reshape old shoes!

reshape old shoes!

With the beginning of spring and the first warm rays of the sun, we want to go out now and enjoy the nice weather. Then it’s finally pack the winter shoes in the closet again time and attract the light and comfortable shoes. The following examples will show you how you can make your old shoes new and interesting. Introducing 19 craft ideas for creative shoe design that will bring you even more fun in the summer.

DIY circular motif in white on black sneakers

craft ideas to beautify of sneakers

Are you a fan of white sneakers? Then you see how you might embellish this in different and fresh way.

white sneakers with creative border of ropes

DIY white sneakers with black laces and ropes

You want to cool DIY studded shoes tinkering? Here you will find examples of this as well as other craft ideas with sparkles or by colored textile pins.

DIY sneakers with glitter

craft ideas for chic white sneakers with glittering decoration

Craft idea with colored pencil on white sneakers

beautify craft idea old shoes

Do they have black ballerinas in the closet? Here is an easy and cool idea how to create a fresh look with DIY striped ballerinas. With the help of Klebefolie- or tape strips to make your desired stripe intervals, you will then paint in a different color. Use waterproof permanent pins or special fabric paint.

design your shoes with black and white stripes

stripes cool idea for black ballet flats with white

Another cool inspiration for white shoes is a colorful design with zigzag stripes of different colors. For this you need thin cardboard, from which you cut different thickness zigzag paper strips. Insert the patrol on the shoes on it and draw the zigzag contour from.

Design idea for colorful sneakers with zigzag pattern

cool craft ideas for white shoes

DIY buckle for high high heels is also a creative way your shoes redesign. See how you can make it easy and interesting.

Inspiration for elegant high heels with buckle DIY ropes

craft ideas for DIY buckle for high heels

redesign chic black high heels with decorative wooden beads in red

ideas for design of black high heels in red

cool craft idea for design of ballerinas with homemade buckle

buckle craft ideas for shoes with

Here are still some fantastic ideas for a spectacular shoe design in varying patterns.

chic and personalization for sneakers with clippings from magazine

cutouts craft idea with magazine

You can create any kind of motives themselves and make. The main thing is that you express your personal expression there!

convert your Oxfords in chic designer pieces

color Schnürrschuhe in black and gold

design your shoes with black dots

Bastelideen for elegant dotted high heels

When the mode of the points coming back, just take a permanent marker and design your shoes trendy. Various adhesive patterns for a range of fantastic and creative design. As an example, we have chosen white sneakers with colorful flowers as fresh design for spring time.

Craft idea for spring decorating your sneakers with flowers

design ideas for shoes with floral pattern

black decorative gemstones for shoe design

to make craft ideas new Cameos old shoes

Instead of glue shoes with decorative stones or glitter, use bright color for a radiant and luminous decoration.

extremely chic color combination of gray and green

craft ideas for gray ballerinas with green decoration

design your shoes with fantastic motifs

craft ideas for elegant and chic DIY sneakers

The studded sneakers are always a hit! Design your shoes on this chic and modern way himself.

Idea for DIY Studded sneakers

make white sneakers new and interesting

DIY dot pattern from different textile colors. So simple and creative are the elegant black high heels in chic shoes for parties.

beautify your shoes with color

textile colors for creative design of shoes

DIY studded sneakers

craft ideas for DIY sneakers with fittings

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