Small and modern bathroom with bath

Small and modern bathroom with bath

Everyone wants to have a large, spacious bathroom with freestanding bath, separate shower cubicle, modern furnishings and panoramic windows with beautiful views to be had. In reality, however, is the bathroom is a small room of our apartments, where the area precisely planned and the necessary furniture must be closely trimmed side by side. That does not mean that the small bathrooms do not have sufficient space for the desired bath and that they could not comfortably furnished and decorated. The small but modern and functional bathrooms may actually be the small jewelry each apartment. For some, the bath offers a relaxing conclusion to the long and loaded day, for others the warm bath is a recommended medical treatment and for many simply part of the modern bathroom design. Look for creative bathing facilities for small and modern bathroom with a bath? Here you will find 40 inspiring examples and some tips for successful setting up your small bath.

small bathroom with sharmanter vintage bathtub in black as an elegant accent to the white wooden floor

modern bathroom with roof slant and free-standing vintage bathtub black side tables with black claw feet and three wooden stools aks

Setting up bath in a small bathroom today is no longer seen as a problem but as an interesting challenge. Various modern bathtubs of different manufacturers are already offered in smaller sizes, and allow a variety of options for setting up your dream bathroom. What you need to do first is to analyze the room well. Are there niches or unexploited corners where a bathtub will fit? Seek advice if the required water pipe can be attached to your desired location with a pipe layer. And of course you measure the area just before you go in the sanitary shop. Important when choosing a bath, especially for small bathrooms, is not only its dimensions, but above all the comfort. You do not have to compromise with the convenience that needs to have a bath, close. The comfort is the priority in this case!

small and modern bathrooms with bathtubs

small bathroom with bathtub modern set of concrete and skylights for natural lighting

What bathtub is suitable for small bathroom?

  • Freestanding bath &# 8211; The vintage bathing device can be the ideal solution for small and modern bathrooms, because the freestanding vintage bathtubs are about 122 cm long, which makes it perfect for children bathroom. These types of tubs with different claw-footed or modern pedestals can be easily equipped with hand-held shower and require no additional space for mount or deck area. If you want to make a small minimalist bathroom, there are also many designer bathtubs that are small enough and therefore also deep to fit into a tight space.

free-standing vintage bathtub with golden hand shower for the small bathroom with white wall tiles

small bathroom modern gesture laten with parquet and white badezimmerfliesen_fenster in the bathroom and freestanding bath vintage black against the window with golden badtuchhaltern

modern bathroom set with small free-standing bathtubs

designer bath white small bathroom with dachschröge and tiles marble

  • Japanese bath – the smallest tub that is perfect for modern and small bathrooms, the Japanese bath. It is becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom equipment in Western countries. These tubs are deeper than the usual and intended for sitting upright, with the water up to the chin rises. The trendy Japanese bathtubs, most are square, can be in a width or length of 104cm and in various colors and finishes, such as stainless steel, copper, or the traditional wood find. Oval or round-top baths of this type are also available.

great bathroom idea for small and modern Bas with bath and shower

small bathroom modern set up with shower and Japanese bath in front of the windows with wooden floor

cramped bathroom with niche and windows &# 8211; the ideal place for small bath in Japanese style

Japanese bath for short space bathrooms with windows and wooden ceiling

  • Corner bath – more suitable option for decaying bathrooms in your small-scale bathroom is the edging of corner-shaped bathtubs. The Corner bathtubs do not require as large wall length as the others and their well may oval, triangular or square, as well as its hourglass-shaped. The typical dimensions of a corner bath is 120cm x 120cm but you must also involved in planning the required cover surface.

illuminated wall niches and corner bath as functional bathing device small bathrooms

modern corner bath tub for small bathrooms and wall niche as a space-saving idea for floor space with indirect lighting for small bathroom

Moroccan bathing facility for small bathroom with arched windows

small bathroom set with bath detached and Moroccan pendulum lamp and carpet in front of the bathtub

illuminate small bathroom with daylight through skylight

modern bathroom with skylight and white mosaic

small bath with shower for modern bathrooms in small bathroom

set small bathroom with small bath shower enclosure as modern

Vintage bathing establishment in black and white &# 8211; black metal window frame and Spigelrahmen

small bathroom with bath and white tiles with black fugue

creative bathing establishment with vintage tub and a fireplace for the bathroom with glass wall

modern bathroom with fireplace and cool bathroom wanddeko with butterflies

interesting Flisen idea for modern bathroom equipment in white

Designer bath with backrest and white wall shelf for modern small bathroom with indirect deckenbeleuchtung

make modern bathroom with bath under droop industrial style

modern bathroom with rustic wooden washstand and two badezimmerspigel on mosaikwand_badewanne with mosaic-deck area and flisenvekleidung with wood pattern tiles

small bathroom modern design accented wall of black Flisen

modern bathroom with tub and shower in black and white

Inspiration for modern interior small bathroom with a small TV 

the small bathroom with tub and shower

white wall tiles with balloon pattern as creative wall design small bathroom

modern bathroom with black accent wall and shower with glass wall and white tiles with balloons

space-saving bath design with wooden wall shelves in alcove

modern bathroom with black and white wall tiles and designer bath freestanding and wood washbasin cabinet lit with pendulum lamp

industriales bath furnishing and decorating small bathroom with tub freistenehder

make small bathroom with plants and wooden floor

visually enlarge small bathroom and modern design with white marble tiles

spigeln in the bathroom as a creative ideas for optical bathroom space enlarging small bathrooms

Setting small bathroom stylish with small bath and wooden furniture

small and narrow bathroom with washstand wood and Japanese bath with wood paneling in front of the window

small and tife bath with shower deck as the ideal solution for small and modern bathrooms

gray and white badezimmerflisen basin with the Mirror for modern bathrooms in small bathroom

interesting color design small bath in green and blue by Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors

modern bathroom with green walls and free-standing bathtub blue ünter curved wall niche with arched window

Alcove with large Badezimmerspigel and built-in sink for small bathroom

with creative wall design of white mosaic 

ideas for modern bathing facility small bathroom with bathtub and free-standing wooden washbasin cabinet with round sink

the small bathroom &# 8211; modern bathrooms in close and elongated bathroom with glass facade

modern bathroom with modern white bathtub and hozwaschtisch and wooden closet with elongated badezimmerspigel

small tub by Kohler for modern bathroom equipment small bath

Setting up modern bathroom with a small tub in wall niche

modern bathroom in idustrielem style with brick walls and a small bath with shower

small bathroom idea for idustrieles Interior design in the bathroom with black metal window frames and basin cabinet white with metal sinks

minimalist bathroom with a small tub and Japanese glass partition to the sleeping area

modern bathroom with glass wall to the bedroom and Japanese bath

creative bathroom decoration idea and elegant wall decoration

Vintage bathroom design with wood floors and vintage bathtub

a small and modern bathroom with white wall tiles and mosaic floor

modern bathrooms with metal basin and mosaic floor

modern bathroom design with modern floor tiles with floral pattern

modern bathroom with sliding wooden door and white vintage bathtub black

small bathroom with bath ideas

small whirlpool bath in a small bathroom wall niche with the Mirror in

Bath panel with bricks as an accent to the white wall tiles and the black window frames

modern bathroom with bath and window with black window frames and sun protection slats

Underline idea for small bathroom on the roof with wood paneling

small bathroom with roof slant and mosaic floor with wall colors white and beige design

Bathroom with a bath for small bathroom with a pitched roof

make small bathroom with dormer windows and bath in white

adequate lighting with natural light for small bathrooms through the roof

make small bathroom with white and blue bathroom tiles and bathroom set with built-in wall shelves made of wood

fresh color scheme for small bathroom with white wall tiles and red Bordürenflisen

bathroom Flisen ideas in red and white small bathroom with bathtub

Bath in a small bathroom with window

bathroom ideas for modern facility bathroom with bathtub and shower stall

make small and bright bathroom by Badflisen in cream color or tiles with patterns

small bathroom with bath and creative set white eingebaiten wall cabinets and modern design with white wall tiles with floral pattern blaumem

Setting small bathroom as a modern bathroom with bath

wall-emphasize small bath for wall Africa in bad_coole ideas with wall color gray stripe pattern

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