Setting up a private cafe on the terrace

Setting up a private cafe on the terrace

Setting up a private cafe on the terrace

You know what else improves the taste of coffee, other than the addition of milk and sugar? Of course, the ambience. We start each day with the usual cup of coffee or tea, but especially in the summer, this ritual is transformed into a real pleasure as we drink our morning coffee on the terrace and the same therefore also can enjoy the sunrise. Cafes and restaurants with a garden or a green terrace are also many obese due to the cheerful and summery atmosphere they offer. So a dream place with Cafe-character can also be your own terrace. In addition to the wide range of design ideas for garden and terrace, we have prepared today, we will lay the emphasis on setting up a private café with living environment.

Ideas for fantastic terrace design with a cafe-character

wood patio set with wooden benches, tree trunk coffee tables, rattan chairs, garden fire and black metal lanterns

There are many fantastic inspiration for a modern, chic, romantic and cozy terrace design. But how do you envision your patio? Would you like to create a thematic space there, such as: B. Your private café at home? The idea is not so bad, especially if you like to invite friends home and have a good-sized terrace for great summer parties.

How can a private cafe on the terrace set up?

roof terrace with wooden railing creatively fashion as cafe with patterned carpets, cushions around a round coffee table made of wood, fairy lights with bulbs and side table on wheels

chic color scheme of a cafe terrace in black and green

modern cafe on the terrace set up with black face protection wall made of wood with black flower pots as wanddeko and modern sofas in bright green and gray with U-shaped wood-NaziSky Yard Bar at The Drake Hotel 

The design of your patio as a chic cafe and setting it up is something personal and to be a part of you like a real coffee bar. Namely the atmosphere that conveys a cafe that makes the small but significant difference between the usual terrace design with a cozy and homely character and those which alludes to a party area outdoors. In this case, you do not need expensive and pompous terrace decoration. To make a unique interior, you can compose an individual equipped with old furniture from the flea market. The apartment resolutions also splendid pieces of furniture, home accessories and small items can be found, which can be used as an authentic accent in your Terrace Cafe.

great example of a truly authentic, Cafe interior in the Italian style

mediterranean terrace design with brick-lined sintbänken, colorful upholstery chairs and table lampsBlanc Shop and Bar in Gallipoli_Foto © Stefano Scatà

Depending on how large the terrace, you can set several sitting areas that define different areas. For example, can correspond to a dining area or with a bar counter, a cozy area with cushions or low sofas and lounge chairs, allowing different scenarios for entertainment.

original idea for a modern DIY bar counter with bar stools made from driftwood

terrace modern design and set with white bar counter and barstools around diy

great craft idea for modern lounge sofa from pallets and pads

terrace modern set up with diy corner sofa from pallets and diy coffee table from wood

One of the pieces of furniture that allows you to be determined lend a café-character even the smallest patio, the bar counter. One possibility would be to use them as counter the outer windowsill. Other and perhaps the better option is the transformation from the terrace railing in a bar with exterior views. In this case, the massively enhanced railings are advantageous because they can play the role of a bar counter directly and you only need few bar stools. Is your patio equipped with a grille railing that is no problem to set up a DIY wooden counter.

the terrace happy summer mood confer with a wooden bar, some flowers and colorful touches

small terrace set with wooden bar, white wooden stools with cushions, candles and fairy lights

set up the terrace as a party room with bar

chic terrace design with bar counter and bar stools in whiteInterior: Magdalena Keck Interior Design_Foto: © Jeff Cate

the small terrace modern and functional set up a folding table

cool design ideas for small terraces with two folding tables of wood flower pots white round stools and gray rectangular

Your little private cafe on the terrace with green wall and bar table

small terrace modern design with wall tiling wooden slats and plant and mobile coffee table on wheels

More furniture, without which would not be possible a comfortable terrace design, of course, comply with the appropriate seat furniture such as sofas and chairs that offer comfort and are provided for your relaxation. A comfortable seat, e.g. a DIY sofa pallets can be you build yourself. The device bearing Puffs and ottomans also creates a relaxed ambience. Several stools and trays can ideally replace the usual coffee table and give an even more individual look. Pillows and thick padding will not only give a cuddly character, but emphasize a modern or playful interior.

simple and convincing terrace design with a sitting and sleeping area

original terrace design in Mediterranean style with wooden pedestal and cushion for sitting and lying

make small terrace chic and comfortable

terrace set up with folding chair black, small table and stool in yellow, yellow pillow and flower pots and wall decorate with wallpaper and wall lamp

Setting an Oriental Cafe on the terrace by using bright colors, patterned textiles and seat cushions

oriental terrace design with wall color pink purple colored, shutter, carpets and seat cushions © GIGI Interior Design

elegant terrace design as a cafe with multiple beds with pillows under an awning

wooden terrace modern design in white with white sofas, pillows and curtains and modern holzkafeetischen

make a colorful coffee on the terrace

terrace colorful and modern design with three round Moroccan stools in purple, garden sofa with colorful pillows, a white parasol and round holzbeistelltischen

Lighting is another important point in the terrace design, set up especially if you are planning a cafe area there. The lighting design evening corresponds to the interior design on the day when the weather gets mostly lit with candles, light chains, lanterns and solar lamps that are part of the decoration and can also suggest the chosen interior style. In addition to the decoration with outdoor lights, you can achieve an original lighting design by luminous garden furniture.

transform your roof terrace in Café Lounge

cool roof terrace with pergola and canopy in white, corner bench made of wood with white and plump, hot tub and built-in LED luminaires

make terrace in the evening romantic and playful with Lich

ideas for lighting and light design of the terrace

terrace lighting with lanterns ensures authentic atmosphere

romantic terrace design a deck between trees with gas lamps

Seating area set the scene by combining different types of lanterns

covered garden terrace set up cozy with wicker furniture, hanging lanterns and kletterplanzen

a modern terrace design with a rustic accent and homely atmosphere

cushion covered terrace with wall wall, attractive pendulum lamps, cool kerzendeko on rustic wooden table and modern sitting area of ​​white

A fantastic inspiration for your private cafe on the terrace would be the possibility of film, music videos or soccer games to look there. With the help of a projector and a screen, you can turn the terrace into small summer theater or sports club.

set up your specially cafe and small open-air cinema on the terrace

cool landscaping with dining area, comfortable seating on wooden terrace and the big screen

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