Round rug and yoga mat with Interactive Design

Round rug and yoga mat with Interactive Design

For those who like to do exercises at home, we want to introduce an innovative exercise mat. The modern yoga mat “Terra”, designed by the European design and engineering office Lunar, is uncharacteristically round and made of environmentally friendly battle wool from Kvadrat Premiumhersteler and leaves as a designer carpet in the bedroom or living room set. The idea that hides behind the creative and unique design is to define the home training new and at the same time to supplement the living area elegant and stylish by a functional carpet.

Home do yoga on the innovative yoga mat TERA

round carpet black with integrated sensors as a modern fitness mat for home

The round yoga mat is a special exercise mat due to its intelligent surface that is equipped with built-in sensors and color-coded LED lights. The synchronized with TERA app sensors and LEDs recognize the movements by the user and guide him through different types of yoga, pilates or Thai Bo exercises. The round shape of the mat is obtained as a result of the consideration of the natural human movement radius and allows easier and seamless flow of movement. The role of the sensors is the accurate identification of the body and the weight shift by the user. By linking the sensors with an innovative LED system, the user is shown step by step how to perform different exercises correctly and safely. but the LED pattern not only play the role of guiding lights, they track and analyze your movements and pass the information to the app through the store the data and provide the social networks.

round carpet and Yoga mat in one with Interactive Design

designer carpet round and innovative yoga mat wool

a black carpet of umwelfreundlicher battle wool

carpet round wool in black and innovative yoga mat

The modern yoga mat carpet is still a concept and actually represents the third product of innovative fitness equipment with Interactive Design of Lunar. The goal that the company has set itself the previously known fitness equipment in elegant exercise equipment for the home.

a round carpet as modern yoga mat with sensors for exercise

carpet round and modern yoga mat for home workout

TERA carpet &# 8211; round, black and functional

living room carpet round and workout mat in a

Yoga and Pilates exercises make home properly using the innova-Nazi exercise mat

beautiful carpet and modern yoga mat around for home exercises

a black carpet with Interactive Design for stylish living room interior with modern yoga mat

carpet living room black as a modern and elegant yoga mat round with sensors

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