Setting up a modern and functional small apartment

Setting up a modern and functional small apartment

” Setting Small apartment modern and functional ”, represents a great challenge and for this reason also excites the subject a growing interest. The current paper presents a studio in the Russian capital city Moscow, which was set up for a young couple from the studio INT2 Architecture and designed. The task of the architect here was to define different living areas in an open 40sqm apartment at the same time, separate and let correspond. The few space-enclosing walls are decorated by various textures, motifs and a wealth of interesting details. What makes this one-bedroom apartment so unique is the successful combination of aesthetics and functionality, the appropriate color scheme in light colors with dark accents and the maximum plane and space utilization through creative and space-saving solutions that are also part of the original interior design. This small city apartment provides a design inspiration for the interaction of two different interior design styles: ” mid-century ” and ” Danish Modern ” and the combination of tiles and wallpaper with geometric motifs.

Design inspiration for modere establishment of a small city apartment in Moscow

small living room set stripe with black and white and gray paint with a round coffee table in front of white gray sofa, pendulum lamp white carpet

Setting small living room with Still

When it comes to modern and functional setting up small apartments, the color scheme and matching furniture play an essential role. Here is placed on the elegant combination of white and gray, emphasize the living space in the different gray shade and textures. A gray upholstered sofa is placed in front of a white wall and corresponds with the attractive wall design of gray, diagonally mounted 3D wall panels and wallpaper in stripe pattern of the lateral wall. Modern furniture in white and wood combine with the carpet in black white stripe motif and various decorative elements in blue pastel tones.

Setting up a modern and functional small apartment

small bedroom set with holzfüßbodenbelag and desk set up for two _beispiel small apartment

Live and sleep in a room

One of the biggest problems in setting up studios is the separation between the functions sleeping and living. In this one-room apartment, this room partition is solved by a pedestal with drawers, shelves with sliding doors in blue and the suspended ceiling with recessed lighting and wooden ceiling covering creative. In this way, not only the necessary bedroom is defined as a separate area with a 160m-wide bed, but managed a generous and sufficient workspace for two along with additional storage space.

fresh color scheme for Studio apartment imitation wood, white and blue colors

color design ideas for small living room with holzfüßbodenbelag and wooden shelf with blue sliding doors as room dividers between sleeping and living area in Studio apartment

The shelf behind which hides the double bed, already unites several functions in his positioning. Its height is calculated so that it simultaneously plays the role of partitions and headboard without limiting the room lighting with daylight through the window opposite the bed. The blue doors of the shelf allow convenient and space-saving access to the underlying storage space and serve as a strong color accent to the combination of the light wood flooring, the white walls and the color accent in light gray.

small apartment set up with a small home office in a separate sleeping area

studios small apartment with loftbett on wood pedestal with drawer and double desk with pendulum lamps as design inspiration for modern

modern make small home office with wooden ceiling and floor-, patterned wallpaper for accent wall and elegant pendant lamps

1 room apartment set up with workplace in the sleeping area with wooden ceiling and wallpaper with pattern in white gray

The kitchen in a one-room apartment

Cooking and eating are part of each apartment, the question is how to arrange these functions and ranges in a Studio apartment and make it so that the two can work while giving a cozy room atmosphere throughout the living room. We return to the appropriate color scheme, deal with each other through the kitchen and living room in one room. To counteract the small cooking area cozy and look bigger, the daylight through the window between the kitchen and balcony, as well as the bright color combination of kitchen cabinets in white and wood effect help. Two white wall shelves above the sink offer additional floor space and are accentuated with triangular pattern in light blue, white, light and dark gray through the kitchen back wall tiles. Through this playful wall design the small kitchen draws attention to itself and the accent wall provides the perfect backdrop for the kitchen Gazette.

Example of modern kitchen equipment and color design

device tips and beispil modern kitchen with wall color dark gray, kitchen back wall with geometrically patterned tiles and kitchen cabinets in white and wood

A second accent wall in black chalk color separates the kitchen and living area. It is original and creative decorated with a fresh herb garden and round spice containers and thus it is not only cooking, but also the modern, functional and space-saving kitchen design. Namely this partition in the one-bedroom apartment also leads the imaginary dividing line between living room and kitchen and is the perfect place for a round dining table.

define the sleeping area by wood paneling and a room divider in blue: the small bedroom in one room apartment

bedsitting with accent wall black, white dining table round and white dining chairs

fantastic inspiration for creative and modern wall design through color and texture

cool wall design with wall color black and vertical herb garden as an accent wall in one room apartment

The balcony as a second small living area

The 2,75m² large glazed balcony is comfortably furnished as another entertainment area with small round wooden table, two yellow chairs and wall-mounted metal shelf for a second herb garden. The yellow window frames the balcony glazing bring more heat and provide fresh accent to the white walls represent. Other decorative element here are the white wall shelves with books on the opposite, narrow balcony wall.

the glazed balcony stylish design in white and yellow with vintage pendant lamps and bookshelves

balcony creative design with white wall shelves and yellow chairs and window frames

make balcony as a small cozy sitting area with fresh color accents and plants

the little balcony creative set with round table wood and wall shelves plant consisting of metal and wood for decoration with

The right place for washing machine in Studio apartment

The small apartment usually does not have a laundry room and the washing machine is often installed in the kitchen. In this 40 square meters apartment but a separate room for the washing machine next to the bathroom was left redecorated with style and creativity.

hidden inspiration for washroom in the hallway of the small apartment behind Gardiene

color design hallway with wall color gray and space-saving ideas for small washroom with gardiene and white wall shelves over black washing machine

the tile as a design element and wall decoration in the washroom

cool and original wall design with tiles in the washroom and wall shelves with built-in lighting

How does a small apartment makes you fashionable and functional set up?

Example of functional space division of a 1-room apartment

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