Setting timeless and modern – Industrial Style

Setting timeless and modern - Industrial Style

Life is rough, become more hectic and faster, but also more creative and unconventional. This also reflects our private environment. Industrial Style is the buzzword of modern urban life. One settles down in conditions that are not seemingly made for living. The factory floor is home to the workshop to the living room. What employed as improvisation for the lot and tireless urbanites began, has long become a trend. Industrial style is cool, beyond a loft or a garage. And everyone can create this atmosphere, bring this style and this urban lifestyle home. It is considered to follow a few basic rules. Everything must seem unfinished and somewhat raw. Concrete, steel, wood and exposed walls adjacent original furniture e.g. from pallets and decorative objects are the ingredients of this modern style of living. As inspiration for a chic decor in indutriellem style, we have some interesting and unusual Industrial furniture prepared from solid wood and metal. More information about the presented furniture, as well as more modern pieces of furniture for a stylish home furnishings, you will be Pharaoh 24 Find.

fantastic furnishing idea in Loft Industrial Style

industrial design living room with vintage furniture as furnishings idea loft with wooden table and some stools around wood with black metal legs

Everything is a whole

A basic rule of the industrial style is to dispense with separation of living areas. Everything goes into one another like in a loft. Kitchen, living room and bedroom are not separated as usual in the bourgeois sense. Industrial Style is the high art to combine furniture and objects that do not seem to fit together in the traditional sense. The colors and tones are muted and natural. Wood, dark reds and blues, gray, black, rust, metal and Khaki spread a wild and yet unique atmosphere. Lamps in industrial design hanging on chains or coarse mantles have only one version. All this is of course intended and should act playful and accidental. The clear line is that there seems to be none. Everything is thrown together, but wisely. There are, for example, tables and benches with solid wood edge that they perfectly Industrial style, yet classic and value.

pendant &Buama; # 8222&# 8220; of iron for living and dining room

cool dining ideas for modern industrial furnishings with round hanging light dining metal & tischdeko ideas

sending means with round pendant lamp &# 8222;Tujano&# 8222;

vintage pendulum lamp around a metallic gray for modern living dining facility in the industrial style

Accessories are important

To make the Raw and Exposed the Industrial Styles are comfortable, original objects and accessories that nuts and bolts are This is mainly due to the materials to. Everything should be purist. Concrete, terracotta and metals are ideal materials for tiles, vases, candlesticks and more. But in between make unique pieces from flea market quite well. An old tray or antique-looking pitcher give the industrial style just that extra something. One or the other plant brings life into the rooms. The right mix makes it! Old advertising signs and tin cans do the style not diminish. On the contrary, these details provide warmth and vitality. Kitsch, however, is prohibited. Especially with lamps, turgid shades of velvet and silk ban. Here coolness is needed. Metal mesh, black color and the total abandonment of lampshades bringing something special here.

Industrial style &# 8211; Setting timeless and modern

dining room ideas with black hanging lamp made of metal and dining table solid wood

set living room timeless and coffee table &# 8222; Chest Brave&# 8220; Mango wood

modern living room and living room design with vintage furniture from wood massivholz_couchtisch as rustic furnishings idea

Walls without plaster

Murals were yesterday an ideal. Industrial style lives from Rauen and unfinished. Exposed brickwork is also suitable as concrete walls. If you do not live in the old building, there is certainly also possible to simulate industrial walls. The cornerstone of the Industrial Styles are straightforward. This applies to walls as for furniture. Cabinets are reminiscent of old lockers. The chairs and tables are rough and masculine like factory furniture. Shelves may be made of metal. Curtains and Nippes ban itself. Good but &# 8222; Finds&# 8220; like old billboards, metal baskets, chests and boxes, which are converted into useful and get a completely new provision. Creativity is essential in industrial style. It must not be compromising on quality. Especially with appliances and equipment used in bathrooms and kitchens should not be saved, because they are essential for the real quality of life.

Dining table and bench made of solid wood combined with black leather dining chairs

Buy dining ideas for furnishings with solid wood dining table and dining chairs black from leather and metal and cowhide furniture teppich_moderne online

elegant device with the Essgrupe &# 8222; Escoba&# 8220; &# 8211; Benches and wooden table from acacia

loft industrial style as a dining room design dining room and ideas for modern furnishings with wooden table and chairs massive dining room black

modern dining room design with dining chairs &# 8222; Camuna&# 8220;

dining room ideas for modern design with wood table and chairs massive dining acrylic glass with metal legs

Pallets and cable reels

Renovation and redesign makes the true Industrial of style. Pallets have great potential for this facility. From pallets can do virtually anything. Whether shelves, benches or tables &# 8211; Pallets and wooden stairs are wonderfully suited to manufacture custom furniture. Of course, now also professionals have specialized in manufacturing furniture from old industrial pallets and crates. So if you want to leave anything to chance, you will find it also from the specialist. Even with cable reels can be started all kinds. An industrial cable reel is readily to the table. Also armchair can be produced from it. living in the industrial style is, think creatively and live. Who goes through life with open eyes, can and other new surprise with this lifestyle.

Industrial modern living room design with chest &# 8222; Fistrana&# 8220;

Buy establishment idea living room with fur carpet black and decoration creative side table in wooden box with vases and sideboard wood in schwarz_möbel online

Home accessories in Industrial Design &# 8211; wine shelf &Charm; # 8222&# 8220; with rivets made of copper

Eirich processing ideas for idustrial style loft with vintage wine rack made of wood with drawers and bottle-fan from solid wood

Design furniture industrial style as inspiration for unique home furnishings &# 8211; bottle Cage &# 8222; Jillma&# 8220;

industrial style loft device with bottle holder made of pallets

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