach the push buttons on the leather by means of the necessary work for more holes in leather. If you find any buttons in copper look, you can simply spray with copper color them.

DIY hanging shelf for bottles for space-saving storage of bottles under the Closet

copper tubes cool idea for storage of bottles in wine rack from diy

cool wall design with DIY metal wine rack-couplings

cool craft idea with gußeisenrohrleitung for modern wanddeko with diy wine rack

Wood and Tempergussröhre &# 8211; fantastic combination for individual wine racks in a rustic style

rustic decorating ideas with diy wine cabinet made of wooden boxes and metal frames made of tubes

put rustic accent to the wall by an extraordinary wall shelf for bottles

wall shelves themselves are expanding holu and metal for storage of wine bottles

great combination of wood and metal for creative Bastelb of wine racks

rustic wanddeko with homemade wine shelves made of wood and metal angles

put your favorite wine in the limelight

cool wall decorating ideas with wine bottles and wineglasses

attractive wall design with metal rods as a holder for wine bottles

ziegelwand original design with metal rods as a DIY wine rack

transform an old wooden door in creative wine rack

DIY wine rack wooden door painted in blue

the room eienen besinderen character to by a eindaches wooden wine rack

Rustic interior with DIY Wooden rack for wine bottles

Ideas for own wine rack with bar

sideboard and wine rack build yourself from pallets and wooden boxes

an old piano in the role of the wine cabinet

cool idea for DIY wine rack made of piano

DIY wine cabinet wooden elegant furnishings in Scandinavian style

modern interior design with diy wooden shelf, wooden dining table and designer chairs in white and black

modern wine rack for space-saving storage of bottles

white wine rack wooden build yourself

great wine racks for wine cellar built with pallets

shelves of pallets build a modern DIY Wine Racks

simple and creative idea for a DIY wine rack made of wood and wire

DIY wine rack made of wire and wooden boards

build yourself a table with shelves for bottles and glasses holders

DIY wine rack with glasses holder as a side table

build simple wooden wine rack case

ideas for creative realizations with wine rack in wall niche and diy wine rack wooden crate

Space for wine bottles create by built-in wine racks 

device ideas for kitchen with diy wine rack as slim built shelf next to the kührschrank

Wine rack build yourself under the stairs as a modern interior design and expansion of the interior

modern interior with bar and bar stools of wood wine rack with indirect lighting under the stairs

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