Screed – the floor in the industrial style

Screed - the floor in the industrial style

The laying of the screed as flooring starts already during the antique period. At that time, typical of Central Europe and Italy screed floor is a mixture of lime, crushed rocks and water, which resistance has been exalted by the input from the sand. For a long time the concrete floor, particularly in the industrial buildings to see or used as a subfloor in housing construction. Over time, however, the screed has returned as an essential part of modern interior design. Nowadays forms and designed this building material modern interiors are represented from bare floor to the walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. The raw, concrete gray surfaces stand today as a distinctive contemporary furniture styles, such as industrial style and minimalism.

Living-dining room make industrial style with screed floor and bright brick wall

modern kitchen in industrial chic style with brick wall and fließestrichboden_eszimmer set with dining table wood and white dining room chairs and swinging lamp gold@Casey & Fox Ltd

Today we will focus attention on the screed floor. A floor industrial style which can be laid in any room. You do not necessarily in a loft apartment to live to enjoy the charm of the industrial facility style. You could give your home and through a left visible screed flooring. Same atmosphere also And if you want not the cold gray color or different shades of that color, it is possible to be make the textured or shiny floor surface individually. Thanks to special color pigments and different treatment of the surface, you will produce the desired floor in industrial style. What are the basic types can be distinguished by the screed and as the screed can be processed, we will explain to you. Find ideas for new and modern interior design your four walls, then be inspired by our inspirations with screed floor in industrial style.

screed &# 8211; the floor in the industrial style

modern bedroom in industrial chic style to set up a modern look with an accent wall building wood and flowed stroked black with black bed and wall mounted bedside tables schwarz_schlafzimmerProject &# 8222; Heavy metal&# 8220; of Hufft Projects

small attic apartment with sloping ceilings in Industrial

Screed - the floor in the industrial style© Kira Brandt

Living in the “industrial style” is an ever more popular topic lately. The emblematic for this so popular style setting industrial floor, is one of the main design elements, with which you can start when you want to design a room in this style. What actually constitutes the industrial floor? A flooring screed, which is processed in semi-solid state of the mortar-like mass. What are the advantages of industrial floor? The screed floor can be seamlessly install and is easy to clean, and durable. The good impact sound and thermal insulation of the screed are other characteristics that identify him positively. In addition, the screed floor is for the installation of underfloor heating.

Floor made of concrete screed in brown for generous kitchen equipment

with kitchen cabinets in high gloss, mirrored wall and a small garden under aufmachender roof glazing

modern house with modern kitchen and dining area with garden and roof glazing from folding band of windows

Due to the mixture of raw materials with different binders, a 5 basic types differ by the screed:

cement screed – This screed type is ideal for wet areas, since it is waterproof and enables use outdoors. It has a high passenger and frost resistance, but has very high dry time. In the cement screed also a risk of cracking is due to high shrinkage, and in addition, the surface may buckle when the screed is dried one-sided.

Mastic asphalt cement – It is often used as a sealing in industrial and building construction, but moved as topsoil or subsoil of different floor coverings. Thanks to grinding operations to an even shiny surface of this floor type can be achieved. A barrier-free production and a height-waterproof are further advantages a floor screed. In addition, this floor has a better sound insulation than concrete. Other advantages are the short installation time, seamless transfer larger areas, its elasticity and flame resistance. but its use is more expensive compared with other flooring types.

magnesia -. This cement type is composed of caustic magnesia and materials such as wood, textiles or paper represents the magnesia screed is lighter than the other screed types and conductive, can be colored without loss of strength, used at Ökobauten and renovations, but is sensitive to humidity and to metals aggressive. Wood and concrete surfaces, as well as large seamless surfaces are installed easily with him.

Calcium sulfate screed – The use of binders of this type is tensile strength of the screed and pliable, but sensitive to moisture. It can be seamlessly best laid only in dry areas.

Synthetic resin screed – It consists of synthetic resin mortar and synthetic reactive resin, can be laid without joints, has a short curing time and is frost resistant. The screed of synthetic resin is resistant to water, humidity and different chemicals but if ignited fumes can be generated that are dangerous to health.

make modern kitchen in concrete gray and white and set up with a small kitchen with cooking island made of concrete

loft apartment in industrial chiy style modern design with screed as flooring and black cover cable with lights

Screed as flooring in white for minimalist kitchen facilities and design,

with exposed concrete and white paint

minimalist kitchen white with white kitchen cabinets installed and cook island of concrete on screed floor white

black Estrichboden as appropriate flooring for modern kitchen design country-style

screed as flooring in black for modern kitchen with kitchen top and black solid wood dining table

Processing by the screed:

Of the leveling screed is the laying of a self-leveling surface, which means that the screed floor is newly dried and needs no leveling. What you need to take in sight for the floating floor, is a suitably distinctive to the material used hardening. The time required for complete cure varies considerably. Take for example the calcium sulphate screed who needs 7-10 days to cure and cement screed, in which the curing may take 30 days. In this view, the floor of mastic is characterized as particularly fast drying. The laying of the weather-resistant and temperature-resistant mastic asphalt screed allows a walk surface after one day.

dry screed consists of two 10 mm thick plasterboard, which are connected to each other. Prior to its installation on an uneven surface, a dry bulk material is to be mounted, which forms the basis of the required dryness stroke after leveling and compaction. This screed installation method is recommended when claim an increased impact sound insulation. This is also an insulating layer on the bottom of the dry layer has to be glued on. What is also very important in a dry screed laying, it means that the direct contact of elements with the peripheral walls can lead to body sound it is. For this reason, a double-sided adhesive insulation strips to be mounted in the wall profile.

Of the heating screed represents one of the most popular floor-laying species, due to the pleasant warming of the floor and the lack of heating in the room. The screed is used as a heater thanks to heating elements such as electric heating mats or ventilated pipe with hot water, which are incorporated either below or in the load distribution layer. When laying the heating screed should on no account in direct contact with the structural components.

Compared with the flow and dry screed floating screed is not connected to the adjacent components. Actually, all types of flooring can be laid in the form of floating screed. floating floor is highly recommended for requirements such as impact sound insulation and heat insulation. In order to achieve this, to the screed on the edge of walls, heating pipes and columns, means Randdämmstreichen be laid separately. This transfer is prevented by the sound.

small apartment modern design in white with gray industrial floor screed

small living dining room a modern look with screed as flooring and modern wanddeko schwarz_kleine apartment in industrial style set white walls with dining room and white upholstered sofa with brown wood coffee table-round and tv wall white@ Studio

cool Wohnidee industrial style and elegant color scheme in black and white for industrial areas with Estrichboden

industrial style design with polished screed as flooring and black window frames with lattice as a cool idea residential corridorPhotography: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen _ Styling: Pernille Vest

Industrial style as Wohntrend &# 8211; black metal support combined with screed floor and concrete wall

make loft apartment with screed as flooring and wall of exposed concrete _moderne kitchen with wood kitchen cabinets and a round dining table glass with four wooden chairs on a round carpet

stylish combination of industrial style with country-style  &# 8211;

Inspiration for modern kitchen design with wood and concrete

modern house with gable roof, wooden ceiling paneling, exposed concrete walls and screed as flooring modern set up with wooden kitchen and cooking island made of wood with black cooking island plateSelzer Residence _ Ian Forsberg General Contractor

Processing of concrete surfaces – by polishing and grinding after drying, a coating with oil, latex, epoxy resin or rubber is applied. In this way, the screed floor is glossy, matte or colored. For a refined concrete floor surface that is similar to terrazzo, a special grinding and the use of various color pigments is required. But there is also another variant for creative design of the cement flooring. The expansion joints that serve to avoid unwanted cracks, can be run in different ways. This will certainly achieve a unique and individual floor design, especially if you want to make an open living area with a floor industrial style modern.

black industrial floor screed combined with wood paneling as Wohnidee kitchen

modern kitchen in industrial chic style with black screed floor and wooden wall tiling in the hallway and in the kitchen with cooking island wood@ SPACEDGE DESIGNS

Expansion joints from the screed floor use for creative floor design

screed as flooring with expansion joints as cool floor design

interesting idea for floor design with screed and wood

make screed as flooring with wood afford

small bathroom modern design in industrial style with screed floor

modern bathroom design with screed floors and floor tiles and set up small bathroom with shower enclosure made of black mesh window frames and wooden door white with mirror

kreatib make screed floor using string templates and wall decals

cool living idea for modern floor design of concrete floors

Inspiration for creative color design and floor design a kitchen in the industrial style

set kitchen with black küchenschrönken and kitchen top wood in industrial style and customize screed floor

Wohntrend industrial style in black &# 8211;

make a special living area with wooden bar and DIY wall shelves wooden box

style barstools screed floor and gray brick wall for modern interior design and living room design with corner bar wooden beams and industrial

Wohnidee for modern setting up small industrial housing with industrial floor screed

Mezzanine loft in the industrial style with exposed walls and living room with glass wall to the bedroom with screed as flooring@ 19SixtySeven

modern living-dining room in black and white with fireplace and floor screed

minimalist living facility with white walls and screed floor in dark grayHouse of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen_Norm.Architects

cool bathroom ideas for modern bathrooms in industrial style small bathroom

small bathroom design in industrial style with wall mounted basin bathroom mirror white and illuminated by pendant lights in red@ 19SixtySeven

Industrial style in the bathroom &# 8211; small bathroom with sloping ceiling and skylight

modern set up with screed floor

modern bathroom in industrial style with shower under roof sloping and elongated basinPhoto: Jean-Marc Wullschlege

Screed as flooring for patio

terrace design brick wall in industrial style with unplastered and bench made of concrete decorated with cushions and pillows@ Cemcrete the cement company innovation

black screed flooring a modern villa in Aldona, Goa

modern house with black polished screed floor and panoramic windows with wooden window frames and wooden window sunshade

Floor and room design in industrial style for modern office space

black style flow-screed as flooring and exposed concrete ceiling with air lines as inspiration for modern offices in the Industrial

Screed and wood for creative design an interior staircase

inner staircase from screed with wood-trittsctuffen

the charm of the industrial style &# 8211; Inspiration for elegant furnishings Kitchen

screed as flooring in black for Indutrial Style device@ Space SENSEstudio

Screed floor in the bedroom &# 8211; Ideas for modern bedroom furniture in the industrial style

industrial style in the bedroom as a cool idea living bedroom with concrete wall and screed as flooring@ 19SixtySeven

Industrial floor screed for simple and minimalist interior design of public buildings

modern interior design with screed as flooring and white walls with wall-mounted wooden shelves with glass display casesGallery of Minerals and studio _ THREE.BALL.CASCADE. Architecture Design Office

industrially or minimalist &# 8211; Living room design idea with concrete floor

minimalist living room design circles with creative wall design with wood wall shelf and holzernen with black screed as flooring and designer sofa graySofa CH163 the furniture series &# 8222; Down Cushon Sets&# 8220; _ desig Hans Wegner, 1965

reshape small rooms with screed as flooring in Industrial STyle

modern make small living room with wall color gray and round couch-Nazi and black upholstered stools

Industrial Chic Style in White &# 8211; Living room interior design with raw plaster walls and polished concrete floor

Modern living room in an industrial style with polished screed floors and designer upholstered sofa white8building of By Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

modern loft apartment in a minimalist style with white walls and black floor screed

modern loft apartment natural stone wall with unplastered and white putzwänden_modernes living dining room and kitchen bar counter white and white@ Jen Fong Photography

Estrichboden as a design element small apartment with work in the living room

modern home furnishings small apartment with screed as flooring and small bedroom with sliding glass door@ Studio

polished floor as a floor covering of a house in the Scandinavian style

slandinavische residential facility with polished screed floorHouse of Line Dahy Ernst and Thomas Høedholts _ Styling: Camilla Tange Peylecke _ Photo: Peter Kragballe

Estrichboden &# 8211; an industrial flooring for modern interior design in Industriel Style

screed as flooring for terraces and modern terrace design

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