Silicone molds manufactured for cool DIY candles

Silicone molds manufactured for cool DIY candles

Silicone molds manufactured for cool DIY candles

Who loves to pour candles, homemade soaps or decorative items will learn how they can prepare suitable for silicone molds to craft a creative decorating or different homemade gifts themselves. The silicone is a fantastic craft materials with which you can make wood quickly and easily allermögliche casts of models of wax, gypsum, clay. Depending, you will need to either make a single mold on the complexity of the model, or one that has two parts to easily take out the model from the casting. Using this technique, you will transform almost any object as a decoration figure, cones, succulents and even fruit and fruit in original candle.

creative decorating ideas with DIY candles with silicone molds

original candle making by diy silikongießformen_tischdeko ideas with diy candles in the form of pears, apples, cacti and grease plant

As an example, we will now show you the simple version with a model without many curves, namely a pumpkin silicone mold for candles or soaps. And here’s the list of the necessary materials and tools for the production of a mold:

  • Silicone rubber with silicone crosslinker
  • Casting model (in the case – artificial pumpkins)
  • Vessel for pouring and stirring rod
  • Cutter knife and scissors
  • Scotch tape and clothespins
  • Nails or screws

Silicone molds manufactured for cool Pumpkin Candles

pumpkin silicone molds produced for DIY pumpkin-candles as an original gift DIY and creative Kerzendeko in autumn

Step 1: Prepare cast model

  • Depending on the object size, you can use a plastic cup of different foods as suitable container for casting. The cast model, in which case the artificial pumpkins, must be cleaned first. If the surface of the object is porous, apply a thin layer on it Veselin. Then you hit a nail a top and a thicker screw from the bottom center of the object. In this way, the model will not touch the bottom of the mug and it will be done also accommodate the wick. By means of the screw will position the model more easily in the cup and secure. Since the artificial pumpkins are quite hard, you will have to use a hammer when Einnageln.
  • Place the model in the center position vessel for casting one. The vessel, or plastic cups should be approximately 2cm wider on all sides than the model for casting. Fasten the model in the vessel using cellophane tape or a clothespin.

Instructions for the crafting of Pumpkin Silikongießform

cool candles Hachenburg in the form of pumpkins thanks to simple silikongießform

Step 2: preparing and pour silicone

  • The work with the silicone should happen at a Rautemperatur to 30 degrees. Stir the silicones with a stick and shake the bottle briefly networking with the curing agent. Then mix the two substances for the purposes specified in the Instructions Mixing and stir the mixture well. After thorough While stirring the corresponding crosslinker of the silicone is ready for processing. The time for working with the silicone rubber before curing is also taken into account.

make simple silicone molds and make creative candles

cool silicone molds for making candles

  • Place the mixture for a few minutes on page so that air bubbles formed during mixing to come out. To pass the faster you can easily knock the mixing vessel on the table. Then pour some silicone in vessel until the ground is covered. With soft flat brush wear thin layer of the silicone mixture to the model, or on the pumpkin in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles on the model surface. Only then pour the model slowly and evenly with silicone until you have covered it with 2cm mixture. Tap the jar a few times on the table and let harden the silicone about 24 hours.

interesting Candle molds produced from silicone

produce silicone molds and make candles step by step

Step 3: Model of silicone mold separated

  • After the expiration of the cure first cut through the cup to take out the finished silicone mold. Then cut through only one side of the silicone mold. Start from the center of the top and cut up the middle of the bottom, in other words, from the nail to the screw. So do not share the mold in half! Then cut on a sufficiently large hole in the center of the top down, by which you are pouring the wax and take the model out.

Tips and tricks for creative crafting candles

how can I produce silicone molds for pumpkin candles

Step 4: Pour candle

  • Prior to casting, you must insert the wick. For the target pull it through by the silicone mold and tie a knot out of the mold in order to secure the wick at the bottom of the silicone mold. Then, using rubber bands or twine close to the silicone mold. For safety, you can put the mold back into the cup. Now pull the wick up and attach it between chopsticks.

great craft idea for DIY candles

pumpkin candles make himself as an original gift

  • The wax in a double boiler to melt, add color and fragrance to desire to do so and pour into silicone mold. Let the wax cool to room temperature and harden. After that, the pumpkin candle to take out from the mold and your new Kerzendeko or a cool DIY gift is ready.

make individual candles and give

silicone molds produced for DIY candle with relief

In the same way you can manufacture various original silicone molds. Here’s another example of DIY candle with relief that is made by a self-made mold of crystal glass.

produce silicone molds of various decorative items and Dekofiguren

cool candle making in the form of snail

Other inspiration for crafting creative DIY candles as original gift and individual Kerzendeko is the production of various figure and animal silicone molds. Using the same technique, you can also try out silicone molds of natural materials, or to produce plants such as cacti and succulents.

make himself even candles in imitation wood and tree stump shape

Wood stump candles themselves machen_coole idea to tinker with wood and tap

Silicone molds produced for Tang candles that allow you to make a beautiful Christmas

tap candles make using silikonformen_coole crafting idea for original DIY Christmas

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