Room design – 16 ideas for fantastic and stylish design

Room design - 16 ideas for fantastic and stylish design

On the topic Farbrausch Sweet Home we have already published some articles with interesting, creative and colorful interior design ideas. Today we want to introduce another 16 cool pictures of inspiring proposals for a modern and chic design with bright color accents. The ideas for colorful color design of the series better living farbrausch, we want to show different solutions an invigorating and pleasant atmosphere. The black and white room design is intended chic, quiet design in bright shades of a color is also popular, but the two design options are monotonous and boring. A bright and cozy atmosphere can be designed by the Mitbeziehen of garish color accents. The colorful room design brings mood.

fresh ideas for modern room design

small living room modern set with leather sofa black and white floor with beautiful purple carpet in front of black chimney-pendelleuchte blue

fresh room design in blue and yellow &# 8211; simple and modern

small living room with sofas make in blue and wood wall shelves with deco in yellow living room roof sloping window sill and decorate

living dining room color design in brown and orange &# 8211; a bright room design

orange modern living room design with living wall and leather sofa brown coat with orange carpet-ceiling orange

luxury room design in zyklamfarbe &# 8211; cool living room inspirations

modern living room interior with wallpaper in gray and purple stripes elegant sofa white and purple armchair with floor lamp black

ideas stylish living room &# 8211; room design in white with accent in yellow

modern living room with design wall tiling wood in white and green window decorations yellow modern sofa with motifs and beautiful carpet white with modern coffee table white paint

better living farbrausch &# 8211; room design with bright colors

modern interior with wall shield black curtains and red semi-circular leather sofa white-upholstered stool silver-pink carpet

nostalgic and cool room design in blue

living room color scheme with blue wall and white sofas with floral pattern Modern floor lamp white wooden floor and curtains blue

creative room design with symmetrical wall design

living room with fireplace inspirations decoration and wall design with African and black frame-wooden floor with carpet texture brown

ideas to decorate elegant wall painting idea and creative wandgestaltung- room

blue wall color with living wall white and black chimney-dream carpet white with glass coffee table sofa and armchair black zyklamfarbe

Wood and metal for unique accommodation design in roman generic pink color

modern living room interior in white with sofa and antique pink curtain decoration suggestions-modern coffee table wallpaper round of metal-cool

orange and blue for invigorating room design

modern living room with wall color beige and cool blue hintergrundbildern.couchtisch wooden-wise seats and sofas decorate with orange and blue pillow-sideboard

Wall painting pattern in white and green &# 8211; extreme color design ide

living room with wall design inspirations and green seats and sofas green-green wall with white built-in book shelves

decorating inspirations for room &# 8211; live farbrausch beautiful

small living room design with blue leather chair

bright and fresh room design

modern living room with walls of light blue and wood cabinets-furniture green fensterrolos colorful

zimergestaltung with pastel colors &# 8211; cool blue and warm yellow

modern living room with a round dream carpet blue and modern armchairs blue and red wall color brown-stair runner blue and yellow sofa

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