Sleep under the stars in the Bubble Tent

Sleep under the stars in the Bubble Tent

Sleep under the stars in the Bubble Tent

Have you been to France? Yes! If you have stayed in the Bubble Hotel? No? Then you must again go na France! Just 12 km from Marseille, lies the Bouches-du-Rhône department – a beautiful place, which is located in Provence on the Mediterranean and a total of 280 kilometers of coastline. The Hotel Attrap’reves consists of transparent, in the form of a bubble, individual folding pavilions, which are positioned in the forest or on the coast. A fantastic idea for a romantic holiday for two! the surrounding nature is used for your privacy. A place where you can go from daily stress away to relax. This unique hotel allows not only during the warm, sunny time, but even in winter. Each tent is equipped with comfortable and modern furniture and restaurant in country style has delicious food. You have the option of different Bubble-room packages to book, to a telescope or a outdoor hot tub is available. The price per night for two catches of 109.00 euros and includes breakfast and is available to you even a telescope with sky map. A more expensive option is to book from the comfort bubble packet, which offers 30 minutes relaxing in an outdoor hot tub.

romantic nights in Hotel Attrap Reves in France

white bubble tents with wooden deck for cool gartengestaltung

Sleep under the stars in the Bubble Tent &# 8211; fantastic gift idea for Verlibte

cool landscaping with Bubble Pavilion in white and Deck

want the bubble tent is also an interesting and creative idea for those who like camping, or the extra space for guests. That’s right, you can take in the garden of the folding gazebo as an additional guest house. Another cool idea for the garden pavilion where you could also feirn parties or various events. The cool design and the production of this spectacular bubble tent is by the French company Bubble Tree realized. The pavilions are available in two basic types – Bubble-room, which is half translucent to afford privacy, and the whole transparent model CristalBubble. The two models have a diameter of the bottom of 4m. They can be a further bubble tent that is smaller or the same size, so as Bubble Hut, or expand small house. There are three input modules, which are transparent or white. The triangular Access module allows a multiple combination of the bubbles. For the full comfort of a bathroom bubble must be ordered in two sizes as an extension element.

Wooden terrace with bubble pavilions as a cool summer house for guests or to celebrate

cool Urlaubsort_Bubble Hotel in France

Inspiration for additional bedroom in the garden overlooking the sky

romantic nights in bubble tent transparent

With the help of a low-noise fan, the tent will keep in shape and concerned with fresh air. Thanks to a filter humidity, allergens, and insects to be eliminated. The tent is made of UV-protected plastics and is provided with wooden floor, to equip air turbine. In addition, you also get a carrying case for folding gazebo.

Bubble pavilions as a cool terrace design

cool terrace design with bubble tent

creative bubble tent as a shelter by the sea

bubble tent to sleep on more

fantastic idea for the home and garden

cool garden house with bubble pavilion

romantic holiday in the countryside with accommodation in a transparent tent

cool garden ideas for bedroom in the garden

creative folding gazebo for adventurous tents

gift ideas for romantic night in a bubble tent

Sleep under the stars in winter

romantic overnight stay under starry sky in winter

Luxury Bedroom in the forest for romantic weekend for two

garden house with bedrooms in the bubble isolated white

You need an extra bedroom for guests?

modern bedroom in bubble tent ceiling with transparent and considerate to heaven

Bubble Tent as a creative idea for modern garden house and bedroom in the open

cool idea for the garden with bedroom in the Bubble Pavilion

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