Raw Vegan pies Juliana Tar – the sweet seduction from Berlin

Raw Vegan pies Juliana Tar - the sweet seduction from Berlin

Who lives in Berlin, is one step closer to the sweet seduction, the pastry chef the Juliana Tar created, namely their unique raw food vegan cakes. Inspired by the beauty of the flowers, it transforms each cake in a real bouquet of flowers of all possible.

Rose cupcake with cream of cashew nuts, strawberries and passion fruit

vegan cakes and cupcakes with cream and topping of cashews

© Juliana Tar / Culinary Dots

The raw food cakes are often part of a vegan diet and determines a healthier option because they actually represent a dessert made from natural ingredients, which is also not baked. A rohvegane cake is free of milk, flour, eggs, sugar and preservatives or dyes. The sweetness of vegan cakes arises in principle of dried fruit, raw agave nectar or other natural sweeteners. For the beautiful, saturated colors of the cake decorating various wild berries and spices such as orange-yellow turmeric normally be used, as well as Mexican vanilla extract and different sorts finely ground matcha tea such as the blue Matcha tea. In the same way also the striking flower decoration from the Cashewcreme rohveganen Köstlickeiten of Juliana is colored.

vegan mango and passion fruit tart with vegetable floral decoration from primrose, roses and poppies

amazing vegan cakes with vegetable flowers for birthdays and weddings

© Juliana Tar / Culinary Dots

For their fruity, nutty and chocolate overloaded dream cakes confectioner combined vegan cream made from fermented cashew nuts with yogurt, vanilla, fresh fruit or fresh cocoa butter. For those who would like to make a delicious cake rohvegane herself, she has some simple and helpful tips:

  • In addition to choosing the right ingredients for your dream cake, and the correct device such as a powerful blender for powder-fine crushing of nuts and other harsh ingredients and good food processor for fast mixing all raw food ingredients important role in the preparation of soil, filling and cream a raw food cake.

vegan Topping blue color with blue Matcha tea powder

cool Gebusrtstagstorten and cupcakes in the shape of flowers

© Juliana Tar / Culinary Dots

  • Among the many possible combinations for a stable pie crust can be sprouted buckwheat or quinoa and shredded coconut, seeds, or use nuts such as almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts, and ideally combined with dried fruit such as figs, dates, mulberries, raisins or prunes. For a good consistency in principle, the following relationship applies: 2 cups nuts to 1 cup of dried fruits and for bonding 1 cup shredded coconut flour or seeds and other nuts. At the end, you should have a cohesive, crumbly and not too wet or get too dry mass, simply to distribute evenly over the bottom of a springform pan.

a vegan delicacy with glaze of raspberries and strawberries and pie crust from beetroot, coconut, dates and almonds

delicious pies with creative rohvegane Ombre Pink Decoration

© Juliana Tar / Culinary Dots

  • To prepare the cream for a vegan cake you can use virtually any Nussart. What is more important here is that the nuts must be soaked for at least 3 hours in advance, which facilitates their processing afterwards. To sweeten the nut cream, use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, agave syrup, dates, coconut nectar, or ripe bananas with freckles. According to the pastry, the amount of 3Tassen soaked nuts and 1 cup of sweetener for a raw food cake with a diameter of 26cm. For a creamy consistency of the cake cream Juliana Tar recommends using a high-performance mixer for mixing the ingredients. For a more refined taste, you can spice up the nut cream with little vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, cocoa, Maca or lucuma and then mix with 1 or 2 cups of fruit juice, water or nut milk. Finally, to improve the strength of the cream with the addition of cocoa butter or ¾ cup liquid coconut oil. Once you have the cream spread over the cake base, make the cake for a few hours in the freezer or overnight in the refrigerator so the cream is determined.

unique vegan raw food creation like a real bouquet for biting

rohvegane pies with amazing floral decoration for birthday and wedding

© Juliana Tar / Culinary Dots

  • For the decoration of the cake you should just let your creativity. Besides colored coconut flakes, fresh berries or nuts, you can also use herbs, edible flowers or raw marzipan.

vegan chocolate-hazelnut birthday cake with rose decoration from cashew cream

Ferrero Rocher Torte_veganer birthday cake with chocolate, nasselnüssen and edible roses

© Juliana Tar / Culinary Dots

Alone only because of the images of this colorful and tempting cakes, it can already be a short trip to Berlin plan to make them easy to taste. All of you who love vegan cuisine and are equal nor dessert lovers, the creative raw food creations of Juliana in Liquid Garden or the cafe Freudsberg can sample or at Südstern in Berlin directly from their catering &# 8220; Culinary Dots&# 8220; order online. If you are just in the capital, you can also visit the street food market in the Berlin Kulturbrauerei where the delicious pies pastry chef are from July also find weekly.

Raw Vegan Cake &Neapolitaner; # 8220&# 8220; with fine decoration of delicate pink and orchid flowers

a dream wedding cake with vegan Gâteau of pink and purple colored flowers

© Juliana Tar / Culinary Dots

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