Recycling old bicycle rims and their exploitation in the garden and interior

Recycling old bicycle rims and their exploitation in the garden and interior

The bicycle rims can be seen every day on the street, around the corner and even in some living rooms. The round metal rings with thin spokes and a reserved shimmer are actually part of everyday life not only in our mobility, but they find more and more often their place in our living room as a creative and interesting pieces of furniture, decorations and fixtures in the garden. What to do with the broken, bent or rusted wheels of his bike when they can no longer be used? Today’s topic: ” recycling old bicycle rims and their exploitation in the garden and interior ” the goal was to present different examples and ideas for it.

creative use bicycle wheels as decoration

creative wall design with panels and DIY furniture made of bicycle wheels in different colorsPhillips Collection, Diana Parrish Design + Photography

It’s amazing how creative you could handle a useless union bicycle rim and thereby to tinker a functional and individual designer piece. What suggestions do you have in mind? Most of you will probably think of a round coffee table or sort of rustic decoration. And you will have absolutely right, because the bicycle rims ideal for both are. When it comes to original wall decoration or DIY wall decoration, the alloy wheels in the form of mirrors, holders for simply hung as a modern and atypical round decoration on the wall photos, wall clocks, or can. Another option for special interior design would be the hanging of bicycle wheels on the ceiling as pendant lamps and candle holders in vintage style.

Recycling old bicycle rims and their exploitation in the garden and interior

cool idea for recycling of bicycle wheels and creative wall design with light in the bathroom

Inspiration for creative wall design through the recycling of old bicycle rims

living room a modern look with DIY creative use clock and round spiegeln_alte bicycle rims

Great idea for recycling old bicycle rims and their utilization in designer lamps

build modern and creative lamp itself as the idea of ​​upcycling old bicycle rims

if you need a new, modern table and this would build yourself

table build yourself from bicycle wheels and glass diy as inspiration for modern furnitureDesigner table &# 8218; trois tours de miroir&# 8216; of design.roryaronson

chic pendant lamp as a result of the combination of design and recycling

build modern lamp itself from fahrradfelge_tolle craft idea for designer pendulum lamppendant lamp &Boole; # 8218&# 8216; of Relevé Design

cool craft ideas for DIY chandelier in vintage style

vintage lamp itself expanding bicycle rim and krista lien

How far your idea for recycling old bicycle rims and their creative recycling has come? Do you think that they have a place in the kitchen? Some have found this place and indeed as Drehe- and platter, as a coaster or for storage of cookware.

original idea for round wood cutting board or round coaster bicycle rim

craft ideas for DIY coasters and place dish of wood and bicycle rimsSOLO Home Design

more space in the kitchen for your cookware &# 8211; Recycling and recovery of old bicycle rims

creative idea to save space in the kitchen with dining table diy wood with including suspended bicycle rim for hanging cookware

In addition to the ideas for DIY furniture such as chairs, benches, coffee tables and basically for dining and desks that old bike wheels are perfect for a DIY garden decorations. They can either be an interesting accent and detail of the fence, be used as a lawn edge or Beetumrandung or holders of various flowers and plants. Certainly there are many more interesting inspiration for reuse of these round pieces. Be inspired and keep the old bicycle rims for some time with him.

Inspiration for garden bar with fancy DIY bar stool

original idea for barhocker build yourself from bicycles with pedals

Modern wall design in white with mirrors and bicycle rims

great idea for DIY wanddeko mirror with white bicycles and small round

the fit DIY pendant lamp for a kitchen in vintage style

build lamp itself from bicycle rims and spokes

Designer furniture built from bicycle rims for indoor and outdoor use

coffee table around itself expanding fahrradfelfen and glass table top as a cool idea for DIY furniture

instead of buying a rotational Platter, Tinker eifach as one of a bicycle

tablecloths homemade round platter of bicycle and glass

Do you love vintage furniture? Here is a fantastic inspiration for coffee table you can build yourself

serving table on wheels build Serber

Combination of bicycle rim and fairy lights as an idea for homemade pendant lamp

interesting craft ideas for DIY lamps and cool recycling of bicycle rims

so simple you can tinker a bicycle rim Watch

use bicycle rim and tinker as diy wall clock

Hang clothes on bicycle rims and allow to dry &# 8211; toole idea!

DIY Clothes Horse fahrradfelgen_coole craft ideas for home

Example of modern interior design and DIY glass table

build interesting idea for DIY furniture and glass table itself with bicycles

Building with pallets and bicycle rims

cool craft ideas for DIY garden bench made of pallets and fahrradfelben with cushion made of burlap

a metal garden bench as inspiration for recycling old bicycle rims, and Rings

creative garden furniture build yourself from fahrradfelegen and bicycles

DIY Teelichthalter as Hängedeko in the garden

diy hang-candlestick made of bicycle wheels and glass tealight candles as a creative idea for romantic landscaping

interesting ideas for the recycling of bicycle rims as original Hochzeitsdeko with flowers

hang-Hochzeitsdeko itself tinker with fahrradfelgen_coole idea for recycling of bicycle rims

Craft ideas for door wreath bicycle rims for Christmas

door to decorate Christmas with diy weihnachtskranz of bicycle rims or bicycle wheels

Garden Maued decoration with Spuegeln as a wonderful idea for creative garden design

garden wall deco ideas bicycle rims with diy mirror from

beautiful garden customize bicycle rims as flowers or as a holder for flower

garden customize DIY Garden decorations of fahrradfelgen_toole recycling ideas

Climbing plants un flowers by bicycle rims wachsel be high

recycling ideas for garden design with creeper and bicycle rims

Ideas for playful garden fence colorful bicycles

cool idea for recycling old bikes and creative craft ideas for colorful garden fence

Ideas for beautiful accents in the garden and a round Gartendeko

deco garden in itself constitute fahrradfelgen_alte bicycle rims creative use

the old bike as a gateway creative and functional re Rewe ends

bicycle verwerten_schöner as gartentor garden ideas

Lawn edge of bicycle rims as decoration idea for a natural garden design

recycling ideas for bicycle wheels as garden decorations and creative lawn edge

Proposal for cool fun Gate

creative recycling ideas for bikes as dekoelent the garden fence

color accents and a simple decoration idea for beautiful gardens

use them old bicycle rims for garden gestalen

What you can tinker everything from old bicycle wheels and with little creativity!

they build wooden bucket with bicycle wheels as ideas for DIY garden furniture and recycling of old bicycle wheels

Trenelement or screen of bicycle rims and climbing plants as garden inspiration

recycle old bicycle wheels and make a beautiful garden

make creative idea for recycling old bicycle rims and great playground

dome bicycle rims are expanding as creative recycling ideas and children's playground

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