put highlights in the bedroom: 10 reasons to follow the box spring trend

put highlights in the bedroom: 10 reasons to follow the box spring trend

In Germany too, box spring beds are becoming increasingly popular. Compared to traditional beds with a slatted frame has the three-layered bed, which can be found in the US in almost every bedroom, many advantages. Without doubt, a box spring does with its stately appearance in a bedroom already visually look like much. But this is only an impulse to follow the trend. Ten reasons to believe with a Boxspringbed a highlight in the bedroom to set.

healthy sleep in a bed that offers us the same modern design and comfort

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Construction and sleeping comfort

Reason 1: box springs have an almost majestic appearance. With its scope and the stacked mattresses bulky sleeping quarters luxury pomp beds are similar. So that they can validate the bedroom looks.

Reason 2: box spring exude charm. Again, the look of the big bed is an important plus. Just a spacious, compact bed is also perceived as cozy.

put highlights in the bedroom: 10 reasons to follow the box spring trend

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Reason 3: box spring beds are comfortable. The secret are the three elements which are stacked in this bed: base, mattress and topper. So that the seat edge lies with the box spring as compared to that at the conventional beds significantly higher. This makes getting in and out easier and therefore brings benefits especially for older people.

The topper as a permanent part of the box spring speilt the role of a hygienic sleeping environment.

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Reason 4: box spring beds have a comfortable sleep. Again, the structure is the secret. The box spring base is namely equipped with a spring core. Therefore, it is much more flexible than a frame by a conventional bed. In addition, the box spring foundation is point elastic unlike the slatted frame. When loaded in each case only lowers the pressurized spring in the box spring downwards. So that the mattress fits the body more flexible and supports it perfectly. Among other things, the spine remains when sleeping on the side in the extended and in their natural position.

Reason 5: box spring meet individual sheep needs. When buying the hardness of the mattress and topper can be precisely tailored to the needs of the customer. So the beds for a restful and healthy sleep and worry. Of particular importance is a good advice. Dealer as Knutzen help to choose a high-quality bed system.

modern box-spring beds and Adequate lighting for a pleasant ambience in the bedroom

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Special suspension and comfort

Reason 6: box spring beds are good for people with high body weight. This too is due to the above point elasticity of these beds. The body expresses the mattress not perfect and is therefore much better. In addition, two spring core elements are stacked in the box spring, namely the base and the mattress. This creates a double suspension.

Reason 7: box spring have better air circulation. In normal slatted mattress rests directly on the wooden slats. Therefore, the air circulation is interrupted at these points. In the box spring, however, is not the case. Wood strips located there until the bottom of the base. They are based on the construction of the innerspring. For people who sweat a lot in sleep, box springs therefore are particularly well suited.

Basic 8: box springs keep the heat very well. This is mainly due to the topper, the upper part of the bed. This top dressing can insulate heat well. So that the bed is good for people who like to have it cozy and warm.

What are the advantages box spring?

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Individuality and easy maintenance

Basic 9: box spring can be configured individually well. Especially for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, many models offer specific technical details that make the box spring more comfortable. These include electrically adjustable parts on the bed, in the foot and the head portion. are box springs in addition offered as extra long models.

Basic 10: box spring beds are easy to maintain. The construction of a box spring bed conveys not only a good air circulation. It ensures the topper for a hygienic sleeping environment. This toppers, as well as the mattress covers, peeled and cleaned in the washing machine.

Box spring as a highlight in the bedroom do not just give a modern interior design, but also for the healthy sleep!

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